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[eBay Plus] 4% off Eligible Items (Minimum $30 Spend) @ eBay


Coupon was live at 10am this morning, minimum spend of $30 and can be used up to 5 times.

Only eligible items, but I've checked all my watched items and it can be applied to all of them… from LEGO, DJI Mini 2 filters, Netgear powerline adapter, a mug and even a video game from Europe. So looks like it is a very wide range of products which will be eligible so check your watchlists!

Combine with discounted gift cards for a little extra saving.

Usual excluded categories;
* (88433) Other, (130) Tickets, (123416) Other Tickets, Travel, (9800) Cars, Bikes, Boats, (3252) Travel, (3253) Flights, (183477) Vintage Luggage & Travel Accs, (10542) Real Estate, (316) Services, (11116) Coins, (184609) Gift Cards & Vouchers

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  • Damn….it was only 3% when I used the equivalent one this morning.

  • I don’t know if this is deal or a slap in the face

    Considering what eBay makes from eBay sellers and PayPal fees

    4% is a bit of a joke .

    • Most the items I have on my watchlist aren't eligible for ANY other discount code so I'm happy to save a few bucks on something I was going to buy anyway… 4% is better than nothing.

      • People don't know it but this is a powerful code with wide eligibility . I've maxed out 2 ac's with double and triple stackers and probably will have to get another Plus going .

    • To be fair, eBay doesn’t own PayPal anymore, so they’re not double-dipping there like they used to.

    • The most expensive final value fees for Ebay for casual sellers in good standing is 10.9% and can be as low as 4.8% for Ebay stores.

      You have this offer for 4% which can stack with the 5% Cashrewards Choice gift card cashback. So for casual second hand sales Ebay will be barely breaking even and running at a loss through their Ebay store partners. I'm not really sure how much of a discount you expect?

  • Slowly inching closer to that 5% sitewide eBay used to run quite often, except it's eBay Plus only now.

    • eBay Plus has been virtually free for me so far. When it’s about to expire, I just cancel it, and they entice me back with a voucher that’s roughly equivalent to the price of the subscription.

      • Same, I have used the free post, express post upgrade and $5 monthly vouchers occasionally as well so it's been a net positive for me.

        • That reminds me that Ebay has not sent me my $5 vouchers in the last two months. I cancelled the auto-renewal mode, hopefully it wasn't the whole subscription….

          How does one make sure if you still have Ebay Plus or not? On my Ebay app it shows me a "Start Free Trial" button. Weird. I just joined last Nov when they did the $50 voucher thing.

          • @Surefire: You should still be seeing those vouchers on your My eBay page, it's advertised as a feature so they can't not do it. You don't immediately lose all of your perks upon cancelling, the membership stays valid until the end date.

            On desktop you can click on the eBay Plus icon on the top of every page, your eBay Plus status is there. The free trial shows by default, on the next page it will tell you if you're still eligible.

  • So we can use cashrewards to buy 5% off choice gift cards which can be exchanged to ebay gift cards, and then used with this promo code?

  • Annoyed. Two items in cart when checking out and paying by PayPal.

    “Please note, we are going to split payment for this into two orders”

    Then, you have to manually apply the discount code again (trap for young players) … and one of the items was below $30, so get the “this code cannot be applied”.

    I ended up paying by credit card.

    What’s the deal with splitting PayPal payments?

  • I have to get on my bike with managed payments or soon restrictions will be in place on my Ebay selling ac's . `^ers have been ringing me even about the D Day . Anyway I think I will reward them selling more on other platforms and implementing more seriously :)