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[eBay Plus] $10 off (Min Spend $100), $50 off (Min Spend $500), $100 off (Min Spend $1000) @ eBay


Just found this code while browsing eBay.

EDIT : $10 with $100+ spend (kudos to @Turd) and $50 with $500+ spend (kudos to @rartelif).

‘Excluded Items’ means;all items in the following categories: Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Collectables (1), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730); and

all items sold by the following eBay sellers:

‘Discount’ means the amount saved per transaction, as set out below:
Spend $100 - $499 in one transaction and save $10
Spend $500 - $999 in one transaction and save $50
Spend $1000 or more in one transaction and save $100.

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    Spend over $100

  • I'm getting "wrong code"

  • I wonder if this could be used with the $50 voucher for joining ebay plus also ?

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      Only one voucher allowed per cart

    • nope because the $50 is given as a voucher/code rather than a GC.

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    Seems like over $100 minus $10, over $500 minus $50

  • What's the limit on how many times you can use code, if anyone knows?

    • Just found the Terms & conditions:

      …up to a maximum of 5 transactions during the Offer Period, with up to a maximum discount of $100 per transaction. Up to 10 items may be purchased per transaction.

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    eBay is the worst company I have ever dealt with.
    One month ago I used $1200 eBay gift card for a transaction and the transaction was unsuccessful, they said they would escalate but now they refuse to refund me and ask me to report it to the police. Waste of my time and money, and still haven’t refunded me. I warn people don’t use eBay gift cards on high value item or you will not get your money back if they encounter a system issue on checkout. Their customer support is the worst and their staffs are sourced from oversea, it’s nightmare to deal with and now I am losing my money and don’t know where to go

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      "transaction was unsuccessful"

      Failed on payment?

      • Yes, I clicked confirm and pay on eBay website then error message popped up “we ran into a problem, please try again later”, then I try to pay again but all my gift card balance become 0. I used 8 eBay gift cards for one transaction.

        • What happened to that order then? Was it not processed?

          So now after a long time what happens when you add a random item in your cart, then add one of the gift cards in when it says check out. Does the balance still say $0?

          • @Turd: The order was unsuccessful so was not paid for. and yes all the gift cards have 0 balance

            • @ozvictor: Is the order shown in your account anywhere? or just gone? or?

              • @Turd: I sent a best offer to the seller and the seller accept it, so the order was awaiting for payment, after eBay took the money from my gift cards, and I didn’t want to miss out on the item so I did pay again using PayPal a week later, but the previous gift card balances were gone

        • the last time it happened to me, ebay told me to wait for 2 months for the refund. It took nearly that long for the fund to be back, it will be linked to your ebay account so keep checking your ebay account i.e placing dummy order and you will see all the gift cards listed at checkout.

          It is very ridiculous for taking that long to fix their system problem and they offer no compensation whatsoever and I have missed many ebay promo during that time.

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          I agree mate. I'm so used to good / passable CS these days that I was genuinely shocked at how bad eBay's was. Never again.

    • Where did you buy the card from?

      • From Cashrewards website. I don’t know if Cashrewards can help me but I doubt about it because I did receive the gift cards but eBay swallow all the money, also with eBay gift card, you can’t check the detailed transaction, it only tell you the balance, so it’s hard to proof where you spend it, but eBay obviously can see it but they just don’t want to refund me

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          you should probably fight for your money back.. 1.2k is a lot. I’d email every single person associated with the eBay AU office / headquarters in Sydney

          • @skido: With eBay gift card I can’t do a charge back and I spoke to a lawyer who told me that eBay might purposely did it to scam people and I am feeling hopeless. I did emailed their managing director but did not get a reply, really don’t know what to do. I will try to email other people as well but I lose my confident :(

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              @ozvictor: maybe make a new thread about this in the forums on ozb?

              eBay was having tonnes of system issues recently - I think it’s because they’re moving completely to eBay managed payments for sellers

              • @skido: Good idea, I will do that and don’t want more victims

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              @ozvictor: Keep chasing the refund even if it is slow. You should have a very strong case since another payment was processed for the same item. That must be documented on their system.

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              @ozvictor: What kind of lawyer says ebay might purposely do it to scam people? That's a shit lawyer. Go to consumer affair.

              • @Cozzie: I called legal aid hotline and they advised this :(

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      Agreed. ebay customer support are useless, rude and not helpful at all.

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        Amazon much better

      • Am getting the feeling that the support reps performance metrics are based on the number of chats they do. They probably have many chats opened and dragged on until a few customers drop out. The ones left, usually around the 50 minutes mark from my experiences, they'd give scripted response "it will be escalated" or "wait 24-72 hours, we will get back to you" (they rarely do by the way).

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      I am having the same problem right now, still not resolved yet. Transaction failed for some reason (bug?) so the purchase did not go through, but the system swallowed all my gift card balances!
      First rep said to wait 24-72 hours, saying balances will be restored if the purchase did not go through. After 3 days, I contacted them again, this rep told me to wait while he read my previous transcript, half an hour later, he still did not respond to any of my reminder messages. Couple of days later, contacted 3rd rep, told me he will read my previous transcript, 20 minutes later I followed up, he asked me for the card numbers which were already in the transcript so obviously he was not reading it but wasting my time. By the end of our 50 minutes chat (lots of waiting), he said will escalate, wait for another 72 hours for a response!
      How many others have experienced this issue ?

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        wth !!! Is this a common issue?

        y’all need to get Tracey Grimshaw to make a whole story on this…

        • Between "neighbours from hell" and "dodgy tradies ripping off pensioners" I'm not sure big ol' Trace will find the time to cover something actually relevant 🙊

      • That sucks man - I certainly don't envy you. Nothing worse than dealing with bots/ constantly changing CS reps! Last year I'm pretty sure I was going through that crap when Telstra decided to basically shut everything down and you were getting bots/endless loops with no resolution.
        Lenovo is pretty bad too 😏

    • Where the gift cards purchased from?
      Maybe you can pursue on that end

      • Some of mine were physical eBay GCs from Woolies, some were Choice GCs redeemed for eBay.

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      Also having the same issue atm, although for ~$50. Purchased 7 items, only one was successful but the total was taken from the card. Spent 3 hours chatting to support so far. They've agree to repay twice but still waiting.
      They seem to have no transaction record on gift cards and you can only check the balance.
      Never had issues before but it's worrying there's no visibility of transactions and it's quite difficult to prove what happened.
      On the plus side they have been exceedingly (almost comically) polite.

  • Can you spend exactly $100 and get $10 discount (so you pay $90?).

  • I've checkout 1 lot and tried code again and works so at least 2 uses .
    And this is powerful code for eligibility .

    • you’ve got a lot of stuff on the shopping list poopsie

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        Never ends .

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    Looks like its works upto 100$ discount when you spend 1000$.

  • Yeah 3 days after I bought $1009 speakers, ffs

  • Hi,
    Anyone know if you can use the "Join eBay plus" with the $50 voucher & then buy items (two Samsung S21 ultra 256GB) use the $100 then use the voucher at a later date. Or maybe use the $100 on one phone & then the voucher on the other? :o)

    • They're both vouchers so only 1 can be used on any checkout. You can choose which one to use first so probably better to use the $50 later on an item closer to $50 value

  • I misread it as PUSSI…

  • Damn I just won an item I was waiting for and this gets expired :(
    Have to settle for PLUS4P

    • Hmm actually seems to still be up. Guess it doesn't apply to auctions? Not so great of a deal then.

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    Seems like this offer is being changed tomorrow to be open to all eBay members under the new coupon "PSSAVER".