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BlitzWolf BW-S12 27W USB-C PD Fast Charging Wall Charger US$8.99 (~A$11.62) Delivered AU Stock @ Banggood


Looking for USB C Charger
Coupon Code: BG2BWS12AU

Ships from the AU warehouse

Hopefully helps someone

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  • Does it have AU plug or comes with AU adapter?

    Edit: Just noted it comes with AU plug.

  • +10 votes

    OH SON OF A…

    I just bought one of these for $25 from them.

    • There there, have a +1

      • So I dont lose my OzBargain creds, I was watching their website for 2 weeks and didnt see the price go down and I wanted a fast charger.

        However joke is on me, I have a Samsung s9+ and its max charging is 15w. This 27w charger didnt charge my phone faster than my existing chargers.

        Still a very nice charger. I do like the blitzwolf stuff. Just keeping an eye out for a 15w Blitzwolf wireless charger now.

  • Waiting for BlitzWolf BW-S14 to go on sale

    • I'm pissed it lost the ability to use both ports and fast charge. Recently lost the s6 (30W version).

      Can't find a replacement for that available now (qc3+, dual port, au plug, both plugs able to be used).

      Seems the new version is worse :/

  • Great find. Bought a 3 pack of lightning usb c cables for $34 if anyone is interested. https://m.banggood.com/3-X-BlitzWolf-BW-CL1-PD-3_0-Type-C-to...

  • If this can provider slighter higher output (39w)
    then will be a good fit as a Nintendo switch charger

    • The switch only charges up to 15w. If you are connecting it up to the dock, the extra power is provided for the peripherals.

      On paper, 10w+ headroom seems more than enough if you haven't got peripherals, but I haven't tested it myself.

  • Is this compatible for Samsung Galaxy s20+ which uses Samsung Super fast charger?

    • I bought one due to me not having a charger at work and i have a Note 20 Ultra 5G so i'll let you know if it supports super fast charging when i get it.

    • Almost certainly not. Super fast charging requires PD 3.0 with PPS. Any charger that supports this will almost certainly mention it as part of the specifications.

      • Dunnoe about that, I've got a note 10+ (Can do super fast charge up to 45w), and when I plug this charger into my phone it says "Super fast charge" (which I'm assuming is 25w charging), as opposed to fast charge (which is 15-18w).

        On a side note, I think this is a great charger. Super compact and enough to charge everything from my power bank to my laptop. Cheap too, of course. the only issue I have is that I'm starting to get coil whine when I leave it plugged in

    • I got one a little while ago and on my s21 Ultra, it does super fast charging @ 25w. Note though, the s21 is limited to 25w. They dropped the faster version in the new phone.

    • Cannot speak for the S20 specifically, but on my new S21 Ultra as soon as I plugged in the included Samsung USB-C cable it immediately said it was super fast charging.

  • Bloody brilliant! Just purchased a MacBook Air and need a smaller USB-C charging brick. Thanks OP.

    • Is 27w enough?

      • The MacBook Air factory brick is 30w. So the Blitzwolf brick is a little less powerful but it’s more compact and suitable for travel.

        • Power adaptors for Mac notebooks are available in 29W, 30W, 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W, 87W and 96W varieties. You should use the appropriate wattage power adaptor for your Mac notebook. You can use a compatible higher wattage power adaptor without issue, but it won't make your computer charge faster or operate differently. If you use a power adaptor that is lower in wattage than the adaptor that came with your Mac, it won't provide enough power to your computer.

          • @avtech: There are plenty of reports of people using various lower wattage chargers to charge their MacBooks. Especially overnight or if you don't need a quick charge. I'll still be using the factory 30w brick at home but I need a portable travel one.

      • I’ve got a 29W apple charger and my m1 air goes between indicating charging and not charging. Even though it’s 1w less than the 30w it came with it is a lot slower.

  • can I use this for Iphone 11 pro max ?

  • Now the wait for AU plug version of the BW-S18.

  • thanks were looking for something like this

  • Anyone got a cheap c to c cable deal?

  • "This coupon has reached the 242 limit times"

  • Limit reached :(

  • What would be a good cable for these?

  • I notice with the cheaper charging cables they just state 3A , is that 3 amps and does that only relate to 3amp at 5v, so 15w no fast charge, but what bout at 9,12v etc

  • I know the deal has expired, but to help anyone who searches answer the question "will this do super fast charging on my Samsung Galaxy s20 / s21" the answer is YES. Received mine today and assuming you use Samsung's included USB-C cable it appears to work on that standard.

  • Bought this on the 27/10/2020, and it hasn't been working on the wife's Iphone 11 for a couple months. Chalked it up to the quite new apple cable having an issue and forgot about it. Now just tried it with my brand new S21+ and included cable, and also doesn't charge. Charging notification keeps coming up and disappearing, phone continues to discharge. Anyone have any experience with getting something like this replaced?