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6 Pack of Water Filters $19.99 from Aldi


I was in Aldi today and noticed this desktop water cooler (Lumina brand) for $49.

It looked identical to the Aquaport water cooler I own. For the past couple of months I've been unable to find the filters for this cooler. The normal price for these was $20 each. Low and behold they were selling identical water filters for 6 for $20.

I have confirmed they are the same by comparing the filters. Also you can see from the Aquaport website they sell 3 filters for $30 and also state that these are for the Lumina water cooler.

So now I can buy 6 filters for the same cost as I use to buy one. Bargain!

This is from Aldi's special buys from Wednesday the 28th of December.

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    Hint: unless you're living in Adelaide, the water you get out of a tap is generally of a quality to match what you'll get out of a filter. Especially since professionals monitor water quality for the town, and most people who use their own filters just don't maintain them to a similar level.

    If you live in Adelaide, use a spoon if you want a glass of tap water. It'll provide you with all your nutritional needs in one glass.

    • spoon?

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        I'm as surprised as you, I've been led to believe there is no spoon!

    • Does that even make sense?

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        sounds like he's implying that the metals leeched from a metal spoon contains a good level of nutrients? not sure

    • If you live in regional SA, you drink water off your rain water tank sourced from roof gutters during downpours. I've tried this before and believe me you wouldn't want to be thinking about birds when drinking.

  • I live in Brisbane and find the water out of a filtered jug preferable to straight out of the tap, even though we have very good water here.

    And yes, I regularly change filters and maintain the cleanliness of my jugs. Got to have nice clean jugs.

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    don't use water filter and it won't cost u anything at all

  • From experience with dialysis units Melbourne has good water, no need for these tap water filters. Water quality can vary out in regional centres like Horsham and Bendigo though.

  • with this filter

    do i have to buy filters from them or will any filters work?? like the ones from bunnings in a different brand

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