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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core 3.7 Ghz Socket AM4 $446.60 + Delivery @ Newegg


Hello. First time post.

Been keeping an eye on this for a long time trying to build my PC.

Just got one a moment ago. Good luck all :)

Edit: Looks like it's out of stock. That was quick. Please don't give up hope. It goes back in stock at least 2 times a day from what I'm been noticing. I think they are releasing it slowly.

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  • Finally a decent price
    Now let's see how long this lasts

    • I know right?!? I thought I was seeing things. Was tempted to get it last couple of days for $510! Thank god I waited. Seems like stock is starting to pick up at various places but until now they were all pricey.

    • I paid this price on launch day for this CPU.

  • Is the 5600x faster than the 3700x ?

    • at everything yes

      • Not everything, the extra cores on the 3700X help with some workloads, but yes it is better for gaming.

        • the extra cores on the 3700X help with some workloads

          I think, in general, reviewers and commenters online overestimate how common these workloads are, and how little 99.99% of people will care if their biology simulation or file decompression takes 10% longer (compared to getting 10% less than the FPS you wanted in your favourite game, for example).

          Some people will see a worthwhile benefit, no doubt, but it's so rare, and people often bring it up like it's an important point for most users.

  • Damn, it deletes itself from my cart when i try to checkout, looks like it's sold out.
    What was the ETA on delivery?

    • Not sure yet because I just did it a couple of minutes ago but I don't think this is one of those preorder thing where they don't really have the stock.

  • Add to Cart but then it says not available at check out

  • Geez I get here within 10 minutes and it's already all gone. This sucks.

    • Please check back every couple of hours. I don't think they will reduce the price from $510 (yesterday) to $446 unless they have more stock coming.

  • Looks like out of stock but its been doing that for last couple of weeks. I think they are releasing it bit by bit. Notice its back in stock at least 2 times everyday.

  • +2 votes

    of course OOS
    bloody hounds

    • Bear in mind this listing is being bought by everyone in the USA and many other countries
      Lucky that Aus are even allowed to buy it

  • 10mins?

  • Out of stock but good to see the price coming down.

  • Not surprised it's OOS so quick. Cheaper than the original RRP of $469.

  • Any additional costs when you buy from newegg? Import fees/shipping/tax? or is the "Shipped price" all that is to pay.

    • No. My total order is "AUD$448.56".

      • did you get it in hand with no additional fees at borders/customs etc?

        • Nothing in hand because I just got it earlier this morning. Maybe someone with more experience with Newegg could answer this? This is only first big purchase with them.

        • Hello. Just a quick update. Got the cpu in the mail today and didn't have t0 pay any additinal cost :) Happy!

  • No. My total order is "AUD$448.56".

  • I tried to purchase it at the indicated $510 and $448 prices as shown on the product page but by the time I got to my Paypal payment, the indicated price was in the region of $540. I subsequently did not proceed.

    • Maybe your price with Newegg was sold out and they tried putting you throught to another seller at a higher price?

      • Thanks kranoath, I guess that's possible. I might have been a fraction too slow. Oh well, the wait continues…

  • Even with this being out of stock, I think this is a good indication more stock is coming and closer to RRP.

  • back in stock, just got one

    • and it's gone

    • I saw it come back in stock and by the time I clicked add to cart it was gone :c people (or non people) snatched that up quick.

      • Lucky me I was quick enough. I'm using the "Auto Refresh Plus" chrome extension. You can set a page refresh time (I set it to 60 seconds), and than it searches for some text in the page (I put "in stock") and notify you if the text appears on the page. Pretty handy for these situations if you work in front of a computer.

    • Congrats :)

  • Buys AMD
    Cries about USB devices dying


  • +1 vote

    Be aware returning anything to Newegg is impossible. I received some faulty DDR3 and they asked me to pay for return postage, only to flip flop after they received it and refused to pay for the postage. Now they won't even refund the cost price for the order - the refund has been 'processing' for over three months now. About two months ago I spent two hours on the phone to them (on an international call) and was told they would get back to me, yet never heard anything from that. Their email customer service is completely useless too and they just go around in circles - I've been asked for my bank details about five times now.

    • Noooooooooooooo!!!!!! Damn that's not good at all. Fingers crossed mine will be ok. I have hope :)

    • Time for credit card charge back, let the bank deal with them.

      • +2 votes

        Unfortunately I paid via PayPal and it isn't worth the hassle and risk of having my account closed (and the transaction was more than 6 months ago now so can't dispute via them). I'm sure I'll get some sort of refund eventually, but I wouldn't ever order from Newegg again.

        Not sure why that comment's being negged - I would've appreciated knowing how awful Newegg is with returns before I purchased something as volatile as PC components from them.

  • 5800X is $669.90 shipped which is a nice discount over aussie retailers

  • Back in stock - get in while you can.
    I had been waiting on Amazon AU to ship mine since November so I'm glad I got a confirmed order finally.

    • I managed to get one almost 3 hours after you made this reply. Mine came to $440.20 instead of $446.60 for some reason. I am very happy. I jumped onto the queue at PLE, late launch day or 2nd day and was given an ETA of April 5th.

  • Back in stock everyone! Just managed to get one.

  • Back in stock everyone!~ just got one for 447