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Inwin 650W 80+ Gold Power Supply (P65F-650W) $89 + Shipping or Pickup @ Umart


Pretty great price on a 80Plus Gold PSU, with a 5 year warranty. I have an Inwin A55 (550w bronze) in another rig and I can vouch for it being a stable unit, but I never draw more than 350w or so from it (Xeon E5 12-core + GTX 1060).

Sadly I can't find a review for this specific unit, but the specs check out. Inwin is not a top tier brand but I'd rate their power supplies to be decent enough for most.

Edit: looks like the umart description was wrong, not modular

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  • I didnt want to make another account to find out. Anyone know whats the shipping to WA?

  • If you have the Umart Premium account then the 750W variant of this PSU will cost only $99

  • Cheers m8, been hanging out for a cheap gold psu for my dinosaur. Keeps randomly shutting down in video games and now YouTube videos. Hopefully this will solve it.

  • Nice deal. What's going on with power supply prices dropping lately? Is it because no one can actually buy high end GPU's or CPU's in the currently market so demand for high end power supplies is down?

  • it looks like with this brand the F is the cheap version with the chinese parts, and the non F is the one with the Japanese components. Corsiar do a similar but in reverse, the added letter (x) being the one with high quality Japanese components.

  • was gonna give advice but then remembered not to…

  • Umart is listing a lot of incorrect information. The model that is offered for sale is NOT modular and does not have Japanese capacitors.

    Teardown from a Taiwanese website here: https://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=501&t=6247297

    The main capacitor is a Taiwanese (but made in China) Teapo 85C which is okay, not great but not terrible. The fan is a budget sleeve-bearing Poweryear which is rated for 42dBA.

    Everything else looks good, APFC, DC-DC and full range of protections are good for the price.

    • Good point, I've also noticed the description suddenly dissappeared as well. Not sure what is going on there. Looks like it's not actually a modular, shame, but not a big deal at this price point imo.

      • I ordered prior to seeing the above comments; just recieved mine, and to no ones surprise, it is the non-modular one. Not happy about that.

        • Bugger, hope that isn't too much of a dealbreaker for you. Even as a non-modular it's a good deal, but shame on Umart for having the wrong description!