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Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Console $599 + Delivery @ Big W (Online Only)


Get in quick this will not last long.

Delivery $7.90 (Metro).

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  • Digital or Disc? Mmmm….

  • I'll have to skip tbh, tennis elbow thx to CoD.

  • Digital Games are like $125 and no resale makes this a very expensive way to game.

  • Don't bother with the digital

  • We have implemented order limits for some product categories.
    Playstation 5 has a limit of 1 item(s) within 24 hours - please remove 1 item(s) from your cart
    1 x Playstation 5 Digital Edition Console

    Aren't I allowed disk and digital lol :)

  • Only buy the digital console if you don't care about the second hand game market, and are happy paying full retail price for every game you buy.

    • Or wait a year and play them at half price

      • Is that an argument for digital or physical?

        • Is it just me but I keep loosing the discs? I prefer digital as whenever I put in a disc it is like oh yep installs and downloads a 50gb-100gb patch anyway. Digital also means on release you get preloads and don’t have to go to physical store.

          Digital prices will resolve, I remember when they did this like a decade ago with physical disks and prices normalised back to $90. Nobody wants to pay over $100 for a game unless it is the super duper limited edition ultimate deluxe season pass enabling version.

          • @frugal investigator: I prefer digital in every way, except price. If you are true OZB you buy disc.

            • @onlinepred: Correction if you are a true OZB you buy the cheapest game - physical or digital! Noting that if you buy the digital PS5 you are $200 ahead so you would need to spend more than this with digital games compared to physical!

              • @frugal investigator: Disc version off amazon was $750 + $70 back, so already have a game (spiderman miles morales new $69 disc). Then if you buy new games, you will generally save minimum of $30-40 of each game going disc. So after 6 games you are on top. If you buy more than 6 games over the life of your console, then you are ahead.

                • @onlinepred: Okay, i'm investigating.

                  Demon Soul's - Digital $124.95, Physical $99.95 - Physical wins by $25
                  Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Digital $66.93, Physical - $69 - Digital by $2.07 - and no wait for postage/ transport costs to Physical store
                  Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War - Cross-Gen Bundle PS4 & PS5 - Digital $80.26, Physical $84.95 - Digital by $4.69 -and no wait for postage/ transport costs to Physical store.
                  Watch Dogs: Legion - Gold Edition PS4 & PS5 - Digital $89.97 - Physical $119.00 - Digital wins by $29.13 - and no wait for postage/ transport costs to Physical store.
                  Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Digital $78, Physical $99.95 - Physical by $21.95
                  Sackboy™: A Big Adventure - Digital $109.95, Physical $88 - Physical by $21.95.

                  I did not include PS Plus deals….
                  Okay I maintain it is about 10 games to re-coup costs from a disc version of the PS5, physical seems to be $25 max (although I am sure there are some outliers) and digital is cheaper in some cases. Digital sales seem to be better…

                  • @frugal investigator: Assasins creed valhala: $57 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324481467278

                    I bought miles morales for $69 off amazon on release.

                    Yes, if you compare select games at this very moment in time, you can find differences, overall I find digital cheaper.
                    At least with the physical PS5, you can choose digital or disc, with digital you dont' have a choice.

                    Going by your figures, Total savings of $34 on the Disc versions.

                    Don't get me wrong mate, if both prices were the same, or even if digital was only a few dollars more I buy digital. Overall I buy disc for much less, pre orders are generally always cheaper for physical copies too.

                    Also don't forget that disc you can buy from stores that offer cashbacks, discount gift cards etc etc

      • chip shortages will persist for awhile. It will be many years until it is half price. I wouldn't be surprised to see ~10% discounts on the second hand market however. Demand for PS5's should also go higher next year when more games come out.

  • Don't FOMO on digital unless you really want the digital version specifically.

    Be patient and get the physical, you'll be thankful in the long-run.

  • A noob question. Can I download digital games I purchased on ps4 onto ps5 and they are playable?

  • digital?? spits in disgust

  • I guess it may still be worth it with a Plus subscription? and alternatively could you buy digital ps4 games and play on the ps5?

    • Yes, you can install PS4 digital games on the account for use on the PS5 digital.

  • Been 30minutes…not sold out….Awesome, looks like we're starting to see (incredibly early) beginnings of supply meeting demand…

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    page now works, but no stock :(

  • I’m only here for the RRP comments.

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    I’ve been on OzB within seconds of the last few PS5 drops in recents months and I’m still yet to pull the trigger. I really want one but with with how much I work I just feel like I’ll never be able play it. I got a series X on release day but sold it early January as I had no time to use it so I fear same will happen with PS5. Anybody else work 40+ hours a week manage (with a family to balance as well) to find time to play games on the PS5?

    • Lol yer I do. Series x plus 2 kids. I get weekend mornings and lunch, weekdays before work and night.

      My routine roughly like this:

      Weekdays ~20min morning depending if I can wake up
      1 hour 8-9 or 2 hours till 10 if misses is watch mafs lol.

      Weekends 6:30am- 7:30 8 kids get up.
      12pm-2pm with my oldest son whilst younger son naps.

    • this is going to sound like self help however for what it's worth, make a list of 25 things you want to do (or give attention to/achieve) in life with 25 as the lowest importance and 1 being the top priority. Then cut out (cut out) the bottom 20. Warren Buffet may have said that and James Altucher may have written about it here:


    • I hear you, mate. I'm in the same boat. I run my own design business from home, plus with family commitments leaves very little 'me time'. I have my dedicated Friday night when I play for a couple of hours, but 100 hours a year doesn't get you far with the massive games these days. I'm lucky to complete 2 games a year.

      Our main system is a PS4, but I also have every other generation of PlayStation connected to the spare room TV, plus a Wii and other retro handhelds. Still, so many games there that I never finished but want to.

      I have played my brother-in-law's PS5 though and I love it. At least with the PS5, we can play our PS4 titles, so getting one wouldn't be a total waste. But yeah, in no big hurry. I'll wait until more titles are available and things become more normal. I must admit though, I am tempted by the excitement of snagging one. More of a FOMO thing though.

    • Not daily play - it isn't a priority but it gets used when I get small gaps.
      I didn't sell my consoles even if they are not being used because——maybe lockdown v3.0 happens etc

  • All gone

  • I got one….wanted the disc but thought i might as well

  • Gone…with the wind.

  • Gotta be AMZ or Target splashing them out next.

  • If you don't like Digital versions why are you commenting here?

  • At this time of commenting, digital has 44 likes, disc has 88 likes. Does that mean only half if the people are interested on a digital version 🤔


  • Got one! Anyone know what the delivery time is like?

  • Clever marketing by releasing small batches of stock and selling at the price they want.

    • but the faster they sell, the faster they can sell the money making products like games and PS one subscriptions and assessories. they could be making so much more money so much faster if they can sell sell sell

      playing into the hands of scalpers

      • Yeah, it doesn't make any sense at all. They are selling at a set price of $749, they aren't selling at the price 'they want'.

        And consoles make their money back through subs and games, so the comment didn't even make any sense, just looking to far into something that is completely incorrect!

    • Sony and Microsoft lose money on each console sold…and will continue to do so for the next 2 years. Games and peripherals are the money maker. The more consoles they sell the more market penetration they have against competitors. Only an idiotic company would hold back stock. Its been the same for every generation of consoles. The fact they have sold more than 6.5 million units in 4 months is amazing manufacturing, and chip supplier AMD have stated in Bloomberg that they cant make their SOC fast enough.

  • Damn sold out.
    I would have pulled the trigger because I had to send my PS5 disc edition back to Sony for RMA yesterday, so I have nothing to use for the next 3 weeks… :(

    • What happened to that PS5?

      • PS5 Games would not load - they would crash with error message CE-108255-1
        PS4 Games which have been optimised for PS5, like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and Days Gone, had severe artifacting which was getting worse.
        PS4 Games which hadn't been optimised worked fine.
        From this evidence, I deduced that the GPU was FUBAR, so I requested RMA replacement.

        • Yes symptoms of SOC/GPU failure. The returns process is quick. 7 days turnaround and a brand new console sent straight back to you from Sydney logistics depot.

  • Honestly, I have both the physical and digital edition (one per room) and I prefer the digital for playing games. It looks nicer, doesn’t make noise at night by disc checking and I particularly find the discount of $149 compelling for a second console in the house or digital only buyers with these benefits.

    It’s true that the physical plays 4K Blu-ray, but without Dolby Vision support it’s a bit of a non factor of a feature to be honest. Almost every single one of my blurays is.

  • Solid pass…

  • Amazon right now