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Camping Sleeping Pad with Air Pillow,Compact Ultralight Inflatable Camping Mat with Built in Pump,Durable Waterproof Camping Air Mattress Hiking Pad for Camping,Backpacking,Traveling,Hiking

Camping Sleeping Pad with Pillow
The air mat and air pillow are combined, making it more convenient without having to carry the pillow separately. The comfortable beehive design prevent the body from sinking and supports the entire body in a well-balanced manner. You can sleep well because the size after expansion is about 190 cm x 58 cm and shuts out the cold or hot air from the ground.

Latest Foot-operated Air Mat
Our air mat has a built-in air pump, different with the conventional mat, No need to inflate with your hands, mouth or pump.It can be installed easily,just step on the built - in pump with foot for only 30 Seconds and even women can do it.With anti-leakage films in the valves, you shall never worry about air leaking! Also super quick to deflate - just take out the deflation plug.

Durable & Waterproof sleeping mat
40D nylon + multi-layered TPU material that is not easily damaged , with moisture-proof and waterproof functions. The air cushion is about 6cm thick, the maximum bearing capacity is about 300kg, high strength, high elasticity, wear resistance, can be used anywhere. Even if it becomes dirty when used outdoors, it can be wiped off with a wet towel, etc.

Easy to Portable
The size of the air mat after storage is only about 27 x 12 cm, and it weighs about 500 g, which is lighter than a normal air mat. You can carry it to anywhere if you put it in the storage bag. It can be used for various occasions such as camping, mountain climbing, outdoor activities such as touring, athletic meet, cherry blossom viewing and picnic in the park, travel, beach break, fishing, break during office work, relief area, etc.

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  • ~$28-29 via Amazon US for similar model(s).

  • What's the r-value?

  • If you want a budget sleeping pad go this instead for 58bux


    20K reviews as opposed to 2 reviews.

  • This is 2021.. What is with the archaic description "pump with foot for only 30 Seconds and even women can do it."

    • China doesn't subscribe to our same social norms heh

    • Had a good laugh from that

    • Don't you know Asian women are tiny? lol

    • Maybe, the fact that men are generally stronger than women? Crazy thought, I know. Also sexist, right?

      • Maybe, the fact that men are generally stronger than women? Crazy thought, I know. Also sexist, right?

        It's a foot pump for a thin sleeping mat, not a contest to toss own dick.

        I hope they don't teach such views and crap sarcasm at schools now.

      • Your point is? Women have better endurance which is marginally less irrelevant but equally inane when talking about this product. The suggestion that "even a woman" can use an airbed foot pump is archaic and vacuous. Let me help you and the seller out. Replace that rubbish with "requires minimal pumping effort to inflate".

        Of more concern is the claim that this "shuts out the cold or hot air from the ground." Airbeds have their place but they provide sfa insulation and are particularly poor in cold conditions (even with something like a space blanket and a quality sleeping bag to help).

        What the? Only two negs so far. Lift your game OzB , you're letting the societies for Luddites, Misogynists, and Misc Sexists and Morons down badly.

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