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Samsung 860 EVO 4TB 2.5" SATA III SSD $699 ($453 after Samsung Cashback) Delivered/ VIC Pickup @ BPC Tech


For people after large fast storage in one piece. Cashback makes it an Ok deal.

Samsung cashback post

Cashback link

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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    Great price after that cash back

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    https://www.mwave.com.au/product/samsung-870-qvo-4tb-25-sata... - quick check and Samsung 870 4tb at MWAVE is $505 less $71 cash back ($534) + shipping - might be worth checking the other sellers to see if there is anything cheaper…

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      QVO is a slower drive so they are not comparable mate

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        I hadn't taken that into account but looking at a comparison there's probably not a lot of real world difference I suspect:

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          I'd go 860 EVO over 870 QVO for the bit extra
          TLC so faster and more durable. It's even got a longer warranty period (5 years vs 3 years)

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          Completely different drives in terms of drive lifetime. There would be people for who it won't make a difference what drive they buy. There is certainly huge amount of difference for a lot of other people. For example, if you are looking for a single drive in the system and are hoping to keep the system for a long period of time then EVO is the drive to get.

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            @g1: Noted… The EVO 870 4tb works out at $498 from BPC - benchmarks a little better - worth the extra $45?


            • @evanssm2jp: Ask yourself what you are going to use the drive for. Once it is clear what the use case is it is easier to understand how costs factors in to the decision.

              For example, does your computer have a single hard drive? Are you looking to replace that drive and use a single SSD as a storage and system drive? How often do you use your computer? What sort of tasks do you perform on the computer? How long do you hope the SSD will last? What is your budget? Are you ok spending less now but more over longer term by having to buy another drive later? Etc

              Once you know what your use case is it will be easier to understand what exactly you are paying for and why.

              Some people may choose to use the QVO and EVO for the same purpose. Because for them it makes sense. Some people would not find them interchangeable and will pay more for the EVO. The way I build and use my computers I wouldn't buy a QVO with the current technology. The point is they are different drives and your use case will determine which one is more appropriate.

              PS. I didn't down vote you.

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                @g1: Can you do a quick summary write up of the strengths and weaknesses of each type of samsung ssd drive.

                For example :


                /+/ cheap very inexpensive
                /+/ good for non essential budget systems that need a speed boost upgrade
                /+/ great for very lightweight workstation

                /-/ not as good as EVO overall
                /-/ shorter lifespan
                /-/ not as fast as EVO but good compromise
                /-/ $/TB vs $/read write speed not as competitive as EVO
                /-/ not a PCI.E card


                /+/ still quite affordable in the budget zone
                /+/ best bang for buck
                /+/ medium TBW = medium lifespan
                /+/ great for most machines and general use cases
                /+/ decent for gaming and as an editing drive
                /+/ $ vs read write is optimal
                /+/ most common drive so troubleshooting is easier
                /+/ this is just an example I'm not even sure if half of these points are still correct or whatever

                /-/ not as good as top tier drives such as NVME drives
                /-/ average lifespan means not as long lived as etc
                /-/ too common vulnerable to common hacks and glitches
                /-/ not as cheap as QVO
                /-/ not the best for extreme top tier premium workstations that need higher speeds and access times
                /-/ not the best option for professional desktop machines and laptops for high end premium content creation
                /-/ Falls off in performance in xyz
                /-/ where money is no issue is very bottom of the list on terms of everything
                /-/ too common every mother and their gamer son has five so you become a pleb once you touch this also
                /-/ name sounds like that car you know is a pos but too afraid to acknowledge it
                /-/ yeah I'm out of negative points but you get the idea I hope you enjoy this and have a lovely day

                Etc then one for EVO and maybe even NVME M.2 and NVME PCI-E

                Sorry I would do it myself but I'm overloaded atm and also forgotten all my knowledge on this subject years ago because I stopped following it but if you have some pieces of the puzzle maybe you can summarise here quickly before you also maybe forget.. Getting old gets old fast :(

                I hope this makes some sense but yeah we need a good summary list of the ssd line up at the moment at this point in time

                Thanks its ok if you can't do it but I gotta start speaking up more before I completely go senile and lose it.

                Use it before you lose it.

              • @g1:

                Ask yourself what you are going to use the drive for. Once it is clear what the use case is it is easier to understand how costs factors in to the decision.

                I'm also curious what a person uses a 4TB SSD on.

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                  @lostn: Single drive PC would be one (to me obvious) use, where you want the advantages of an SSD but can only have/want one drive…..and why AlienC's post had a neg I have no idea, reversed.

                  • @havebeerbelywillsumo: I don't know what is the purpose of single drive. No motherboard or case I know of only supports a single drive. You're paying a lot more for high speed access to things that are not speed critical (e.g. your photos/movies/music collection) when you could have got a HDD to go with a 500/1TB SSD.

                    • @lostn: You're right, I feel, and that's why I have "want" because many and wondrous are the choices people make.

                    • @lostn: Erm, 99% of laptops that take SATA drives only support a single drive…

                      • -1


                        Erm, 99% of laptops that take SATA drives only support a single drive…

                        When did they last make SATA laptops?

                        • @lostn: No idea, but there's about 100 million of them still out there 😁

  • I cant see BPC Tech under Participating Stores for cash back am I missing something

    • +1

      BPC = budget pc

  • If you have eBay plus and if the eBay plus afterpay code still works, buy gift cards at 3% off and get it from there. Brings the price down to around $418

    Even though my c drive is already ssd, the difference in everyday usage on my pc is pretty noticeable when I added this drive

  • Any ETA on the Cashback from Samsung after you buy one of these drives?

    • +1

      Took me about upper end of 2 weeks or maybe 3 last time

      • Thanks for sounding off mate 👍

    • I got one in July last year and waited a month (which was how long the verification they said it would take). I waited a month but then nothing. So then I emailed them and they said it would come soon. Then it came the next day.

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    Would be awesome to see these fall around the $400 - $500 mark (before cashback) in a year or so.

  • Just want to let people know that I cannot find the retailer name on the list of selected retailer for the cashback redemption. If Samsung is not going to approve it, you will be forking out the full price.

    • Just click on the budget pc at Samsung's website, it will redirect you to bpctech.

  • Any similar deal for the 1TB or 2TB option?

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      I think the cheapest you can get the 860 EVO 2TB is for $236 ($359 before cashback) at MSY. For the 1TB you can get it for $113 ($145 before cashback) at BPCTech. You may be able to get a better deal on eBay but I haven’t checked.

      • 2TB (1TB not investigated) Actually $249 odd for many (if you can't pick up) as there is a mandatory delivery fee of $9.50 odd and a mandatory gouge misnamed as a "handling fee" of 3.50 odd. Still the cheapest granted (purchased one myself, unwillingly, as I personally feel this price with cashback will not be gettable in the future) but annoyingly obscured till you actually go to buy.


  • How long till this gets cheaper or should I just get it now, not in a hurry but would like to get it this year

  • Can anybody advise how long the BPC free post option takes from Vic to Qld Gold Coast?

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