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$400 off All Garmin Fenix 6 Models @ Garmin / JB Hi-Fi / Amazon AU


Was looking into a Garmin Watch when I came across the sale where all their Garmin Fenix 6 watches including the standard Fenix 6 along with the Pro Solar Edition, Pro and Sapphire Edition, 6S Pro Solar Edition, 6S Pro and Sapphire Edition, 6X Pro Solar Edition and the 6X Pro and Sapphire Edition have $400 off.

Not sure when the promotion started nor when it ends but it appears to be available at JB Hi-Fi and Amazon Aus too.

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  • A new model coming?

    • I don't believe so, I think in terms of product cycle they may do a refresh but not a brand new model. They have the Enduro inbound which is essentially just a 6 with a bigger battery.

    • I think the plus update (e.g. 6X plus) usually happens on Q3

    • Yes, there's something new coming. These discounts are available every few months

  • Remember to use Cashrewards for 3.5% cashback & also and extra 6% off if you use your suncorp/aami benifits by buying the gift cards for Rebel Sport.

  • decent price currently but for those who can wait - it has been heaps lower

  • Lowest I've seen was $650 (probably a month ago) for the Fenix 6 Pro, so still pricey at $749

  • These are all about the same price at RYDA's eBay store but there is an extra 10% off with code PLUSPR10

    • Think some (most) has been updated in Ryda's store but not the 6 Pro, still showing the $1,090 RRP price.
      But with the 10% helps I guess

  • where is the best place to see the difference between all models, you get lost in choosing.

  • Waiting for the new models

  • Similar price on Catch plus extra 10% off with UNiDAYS and 15% off gift cards tomorrow. Otherwise add it to cart on Kogan and they will send you 20% off coupon in couple of days.

  • Still await the sub $500 Fenix/forerunner with maps, music and garmin pay.

    • If you don't mind 5 plus, they are on sale occasionally on amazon. Free ship with prime, around 505bux 2 weeks ago. Comes stock with US maps if that matters.

      • Saw that. Keen for AU stock in case of warranty issues. Have seen mixed feedback on Garmin issues with imported stock.

  • Hmmm. This vs Apple Watch? I’m mostly interested in fitness. Wasn’t a fan of previous Garmin’s due to software experience and GUI, has it changed over the years?

    • Very different watches…
      Garmins are fitness watches first, then smart watches.
      Apple is vice versa

      • Understood… but doesn’t really answer my question :)
        If the fitness on the AW is good enough then that’s a positive in its favour

        • Google will answer this question for you.

        • As someone who has dipped in-and-out of the Garmin ecosystem (apps and GUI) over the years - yes, they have reached a comfortable and sophisticated level for the ecosystem.

          Compared to my first few Garmins (Vivo and…one of the running watches) the App is far better than it was, navigation and logical lay-out are not perfect, but you can pretty much change it to what you want in terms of default displays.

          The Garmins also tracks things fairly accurately, unlike my stupid China watches that never got the altitude right no matter how many times I reset for sea-level etc.

          Garmin watch settings are vastly superior over any cheap China watches, and most importantly, the GPS actually tracks independently of the A-GPS connection on my phone.

          For those that aren't aware, most of the China watches rely on A-GPS connection with a mobile device, which means for running or hiking they are basically useless.

          Furthermore, even though some of the China watches claim Beidou/Galileo/GLONASS dual positioning, they DO NOT allow dual positioning SIMULTANEOUSLY. There are few watches that have the chipset that allows true dual connectivity.


    • I don't know about the Fenix 6 specifically, but I'd definitely recommend a Garmin over an Apple Watch. I much prefer having physical button, which don't get false touches from sleeves like a touchscreen might. And having to charge a watch every night would really annoy me, I like how I only have to take my Garmin forerunner off for an hour or so every 8-9 days to charge it, other than that it tracks my heart rate, sleep and steps all the time. The software has improved over the 5 years I've been using forerunners, but it hasn't drastically changed. If you were using a touchscreen garmin before though I would highly recommend you consider the physical-button ones instead. Not only the false-touches thing I mentioned earlier, but also you don't cover up the screen with your fingers when interacting with it.

  • Got my Fenix 6x sapphire edition for $650 late last year. Absolutely brilliant, I do a lot of cycling and hiking.

  • As other's have mentioned, the lowest price for Fenix 6x Sapphire was between $650-700. Although this is a good deal, it's not a great/best deal. If you can wait for a sale, do so.