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Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros (UK Version) $77.35 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


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UK imports may differ from local products.

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The differences between this and a local Australian version is the rating on the front packaging and the UK box will have three different languages on the back of the packaging (EN, FR and RU)

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  • Even this feels pretty steep for 2 games tbh

    • It's not steep considering its potential price unopened in 10 year's time.

      • Hopefully the lithium battery inside hasn't expanded or leaked by that time. Also, hopefully a replacement battery can be found.

        • What are the chances of the battery leaking in a new unopened unit? Seems like batteries seem fine in games like Pokemon Red/Blue cartridges? Albeit they need to be replaced

        • replacement battery can be found

          actually not really a concern anymore, as long as you match the voltage, you can be almost 100% confident you'll find a smaller, better battery in the future to replace any current one with. You might need to wire a little bit yourself, but it's pretty easy.

      • +19 votes

        Assuming someone actually wants them in 10 years. I don't want one now and I love retro tech.

        • Well, scalpers love them already. It'll be very desirable in 10 years too.

        • I collected some original G&W .. (although my pride and joy Zelda G&W got stolen which is now worth i think a good 1k) … rather invest in those than these but i guess 30 years later these might be just as valuable ….

        • I collect famicom stuff. Im pretty sure I have the biggest collection of famicom specific stuff on here. I've been tracking things like the price of the famicom micro and sp and anniversary items and they have gone up in the last 10+ years. Game and watch as well. People can downvote all they want, but the fact of the matter is, once production has stopped, price goes up.

        • Yeah, hang on to an $80 item, to sell it for $150-$200 in 10-20yrs time…

          With inflation, plus the effort of storing it for that period of time.. not exactly the greatest investment

      • Maybe if it was the original - i don't think reproduction are as valuable.

        edit: had a quick google, looks like im wrong.

      • imagine buying this to sell for $200 in 10 years, nice $130 profit over 10 year - $13 a year

    • Three actually

    • I don't think anyone is purchasing this just to play the game. It's more to do with wanting the device itself.

  • Any word on local stock from Amazon AU?

  • Available to preorder from EB Games ($79.95 + delivery or click and collect) and Harvey Norman ($79 + delivery) again now as well if you prefer local postage.



      • JB HiFi
      • Gamesmen
        It's everywhere. :)

      I wonder if Nintendo learned this technique from recent SNES release:
      1. release very limited amount to make sure demand is higher than supply
      2. wait (raise the tension)
      3. release endless supply which is still going to be wiped because everyone is under impression that supply is still limited

  • What's this? Hanheld gaming?

  • Arriving Mar 13 - Aug 10…. Nice

    • FREE delivery: 17 - 30 March
      Fastest delivery: 10 - 16 March

      Where in the `^ do you live ?

  • (profanity) it, if this thing had an alarm clock, I'd honestly buy one and put it on a little stand to replace my current alarm clock. Fun as it is, I'm too young to have nostalgia for the G&W (though my mom did have the Donkey Kong double screen one), and have too many machines with the Mario Bros ROM on it that I can't justify this.

    50 and (profanity) it, maybe. But 80 is too steep for me.

    @scalpers, if it turns out demand dies out, lemme know if you'd take 50 for one.

    • It won't, sorry to say. Just look at any officially licensed anniversary product that's out of production on eBay and you'll get your answer.

    • Yeah, where is the alarm clock?? Thankfully I still have plenty of original working g&w's.

  • I had quite a few growing up. Donkey Kong, Turtle Bridge, Parachute, etc. No idea what happened to them, but they'd be worth quite a bit now I'm guessing if I still had them.

  • there is zero resale value in these newly minted products, since they are making so many of them.

    however, a hard to find original 1980's minted model would be worth the bomb.

    simple supply & demand, peoples.

    • You're lucky to get $100 for the original Game & Watch's (I have two, wouldn't bother selling), so I can't see that this new one is going to ever go up in value.

    • Not just the quantiy that are made IMO, although I don't have any figures to back that up, just thoughts. When the originals came out they were bought just to play with, as most things were back in those days, whereas now I'm seeing some people in this current generation just want to buy things and put them away and sell them one day for profit, often pushing the RRP up due to supply/demand. See concert tickets, ps5's, Nintendo mini's etc.

      • Quantity doesn't mean anything when something is genuinely cool. Look up the prices of good condition PS3 60gb launch consoles, millions sold in the first 6 months yet you will not find one for less than $450 today and it will only go up from here.

        • Really? I have one sitting in the cupboard, figured it was worthless. Only prob is it had the "red light of death" or something like that.

        • The only reason the 60gb ps3 is worth anything is because its single-handedly the best backwards compatible console of all time.

          If you own a ps3 and a ps5 you can play every playstation game across 5 gens of consoles.

          The other original ps3 fat models are worth bugger all and prone to failure.

  • Its really starting to feel that the retro collecting scene is starting to fade out. There is a small profit to be made in buying this and flipping it but you can see the market has peaked with this sealed graded market now occuring. Starting to feel like basketball cards etc which is good for people that genuinely enjoy old games as opposed to being a "collector" aka investor that has this stuff sitting in crates collecting dust hoping prices raise in perpetuity.

    • As people have less and less money thanks to 40 years of wages going down,

      taxes being shifted from wealthy to poor,

      the severe economic damage caused by privatisation,

      … and then COVID …

      … you would expect these sectors to shrink.

    • LEGO seems to be doing the opposite. Plastic has never been so expensive :P.
      I do have a couple of sets but otherwise m-e-h.

      The more I think of it is there is a subtle difference when someone doesn't mind spending something they enjoy, vs someone who then feels compelled to justify "it will be worth XX in many years time". Much like a certain bloated bubble sector at the moment people are obsessed with the paper valuation of something yet never actually have any intention or plan to sell and realise that value.

  • If you're buying this as some sort of investment, you're a chump. The reason the original is collectible and valuable is that they were much loved in the 80s and the people who enjoyed them then are in their 40s and 50s now and flush with cash, often with a job that leaves them nostalgic for their childhood. The assumption that there will be collectors in 3 or 4 decades is very much flawed. The original collectors will be dead or very near it. Today's kids will have zero nostalgia.

    • I don't think your comment is entirely accurate. What about people who I hereot their parents collection? Or start a retro collection and want to expand it, eventually moving to the 80s?

    • That's simply incorrect.

      Keep telling yourself that and miss out on a cool collectible. I can spam a huge list here on every single collectible posted on OzB and I can guarrantee you will find an exact pessimist type comment that has been proven wrong with a simple Ebay search today.

    • The assumption that there will be collectors in 3 or 4 decades is very much flawed

      HEHE who is the Chump that thinks you need 3-4 decades . Really some people that think they are experts on this site need to visit kinder garden lol .

      • Did I target this toward people making a quick turn around? No! Comprehension dude! HEHE indeed.

        Sure you might be able to fleece another sucker by selling even higher, and turn a profit that way. It's a gamble but that MIGHT happen. I wouldn't bet your life savings on it though.

        Ultimately it's the guy holding onto this crap for 3-4 decades in the hope that it will somehow be worth a small fortune, that doesn't understand why its worth is inflated today that will miss out. My point was these aren't an investment.

  • Just a 3DS XL, mod it plenty of stuff you can do with it. I won't get this for sure

  • Showing as $78.69 now. Might be some cashback with Shopback or CashRewards.

  • Is this the new Game and Watch or the old Game and Watch

  • Gone up to just over $79 use the little birdie deal to get it at $59 .

  • Mine arrived today.
    EDIT: Bought on the 11th.