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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S $479 (Save $320) Delivered @ PCByte


Greetings everyone!

We are pleased to offer you an OzBargain-exclusive special; apply code "OZB120" at check-out to bring the price down.
This is Xiaomi-Official Australian Stock. Ships in 2-3 business days.

An upgrade from the legendary "M365" scooter and I believe this is the lowest-ever price for 1S Scooter. For anyone who's looking for a mid-range e-scooter, you can't go wrong with this.

• 30KM battery life
• Max 25KM/H
• Smart Display
• Dual braking system
• Management System
• Mijia APP Control
• Skid-resistant and shock-absorbing tires
• Aluminium alloy body.

Thank you for all the support, and we apologise for any customers we didn't serve up to expectations in 2020. Our team have grown & CS team has integrated a new ticketing system to keep up with the demands. Please drop us an email or PM us here if you have any issues and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
Our main store is in Auburn, Sydney if you’d like to pick up; come by and chat with one of our friendly staff.
You will be hearing from us a lot more in bringing solid deals to this amazing community.


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  • Illegal to ride in NSW except for on private land.

  • Legal in Queensland, for bondiben's info…

    • nor WA but I see heaps of people using them, just wearing a helmet. I think they should skip appearing before the magistrate and we have a nice old fashion hanging, in the town center

      • Not completely illegal in WA:

        Compliant e-scooters can only be legally ridden on low speed WA public roads and paths if their maximum power output is no more than 200 watts and they cannot travel more than 10 km/h on level ground.

        • is 10km/h feel fast enough? sure doesn't feel like much in a car but perhaps different on a scooter

          • @philmarcracken: i've done 10kph easily on a non-electric skateboard (flat-ground, measured with the waze app). 10kph on an e-scooter is an absurdly low limit, considering they have integrated brakes should they need to come to a sudden stop.

    • Are those e bikes I see every food delivery person driving on pathways legal in vic? Annoying af the way they drive them.

    • Cops don't give a shit in Vic. I've ridden past heaps of them. Cops stopped caring about people not wearing helmets on bikes too, which used to get you fine. Now it seems amongst the community of hipster morons, it's cool not to wear your helmet when you're riding a bike.

      • Yeah, perhaps in general they don't care, but they might have short-lived "operations" to fine people. Vic police just announced today that they'll be checking e-scooters in the Southbank area to make sure they comply with current regulations https://www.police.vic.gov.au/police-operation-improve-pedes...

        targeting speeding cyclists, electric bike and scooter drivers… both bike and scooter riders, and pedestrians at a speed limit of 10km per hour… local police patrol the area at peak travel times to detect and deter speeding offences

        Police will also be checking those using electric bikes and scooters to ensure their devices are in line with current regulations. This includes:
        Scooters – the maximum power must not exceed 200 watts

    • Just came back from the CBD today and saw at least 50 of them zipping around. Surprising to hear it's illegal.

  • Wtf why is bicycle that can go up to 60kmh ok and not this?

    • They're not legal either - but there are plenty of them around

    • Because the law actually pre-dates their existence. Anything with a motor in it has needed to be registered for decades. Electric scooters and bikes are fairly new and the law has simply never caught up. Hard to take away police power once they have it, and they’ll use it discretionally to fine riders if they’re having a slow day and can’t meet their quota.

      • Anything with a motor in it has needed to be registered for decades.

        eBikes don't need to be registered and they have motors.

        • Well true, but they’re the exception not the rule. And they do need to be registered over a certain power level. So they’re barely even an exception.

    • At least they say they’re working to make them legal… pretty cops would have a common sense approach to it as well, don’t be a dick and you should be ok.

      “Department of Transport is working with a range of stakeholders, including e-scooter companies, local governments and the Road Safety Commission as well as the National Transport Commission and other States and Territories, to develop a regulatory framework which could allow for the safe and convenient use of e-scooters”

      • At least they say they’re working to make them legal

        NSW has had trials and aborted trials of personal mobility devices going back at least 10 years, maybe more. Think original Segways.

        If anything, the pandemic should've been a good catalyst to legalise them, to help reduce the burden on public transport.

        The government has no real desire to do anything on this front. I guess they're too busy making back room deals with property developers.

  • It's also $499 at the official store…

    A good deal, since the previous model 365m is about $699+

  • Waiting for gearbite to price match

  • Illegal in NSW. I see dozens of those on my way to work every morning (Sydney CBD).
    Are they still giving fines ?

  • Ok big brain time now. What about if I ride the scooter "manually". So it looks like I'm kick-pushing it along but I've secretly got the throttle on a little bit…so the cops will only see me riding a regular old scooter. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

    • Hehe that's what I do when I see policia

    • If you do this all the time maybe you can get away with it but then it will be slow. If you usually ride at full speed and only do this when you see a copper you will run the risk of not spotting one before they catch you, so not a perfect solution.

    • advantage with this scooter is that it looks close enough to a manual scooter that you could get away with it ;)

      depends on your terrain as well. it's definitely going to get their attention if you're flying up a hill lol