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Xiaomi Portable Handheld 120W Vacuum Cleaner (13000Pa Suction) US$44.99 (~A$58.77) Delivered @ Banggood AU


So your car's dusty?

I recently found out that this Xiaomi vacuum is literally the size of a water bottle and delivers up to 120W of power with 13000 pa suction!

For reference, the Baseus one (seems to really popular) on eBay costs around $48 AUD but only delivers up to 5000 pa of suction power. I had that one and thought it worked really well, but the Xiaomi one takes it up next level especially at this price.

According to reviews, the Xiaomi one works extremely well. Seems to pick up all crumbs.

Can be used to clean your car, desk, furniture, shelves and other spots that are hard to reach with big vacuum cleaners. Also works well with computers, motherboards etc.
Uses USB C to charge and can be charged via power banks or simply plugging it into a USB port in your car.
Battery time varies depending on usage - but according to Xiaomi, can run up to 30 minutes per charge. On the highest power, it'll be much less though - around 10 minutes but YMMV.

Limited stock. Shipped from Hong Kong warehouse. Remove shipping insurance and pay with international fee-free card in USD to get above price.

Key features:

  • Strong power, 88000 rpm, and the power of the whole machine is up to 120W
  • 13000Pa strong suction power
  • Multi-function mouth for deep cleaning
  • One click to open the dust box, No disassembly is required
  • Working continuously for 30  minutes
  • Small and portable, easy to store and use
  • Aerodynamic air duct design. reduces wind resistance, low noise
  • 304 stainless steel filter, HEPA purification double filtration

AU price based on current mastercard conversion rate. Price in title is final price in checkout with shipping included. GST free.


Edit 24/3: New code added (Thanks to rep).

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          • @skido: Interested also

            • @jxo: codes back up!

          • @skido: I am also interested, please PM when available. :)

            • @Merbow: Hi Skido Im interested too :)

              • +1

                @har0p: 400 units have been sold, apologies. They have run out of stock. I’ll see if they can organise another deal soon

          • @skido: Yes please

          • @skido: interested, would appreciate the PM

          • @skido: interested, pls PM. thx

          • @skido: interested too, would appreciate a PM thanks

          • @skido: interested too, please pm when you know cheers

            • @Caveman: your pms not accepted - code renewed now

              • @skido: sorry thanks I have ordered one

          • @skido: Yes thanks

            • @pxr5: your pms not accepted - code renewed now

  • Please let me know as well

  • Just post it here and everyone will know :)

  • The code just worked again for me. Price has gone up to US$46.38. It may be worth waiting to hear back from @skido first.

    • +1

      please untick shipping insurance

      • Yup, just realised myself too. Thanks!

  • worked for me

  • Code just worked for me. $44.99USD. Thanks.

    • Mines showing $55USD did i miss a step?

      • +1

        please click through the link on this post. Ensure the website URL begins with:


        Ensure HK warehouse is selected

        And please remove shipping insurance at checkout

        • Cheers mate

        • got it thanks

  • +2

    Great work OP. Thanks for putting in the extra mile.

    I always wonder how users here get in touch with reps from these sites 🤔

  • +1

    13,000 pa. I have no idea what that amounts too, but geez it sounds like more sucking power than a pattaya brothel.

    • +1

      you’d be surprised at how strong the suction power is for such a tiny device

  • Grabbed one for Mum, cheers op.

    You say you had the Baseus one, was the hose accessory any good? Is it something I would miss with this Xiaomi?

    • +1

      For the baseus model, the hose accessory is used to blow air out, so doesn’t work for suction. In my opinion, it was great for keyboards but that’s about it

      This Xiaomi one cant be used as an air blower

      • Interesting, an air blower would be kind of handy for myself, thanks for the info.

  • Showing as $49.49 USD for me after code and removal of shipping insurance?

    • Please ensure the URL of the website begins with


      • Thanks. Not sure if Cashrewards worked as it kept pushing me towards the US site but will lodge a missing transaction if no confirmation after a few days.

  • How much you guys are paying after removal of insurance? I paid around $60.40 AUD.

    • how come?

      I changed the currency to AUD and it showed up as


      after removal of shipping insurance

      • Probably not a card without international transaction fees. It’s $58.15 for me.

  • I don’t know, how it does however here is the screenshot:

    • it seems that you didn't uncheck the shipping insurance.

      after checking calculations, if you removed shipping insurance, the price would've been the same as what I mentioned before if paying directly in AUD at checkout

      $90.76 (unit price) + $2.20 (shipping fee) - $34.03 (discount) = $58.93

  • Sorry my mistake, I forgot to take off the shipping insurance. Oh well, wanted to do it quick!

    • all goods :)

  • Does anyone know if you can charge and vacuum at the same time? Planning to keep a power bank plugged in while charging

    • +1

      unfortunately not. The baseus model doesn’t work while charging either

      • How does it charge is it usb-c and if so how long roughly from 0 to 100% battery

  • I usually opt for the insurance with these sites. It's a couple of bucks and figured if the item gets lost it would be less hassle.

    Am I wasting my money?

    • +3

      Not exactly. According to banggood:

      It is about speed of refund/resend, with shipping insurance you may not need to return the item back, instead a case of DOA or no show will be resent or refunded without needing to wait for an investigation. For a DOA of faulty item, even if we ask you to return it, you don't need to wait for the item to be sent back to us and checked, you will be refunded/resent first. With or without insurance, using PayPal also gives some nice added protection.

      in the case it gets lost, anyone may contact me and I’ll forward it to a rep to investigate and action on high priority (whether you have insurance or not)

  • Missed again :(

    • likewise, 400 limit reached. meh didn't really need it

    • It's only a few extra dollars on AliExpress, you'll have to wait a little longer though.

      Actually I'm not sure of this code worked with cashback, if it didn't then with cashback on AliExpress it's pretty much the same price.

    • codes working now :)

  • I ordered. Thank OP

  • +1

    damn it i missed again, this morning when i checked it say limit to 200 customer now it says reached the limited of 400 customer. damn it

    • +2

      :(( don’t worry, I’ll get the rep to organise another code for this deal once they have restocked

      • I am keen too

        • codes working now :)

          • @skido: just bought one thx

    • I'm keen too. Just missed out :(

      Please let me know when its available again with the code!

      • codes working now :)

        • Got one. Thanks so much!!!
          Forgot to use my credit card with no currency conversion fee. My bad!

    • codes working now :)

  • Anyone know where we could get a wide nozzle? Might need to 3D print an adapter lol

  • If anyone is interested. Looking up suction power comparisons on google tells me that the Dyson V8 is about 16kpa and this Xiaomi fleshlight is supposedly 13kpa.
    Packs quite a bit of punch for a little unit.

    For regular cleaning of the car I'm currently using a black and decker lithium Dustbuster which sucks (in every sense of the word) at 3.5kpa 😞

  • The code still worked for me. Just got one.

    • cheers! was unexpected haha

  • Just ordered one, code is still working.

  • 57.92$ With currency exchange free visa

  • Can it pick up a bowling ball?

  • Can't avoid the GST now; nvm tried above link and it works without GST

    • Damn, I must have just missed it again.

    1. How does this Xiaomi Mijia SSXCQ01XY compare to the Xiaomi Shunzao Z1 (standard) / Z1 Pro (high performance)?

    2. How often does the filter in the Xiaomi Mijia SSXCQ01XY need to be replaced?

    3. Where to buy the replacement filters for cheap?

  • Ah how do I keep missing? I subsribe for update of this thread but never get any emails :(

    tough luck

    • +3

      Download the ozbargain app and please sign in. You’ll get notifications straight to the phone

      They’re currently trying to get ahold of more stock (waiting on Xiaomi manufactures response) so it’s possible the code will be renewed soon. I’ll reply to your comment if it does.

      • Thanks for all your help @skido :)

  • Got a shipping email

  • Anyone able to track their order via the tracking number? Mine was shipped out on the 9th of March and I can't seem to have any visibility on tracking my order.

    • Mine was shipped 4th. AusPost has a preparing for shipment tracking number added on that day. Beyond that nothing

  • Mine got delivered today

    • like it ?

      • Have not started to use it, charging first.

        • Which city are you located in? Was yours shipped the 4th? TIA

        • Gosh, must be a very slow charger :P

  • +1

    Got mine. It sucks.

    • +1


  • Got mine as well. It's pathetic. How to get a refund?

    • wats wrong with it ?

      • +1

        Poor suction. Might only be good for cleaning dust off a keyboard.

        • Oh wow. Man it seems I just wasted $60 then…I actually thought from the youtube videos, that these had okay suction. Was gonna use it for my car mats.

          • @fuzor: this is the exact same as the YouTube video… it can definitely suck up more than just dust. my baseus with 5000pa can do a lot more than dust and this ones 13000pa (over 2x more suction)

    • Oh really? Its thats bad?

      • Yes unfortunately

        • FYI there’s two power modes. click the button to turn it on and again for the highest mode. YouTube videos show it can suck up way more than dust. guy was showing it on crumbs and it worked just fine.

  • I've put a request for return/refund. Will see how that goes.

  • Anyone got any tracking updates?
    Website says it’s expected to be delivered tomorrow. But I don’t see my tracking number on auspost tracker :/

    • +1

      the tracking number never worked through auspost for me. I received mine today and received an email it was out for delivery through Banggood prior. I believe they might not be using AusPost for delivery - at least not in my case.

      • When was your item shipped out?
        Also, how's it? few people are complaining about lack of power

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