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[PS5] PlayStation 5 with 2 DualSense Wireless Controllers $859.90 Delivered @ Sony Store


No real saving as a bundle but might be of use for anyone that’s missed out on stock and wants it now, or wants an extra controller bundled.
Free shipping over $200.00.

“Play together
Limited stock bundle of PS5™ console with an additional DualSense™ Wireless Controller.”

Limit of 1 per customer.

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  • +1

    This seems price jacked to me. Never been a console guy

    • -3

      $859.90 plus another $400 - $500 for gen 4 nvme because it only ships with 600GB and has mandatory installs.

      May as well buy PC at that price.

      • +4

        Sounds like someone who hasn't played PS5.
        That was the price with extra controller and free shipping, just your standard rrp. Tho controllers can be bought for around $90-95.

      • +1

        This makes an interesting read: https://www.pcgamesn.com/sony-ps5-release-date-pc-equivalent...

        It also excludes the bundled controller which will increase the PC cost by ~$100.

        They're actually not bad value for the components.

  • +1

    Good deal with free shipping.

  • +3

    And here I sit waiting for EB Games to call me after my 18 September deposit.

  • awesome thanks! got one!

  • +1

    Wish Microsoft would bring out an Xbox series X with 2 controllers and a game deal.

  • basically $110 for an extra controller?

    • +3

      but yea it's better than paying scalpers

  • +1

    why is this post getting so many upvotes? it went OOS at around 30 votes!!

  • "Unfortunately We're Unable To Process Your Order At This Time." - Thanks a lot Sony.

    • i received the same. order got cancelled.

      • I emailed them to ask why and they aren't giving me an answer. Said details were incorrect. Can't even tell me which details. Massive scam.

        • i called sony and got told the order name didn't match with the credit card details…they can't put thru the cancelled order.

  • what happened to the good old days of getting a free game with your console

    • Yeah that was pre COVID. Back when there was less demand for game consoles so they added sweeteners to gain a sale. Now the console manufacturers know every one is buying up so there's less incentive to sweeten the deal.

      • Lol i was thinking the 90s when you got Sonic with your Megadrive.

    • only digital edition left

  • has anyone had the order ship yet?

    • Nope not yet…. Hopefully ships soon.

    • My order has not shipped either, I did receive another confirmation email from Sony yesterday which was exactly the same as the email received when I ordered

    • +1

      Did not received a email confirmation and still have not. But can see order status on the website. Currently as "processing". Did received an email response from Sony after I spoke to them on the phone advising that I did not received a order confirmation. Said I should receive it in 24 hours and to also check junk mail etc.

      update. Just received email with my invoice and tracking details! "Your order is on its way!" Dispatch by courier from Sydney metro (to Sydney Metro) ETA 05/03 so hopefully get it before the weekend.

      Hopefully everyone has the same status update!

    • +1

      Yep shipped today, got the confirmation at 5:30pm

      • Received 8am this morning! :)

  • Called the courier company and they don’t have it yet.

    Was hoping to get this today!

    • Yeah I just noticed mine still says awaiting pickup. ETA to melb is the 9th. Guess it doesn't matter won't be til next week now.

  • Had to call them up because the pending charge disappeared on my credit card. According to their support my order was cancelled due to “undisclosed reasons”

  • Received mine today - Melbourne

  • just recieved mine - could had got it yesterday but i didn't hear my doorbell.

    Melbourne area.

  • Received mine two days ago. Finally! Thanks OP again for this!

  • Did anyone's PS5 come with a repack label over the shipping box?
    My console box didn't have a no tamper sticker as well. Did anyone experience the same?

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