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[Afterpay] XGIMI MoGo Pro Full HD Smart Mini Portable Projector $659.12 ($674.10 without eBay Plus) Delivered @ Ninja Buy eBay


Been eyeing off this projector, seems like a good price.

Noticed it went to $649 a couple of times last year though, but only $10.12 more this time around (if you have eBay plus)

EDIT: In the email I got, it said "Ends 25/02", however looking at the coupon T&C's it looks like it'll last until the banner goes down so who knows when.

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  • The gift card hack is working again!!

    • What's the gift card hack?

      • so you buy discounted choice gift cards from Cash Rewards, swap them for ebay and boom!

        (T o avoid being required to pay using Afterpay, can also use gift cards as full payment instead and the coupon still works :) -
        Credit @doweyy )

  • Im glad its portable, but do they really need a shot of someone throwing a $600 electronic device?

  • Been using this for a year now. Dropped it once on the floor, exterior casing popped out, but still functions perfectly.
    Very easy to use. The only downside is that it could use a bit more brightness.

    • Nice, glad you've been liking it!

      I bought one now as the missus and I want something for the bedroom to watch movies and play games, does it still function well in daytime with the curtains closed?

      • You need blackout curtains. To give you an idea of ideal room brightness, I usually have a bedside lamp on while watching, anything brighter affects the viewing experience.

        • Okay great, thanks!

          Should be okay for night time viewing for sure then, daytime would be okay too but as long as it's fine for night then that works.

  • Overall, I have found the projector to be a decent experience for night time use with all lights off (including blinds for street lights). At 1080p and price point, you won't get a cinema experience from it but it will get the job done for things you normally watch on the phone like YouTube videos etc (I find it almost lifelike to watch 4k walks around the world from lying down if you miss travelling).

    Other things to note:
    The unit is pretty quiet on operation. Whilst the size is like a sonos, the speakers are similar to dolby okay from smartphone, about adequate. The best feature is it's auto focus which takes the labour out of adjustments when moving it around particularly when you charge it somewhere else.

  • XGIMI MoGo Pro+ any better or worth to pay the difference?

    • My friend bought the +, he is having focusing issues.
      Other than that, not much difference in my own opinion.