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$20 off $79 Spend Voucher for New Amazon Users @ Amazon AU via Little Birdie


Greetings everyone, Little Birdie have just added this new benefit and it's a good one.

Sign up via the linked page and select Amazon in the dropdown box to get a $20 off $79 spend coupon sent via email to apply to new Amazon accounts. Use any throwaway inbox and the coupon is sent with minutes.

Coupon works perfectly on creating a new account, and will get free shipping over $39 spend.

Unsure how many vouchers are available, so get in quick if you want one. The coupon expires on 30 April so marking the expiry as then, but I'm sure the coupons will expire before then.

The unique promotional code emailed to the recipient entitles any new customer to amazon.com.au (or an existing customer of amazon.com.au who has only made digital purchases) to $20 off your first purchase of $79 or more of eligible items made via the amazon app or amazon.com.au. For the purpose of these terms and conditions ‘eligible items’ refers to any product sold by Amazon AU on amazon.com.au or Amazon app and excludes products sold by third party sellers (even if fulfilled by Amazon AU), digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as Prime video and audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates.

The offer is valid until 11:59PM (AEST) on 30 April 2021.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Who the hell is Little Birdie ?

    • Electronics component supplier (or after clicking the link perhaps not? come to think of it it might be little bird electronics that I'm thinking of)

      • Little Bird Electronics should sue the crap out of them as the name is too close and confusing with their existing business name and potentially damaging their reputation. I'd be wary of anything to do with Catch these days.

    • New venture from the founders of Catch

    • How is that worth a neg? It's been around for a while now and all they do is partner with companies to provide discount coupons, all you need to do is use a throwaway email to protect your data.

        • Because there have been plenty of Ozb posts so far, if you look on the website it clearly says they are partnering with big stores and are currently providing coupons in the interim. Not sure how you think it's sus as you're not purchasing anything from them, all they do is facilitate a coupon via email for the store you want, just use a random email so you don't get spammed one day as the coupon isn't linked to anything.

        • +2 votes

          Hand in your OzB card. And your spare one on your ankle.

  • This is great, thanks

  • Key to the T&Cs:

    • Any new customer to amazon.com.au, OR
    • An existing customer of amazon.com.au who has ONLY made digital purchases
    • I wonder if the offer is available to insects? The cockroaches at my place all have their own email addresses, if only i could think of enough things worth more than $79 for them to buy.

  • name one ozber who hasnt used amazon before

  • This is just going to be lots of wasted codes.

  • Can someone confirm or not who has an account if a new account with another email works ?

    • Yes, it worked fine in my testing. Can confirm it works fine on pre-orders that are priced over $79 too.

      • Good one . I gave it a run on existing a/c and failed . New a/c worked :)

        • Did it force you to enter a new phone number?

          • @ash2000: I put same as some of my multi ac's . I'm not sure if forced but verification was done by OTP to email . I'll pay attention with my next one :)

            • @popsiee: Ok, Cheers…….seems if you sign up on a phone (even via a web browser) it forces you to enter a phone number. OTP for email and phone.

              • @ash2000: At the point of your order it forces a number to assist the driver with delivery .

                • @popsiee: Yeah……but that number doesn't need to be verified.

                  With my other accounts it only allows me to have my number attached to one account in the account registration area. But that's not compulsory.

                  Anyway…..all good now!

  • Should probably change the title to say "New Amazon Users" for clarity - I was wondering if you needed to be new to Amazon or Little Birdie.

  • IMO I would suggest people think twice before opening up new accounts under the same name, address, etc if they already have an amazon account. It’d probably be a good way to get banned from the platform.

    • +7 votes

      Open another one if you get banned!

    • Very very very rarely will Amazon ban people for this.

      I've heard the same thing about eBay, but I have a lot of accounts with no issues

    • I've got multiple accounts under the same name. Had them for years. Enjoyed promos on multiple accounts. Amazon don't give a 🐁's 🍑 so long as you're spending.

      • Amazon have tonnes of cash and new accounts from existing users probably helps the statistics when they announce results.

      • This is true! Amazon support staff even helped me figure out my passwords for multiple accounts under the exact same email address!

    • I once asked live chat about using a "new user" McDonalds coupon on my existing account. They told me that I can't and that if I wish to use the coupon I need to make another account. I think I can take that as permission to make as many new accounts as I wish and as many new user coupons as I possibly can.

    • Not really. Have more than 10 Amz accounts and none of them is banned. Ebay is a different story though.

  • Thanks.. Just grabbed a Motorola G8 lite for $105..(actually, my son did as I already had an account :-) )

  • can you stack with giftcards/promo credit to buy 79+ worth and have the 20 off also applied?

  • How soon are people getting vouchers? and what is your preferred temp email site?
    Birdie site says voucher will be sent within 48hrs.

    edit: That was very quick.

  • Will it work for items on Amazon AU sold by Amazon US?

  • I used it and cancelled my checkout before payment but I couldn't use it again, is anyone else having this problem

  • doesn't seem to work now, total order over $79 tried 2 different codes on a new Amazon account and keeps getting - There was a problem.
    The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

    • shipped and sold by amazon au, or are you buying from a 3rd party?

      • excludes products sold by third party sellers (even if fulfilled by Amazon AU)

        Totally missed the above clause, and I kept banging my head against the wall.
        After I saw your post, I realised my mistake.

        Thank you.

  • Thanks op, got and used the code

  • Hopefully, they aren't out of codes I've been waiting 2 hours and got nothing so far

  • Just signed up but no email voucher code

  • When creating a new account I can't seem to get past the mobile number verification.
    "The phone number you've entered already exists with another account."
    Any ideas?

    • Massive stab in the dark, use a new phone number?

      • Not everyone has access to new numbers, so this obvious solution is obviously not a solution

        • Try contacting Amazon, their customer service is second to none.

          Failing that, use a computer to sign up for a new account not your phone, since the phone number you enter shouldn't need verification if signing up using a PC. YMMV.

          • @TEER3X: I've only tried it on a computer, and there is no option to skip the text message OTP verification. Ignoring the " add mobile number" page and trying to login comes back as the account not having been created.
            And you wanting to create multiple accounts probably isn't justifiable to Amazon.
            Thanks for the replies anyway.

    • No phone number required when using a desktop browser for sign up.

      maybe even try your mobile phone browser in desktop mode see if that works but it certainly works from a regular desktop browser.

    • Just retry. Sometimes it doesn't ask for mobile on the 2nd try. Happened to me just now.

    • Yeah so incognito fixed it. No phone number needed. Probably detected logged in cookies

  • Waited 3 days and still hasn't got the code.

    • You haven't enabled messages I think so I can't PM you.

      If you still haven't got the code yet lemme know I'll give you mine.

  • Btw just tested and still working!

    Cheers OP!

  • i tested this on 2 new amazon accounts and it worked pefectly. Thanks OP you saved me $40! BTW received the code immediatley for both accounts.

  • Has anyone found a… way… to get amazon credit with (e.g. gift card, voucher, etc) to allow it to be used for items sold by a 3rd party and shipped by Amazon (like seemingly, the majority of products)

  • Thanks OP. Got the voucher in a few mins. Used to order new Fire TV Stick 4K. $20 instant saving.