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[Pre Order] Xbox Series X 1TB $749 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


It’s RRP but posting for those who want it, stock expected from 15/03/2021.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • More than an hour, still available.

    PS5 stock usually goes OOS within minutes.

    • It's finally out

      • Yeah, it took more than an hour but is out.

        In the meanwhile, PS5 stock at Big W sold within minutes, Again!!

        • It was up for a record time like 20 mins

        • +1

          What were the stock levels though…

    • +2

      Microsoft can supply more maybe, it means nothing unless you know units available.

      • Any little bit helps in the console war BS tho! Xb0X d0OM3d

  • Damn….missed it by "that" much!

    • Ugh.. Can't believe I missed this one :(

      • I had it in my cart, then took a work call for 5 mins and went to pay and gone! Frustrating.

    • lel

    • I think it's back in stock actually?

  • The fact that it took 1 hr suggests to me that scalpers are no longer interested

  • It's Harey Noooo man!

  • +4

    PS5 in stock at Big W if anyone interested.


    • Absolute legend, got one thanks!

      • +4

        Sorry I had a chuckle, imagine coming into an Xbox thread and getting a PS5 out of it 😆

    • Won't allow me to pickup or deliver to WA.
      Tried for 10min

      Thank you for who heads up though, good stuff.

  • More stock available it seems!

  • +1

    Xbox available again

  • +2

    Yeah it says out of stock on some places of the website but it lets you order one. I’ve purchased one! I’ll let everyone know if they fulfil the order.

    EDIT: Got an email saying it’s delayed and on back order.

    • Got the same email.

      Conformation and then a separate one saying "yeah soz bro. Delayed"

      • +1

        Don’t worry it’s normal for Harvey norman to send this email for all pre order product, I got my ps 5 before and got the same message, they did send it after a few days though

        • +1

          Yep! Just spoke to them on chat. Should expect it around the 15th!

          • @LukeFree: Anyone had any luck yet? My order status remains "processing".

            • +1

              @Theacidictamtam: Yeah the same as well

            • +1

              @Theacidictamtam: Wow really?! I got mine! Stock came in on the 11th.

              • @LukeFree: Damn. Congrats!

                I used the Live Chat and they told me pretty much "youll get it when stock comes in and is allocated to you".

                • +1

                  @Theacidictamtam: ah I just got my pick up email this afternoon! Hope yours come in soon as well.

                • @Theacidictamtam: So I did the live chat too and they assured me that the stock was expected on the 15th and I was getting one. I was surprised because as you can see by my original comment that I ordered well an hour after the original link was posted. Hopefully yours comes soon! They even asked me when I picked it up: "have you been waiting months?". So again, just incredibly lucky.

                  • @LukeFree: Congrats to both of you. I hope you enjoy :)

                    I'll prolly get mine the time that Xbox Series X One X gets announced.

  • Think it's out again

  • +1

    Dont know if this will help anyone, or if it should be its own deal, but australian unity wellplan rewards currently have 7% off harvey norman gift cards.

  • I keep missing opportunities to buy the series X 🥲
    If anyone knows when they'll be restocking a lot like in mid January that'd be great.

  • scalpers keep scalping otherwise why should they run out of stuck so fast

  • You know, seeing how chaotic buying the new consoles are still, I don't regret paying $300 more from a private seller trying to save this relationship hahaha He also managed to get PS5 but his partner didn't want him with both.

    I sold my One X in Nov to avoid losing too much money. If I had waited until now, I was sooooo screwed.

  • anyone buying this over the ps5?

    • If I can ever find one in stock then yep

    • Yeah I did but I was coming from a one X, I also game on PC and of course Nintendo.

    • way better - to start with you can turn an xbox off via your controller

  • For those who ordered early, what does your order say when you track it? Does it give you an estimated date time or just days says backorder?

    • It just says "Processing" for me. I didn't get it on the first round of stock, and mine is a pick up order.

  • Just got a refund. No notes explaining why. Pretty annoyed

  • +1

    in stock now at Big w, for those subscribed to this thread and waiting to purchase.

  • I picked up my order today. Hopefully everyone gets it soon

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