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[PS5] PlayStation 5 with 2 DualSense Wireless Controllers $859.90 Delivered @ Sony Store


No real saving as a bundle but might be of use for anyone that’s missed out on stock and wants it now, or wants an extra controller bundled.
Free shipping over $200.00.

“Play together
Limited stock bundle of PS5™ console with an additional DualSense™ Wireless Controller.”

Limit of 1 per customer.

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  • I guess this is for those who'd like to have this monstrosity right now, as otherwise PS5 is ~$749 and DS is <$100.

    • Extra controller that’s why

      • That extra controller is widely available and usually cheaper than extra $110 - my point.

        • yeh, super annoying deal.

          also, as many people are finding out, the sticks on these controllers are gonna prove to be a huge problem down the line… already glad i passed on purchasing any extra controllers. doubly so considering it was enough of a joke to have to pay for shitty looking white products in the first place. better of waiting til theres a revised controller, in black.

          • @autolux: They're the same sticks that were in DS4 and Xbox One….

          • @autolux: That’s a maybe. It’s the same crappy tech that’s been in all controllers lately. PS4, Xbox One regular and elite.. Xbox series X and Ps5.

            Some people have no issues (like me) but some have had issues. I have 3 xPS4 controllers since launch basically and all are fine except one the clicking on the joystick isn’t the best now. Keeping in mind they’re 7 years old.

            I think the issue people are talking about is drift on the joystick?

  • I keep thinking I want one… but struggling to justify it once I look into it.

    Anything really big and exclusive coming out?

    • Not soon, best wait those months out and you might find this at a better price

    • Same. Don't want to pay RRP for the console and the few PS5 games are expensive too.

    • Demon Souls remake looks awesome
      Ratchet and Clank in June
      Gran Turismo just got delayed :/
      I imagine Horizon Zero Dawn will be the much better version

      That's it for me, so I'm happy to wait a bit

    • I haven't had a console since the xbox 360, so I have the whole PS4 backlog to enjoy.

      • Yeah if you skipped a generation the PS+ instant bundle would be amazing. I'd start with God of War and Uncharted

      • I went Xbox instead of PS last gen so bought one at launch. Worth it in yours and my situation I reckon. If you went PS last gen, wait if it suits you. Load times are definitely next gen tho.

      • Huge PS4 backlog with improvements in some games.
      • Returnal is releasing next month, Ratchet and Clank in June, and Kena in August
        And so much more.
    • Unless you skipped the PS4 and haven't played those exclusives, there simply is no where near enough games to justify the price.

      • PS5 is only good as a GPU upgrade for PS4 games right now… be the case for another 12months at least, til they get some serious AAA next-gen titles coming out, that actually make use of the GPU & SSD speed.

        but boy what a GPU upgrade it is for old games. its totally transformed my three favourite games, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima & Sekiro enough to give them the newgameplus workouts at 4K60… transforms them into whole new games, more than worthwhile for me.

        • Depends on the game - some games which were capped at 30fps for example will get very little if any benefit.

        • PS5 is only good as a GPU upgrade for PS4 games right now

          Dont forget the fast loading times compared to ps4

      • Does anybody really care when people are overflowing with $$$ and they want only one thing :)

    • Honestly been playing mostly Days Gone at 60fps, but I've stopped ever since the PC port was announced.

      Been waiting until now for the PS5 Upgrade for Yakuza Like a Dragon.

      Still waiting for that 'one big' PS5 game to come along since I'm not all that interested in Demon's Souls/Spiderman personally.

    • I agree. To be honest, neither console has much on offer at the moment.

      Xbox seems to be the one to get though (if you're that keen to pay RRP) with gampass, more powerful processing, more backward compatible games (PS5 only does PS4 where XBSX does games all the way back to OG xbox), you can use Xb1 controllers, etc. on the new xbox (can't use old Sony controllers on the new one) and X Cloud (game streaming)


      Or just get a PC and blitz any and all consoles.

      ….aaaaaaand cue the haterz

      • PS4 controllers work, but only for PS4 games.

        I grabbed a Series X to upgrade from my One S and it's been excellent, more akin to upgrading an old phone than a whole new console generation. FWIW I'm quite happy with that tho.

    • I got one in November and I'm happy with that decision. I don't get to play games as often as I use to, so there was a few PS4 games I didn't around to at their release. Many of those games are now playing with a combination of higher resolutions, higher fps, and faster load times. It is making my gaming experience more enjoyable than if I was still playing on my PS4 Pro.

  • 'accept or reject orders for any reason'

    • Australian Consumer Law, heyy.

      • Well if they don't take your money/refund you fully, then they are not obligated to give you the product.

        • Yeah, that's the problem.

          They make me an offer and I decide to go for it.

          A store takes my money and the people there can do whatever they want with it until they refund me. And meanwhile I'm thinking that I'm waiting to receive something.

  • I got one, I finally (profanity) got one, yes I paid $10 extra for the second controller but do I really care? No

    • RRP for the controller is $109 so you didn't pay extra LOL

    • Better Sony, who are making a loss, than those (profanity) scalpers.

      • Better give more money to billionaires than some average bloke trying to make a bit of extra money ay.

        • Sony pay billions to develop consoles and provide consumers a form of entertainment.

          Those "average blokes" are profiteering for selfish gains.

          • @Caped Baldy: I dislike scalpers as much as the next person, but Sony isn't selling PS5s out of the kindness of their hearts. They're "profiteering for selfish gains" just as much as the scalpers, but on a radically larger scale.

            • @miarn: Isn't the point of a business to make money? And besides, Sony spent huge money to design and manufacture the product so don't they deserve the profit they make more than the scalpers who aren't doing anything except buying the PS5's out and profiting purely for that reason??? Not really selfish of Sony to make profit on these…

              • @rain-e:

                Isn't the point of a business to make money?

                Yes, exactly. Sony's in it for profit just like everyone else. They're in it for their own gain, i.e. selfish. That's how capitalism works…

                • @miarn: That's kinda my point in saying that Sony actually does deserve the profit that they are making unlike the scalpers..

                  • @rain-e: it's like arguing with a wall

                    • @Caped Baldy: Not replying to this specific comment but it's at the end of thread so far. I don't mind paying extra because Sony is doing something I want them to, selling a console at a price I can afford and the extra money is getting me an extra controller which I was getting anyway. A scalper is doing things I don't want, causing shortages and selling a console at a price I can't afford and delaying me getting one by literal months. Both are making money, one is doing something I want them to and the other is doing something I don't want them to, it's that simple.

            • @miarn: Nobody believes Sony does it out of the goodness of their heart, nobody has that expectation.

              But fact is, when you pay Sony, they look at that and say "We should keep doing this, we should keep making good hardware and games, and selling them."

              When you pay scalpers, they too look at that and say "We should keep doing this".

              Thing is, goodness of heart aside, the people here want to encourage one of those behaviors and hate the other, if it wasn't for the second group we might see more actual deals and less RRP stock notices posted here, so this entire website's demographic should either hate scalpers OR be scalpers.

    • Why are Sony sending consoles out to stores with this new bundle when they still haven’t fulfilled the original preorders. I guess they think preorders are guaranteed sales eventually but new walk in customers might just buy an xbox instead.

  • damn, the AMEX offer expired

  • smart way to up-sell, make the console on it's own out of stock & release a bundle

    • Yeah man these controllers are pure profit. Probably only cost $10 to make at mass.

      • I am sure there is a bit of margin on controllers but there’s no way these cost $10 to make. Heaps of tech inside and they need to be rugged enough to withstand hundreds of hours of use.

        • and they need to be rugged enough to withstand hundreds of hours of use.

          But they don't… Which is why there's a class action lawsuit against Sony going right now. Every Dual Sense will eventually fail, guaranteed. It's a design flaw. And it will get worse over time. The only way to avoid it is to not use it. You have to ship it back to Sony at your own expense, and the replacement will eventually drift also.


        • Don't be fooled by the price tag. Extra controllers serve as an extra revenue stream to offset the lost on the main console. There's no expensive 7nm chips inside, or cooling solutions. They'll be using economic components which is cheap when manufacturing millions of them.

  • is this disc version?

  • Amex deal expired ..damn!

  • Got it! I wonder if they shipping is any good. Will I get it within the next few days?

  • What is the delivery timeframe

    • I bought camera lens from Sony before. Once it's shipped. It's next day delivery. Startrack express.
      I know it's not really what you're asking but once it's shipped out. It's next day

  • Finally got one. Hopefully this doesn't get cancelled!

  • Finally got one…. Thanks

  • been up a while, maybe lots of stock

    • I hope so, would suck if they cancelled a bunch of orders

      • Just called them because I rushed ordered as a guest. Asked them to link it back to my account.

        Asked them about delivery times and they said 3-5 business days.

  • The selected country is not supported for shipping and billing address. I put Australia but this comes up?

  • Finally manage to ordered one…..Thanks OP
    Lets hope they ship it soon.

  • thanks, bought one!

  • OOS, link goes to a random screen.

  • This post is 30 minutes old and its still in stock!! How????????

  • +2 votes

    Got to end of checkout and it went OOS …

    • I don't like paying $30 extra than what I can get it at for a controller but that is life .

  • Looks like they are sold out now…

  • No more available.

  • Already OOS ???
    Damm !!!

  • Thank you OP

  • big thanks OP - hopefully I got in in time…finger crossed

  • Saw an update from Twitter:

    “called up Sony Au and they said order will arrive in 5-7 business days ! those lucky ones like myself, you will get a confirmation email within 24-48 hours for order confirmation details.”

    • Which account did the tweet come from? Is it the PlaystationAU account? Have a link? Thanks

  • Thanks OP!

  • Barely missed out, about 20 minutes ago :( PayPal payment went through but Sony website said no-go.

  • did anybody try buying more than 1? lol

  • Looks like today is the day!! Waiting for EB games!

  • Cheeky trick to get rid of extra consoles

  • Those controllers are under $100 every day of the week. Not really a good deal, except that PS5's are bit thin on the ground as OP pointed out.