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[eBay Plus] 15% off Apple - M1 Mac Mini $934.10, M1 MacBook Air 512GB Gold $1,653.25, AirPods Pro Max $764.15 @ Titan Gear eBay


Best price ever for these selected Apple products - for any of those interested. Not too many Apple products on sale this time and yes, I know some only have a few in stock but combined total more than 10.

If youre looking to get the AirPods Pro or Airpods 2nd Gen, Allphones have better price. See here

Discount is 15% off for eBay Plus members, otherwise only 10%.

Stack with discounted gift cards to save further - i.e. Cashrewards has 5% off eBay gift cards via the Choice card delivered instantly. That makes the Mac mini around $887.30 - insane price


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  • If I sign up for eBay Plus, can I use the $50 voucher in conjunction with this discount? Previous posts seem to suggest that the $50 can't be used with another discount offer.

  • Great price for M1 devices
    Just hope that more optimised app and ARM win 10 will be available sooner

    • Win10 ARM is actually pretty easy to get working. Just download latest parallels and sign up for the windows insider program. After that it works fine. Not really that much I needed it for however. 95% of PC usage is web browser for me (and Safari on M1 on MacOS is super fast for that).

  • Really tempted to get the Airpods Max!

    • IMO this is the least impressive apple product. They made heavy expensive headphones with nothing unique about them. QC35s or XM4s offer pretty much the same experience for less. At least with the original AirPods no one made anything similar for the premium price you paid.

      • https://appleinsider.com/articles/21/01/19/airpods-max-devas...

        "And after tearing down some of the competition, we're more understanding of that $550 price tag. Sony and Bose both charge less, but internally, the AirPods Max's obsessive craftsmanship makes those other extremely capable devices look like toys by comparison," iFixit writes.

        • Not disagreeing with the effort that went into them. But can you hear the difference? And can your neck support the increased weight of their fancy metal?

          AirPods 1 were revolutionary, AirPods Max are just an expensive over engineered apple pet project like iPod Hifi

          • @stirlo: Happy to be challenged here, but I have observed apple's strategy of promoting their products.
            Airpods pro when launched was good on screen but became more attractive when seen being used by someone else in a train, on-street etc.

            The fear of FOMO effect is working well for these tech companies. How in the world a mac mini could cost you to $1000 when it's the smallest non-expandable motherboard, with the highest price tag?

            As much as I hate to say this, I'm really into the apple eco system, unfortunately :-(

            • @tryingtohelp: I am sorry but its like saying how can they charge so much for the CPU afterall its silicon or sand in other words.

            • @tryingtohelp: Actually, I would say that the base model Mac Mini is the best value Mac and small form factor computer you can buy, when taking into account performance also.

              If you try to spec up a comparable NUC for example, it would cost more and with less performance, depending on your usage

              I dont like how much extra Apple charges for the RAM and storage upgrades however

          • @stirlo: Usually when it comes to sound quality, it is always diminishing returns as you pay more. The same argument can be applied to Sony's not being 3 times as good as Taotronics because it very hard to define 3 times better SQ.

            What Airpods Max have going for them is obviously build quality (I have never liked the build on the Sony's, Bose 700 were okay but they clamping force was excessive), replaceable battery, foam pads, headband and even the left and right speakers themselves. All you need to separate the speakers from the headband is a sim eject tool. I guess it is a long term investment helped by the fact that everything is replaceable. They arent built like a cheap disposable product either.

      • your imo is wrong, have had bose QC3511 and bose 700, max are way better. worth every dollar.

      • Build quality class leading
        Transparency mode class leading
        no crappy sweaty leather earcups
        most importantly spatial audio - next level experience while watching movies/shows

    • they are great had a pair for a month or so.

  • wait… $700 for ear phones? really

  • Also use shopback 1% cashback on ebay to get the Mac Mini down to $878.05 with the 5% cashrewards gift cards.
    Double dip ftw :)

  • Just bought enough gift cards for the M1 Mac Mini… and it sold out.

  • just another Click bait. no stock for Mac Mini.

    • the post has been up for 4 hours. There was definitely stock when posted

      • Indeed. I think I bought the last one :) Thanks for posting the deal OP, especially the 5% gift cards! :)

        • We are definitely not friends anymore. I was watching that “Last one available” message with sweat running down my forehead while I sort out gift cards.

          Congratulations on the win. Hopefully they re-stock!

  • Woah Woah Woah, hold up.

    Those airpod things cost $760???

    What's so impressive about them?

  • Did we go in a hot tub time machine to 6 months ago? Why are people confused by the AirPods max cost?

    Anyway, watch this if you are wondering about them https://youtu.be/ReuDIYYk3fk

  • ugh, all mac mini and macbook air removed from store?