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$600 off Any Mobile Phone When Porting to $99/Mo Telstra SIM Only Plan (+ $20 Monthly Credit, over 12 Months) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi instore deal
Sign up to $99 monthly plan for 12 months
receive the following:
$600 phone credit (on any phone)
$20 monthly bill credit
150GB of data

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  • Which store? Probably a "Manager's Special", so maybe only at that store not nationwide… But, Thanks OP.

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      JB Hi-Fi Westfield Fountain Gate

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      I checked today and the deal was also at Whitfords and Joondalup jbhifi stores (WA) and you could get a $600 gift card instead of the phone discount.

      So I signed up.

  • JB Westfield Fountain Gate

  • What does $20 monthly credit mean?

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      Instead of paying $99, you will be paying $79.

      Yes, you are right. It will come down to $29 when you consider the $50 per month from the $600 phone credit.

  • Wow thats pretty good, if i calculate correctly its $29 pm

    • The credit or discount per month is $20. The monthly charges will be $79.

      • (79x12)-600=348 per year =29 per month. If you stick with them for 12m

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          Yes, that's right.

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          Not exactly correct.

          The $600 is off a phone purchase or GC.

          Thus unless you get someone to buy the GC for $600 and credit that into your bill, you still going to be paying $79 per month with a GC sitting in your drawer.

        • That's excluding the tax deduction

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        $948 - $600 = $348, averages $29 a month.

        Good value for anyone who was planning on buying a phone anyway, like the ROG 3 on sale at the moment.

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          For me I don't need a new phone, $30 for 365 days (previous catch price error)

        • Thats what I'm thinking, either that or pixel pricematch

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    these deals are only good if you really need that much data & the phone is discounted then stacked with the credit, otherwise the $600 discount is just re-payed through overpriced sim plan

    iphone 12 128GB $1429 - $600 = $829
    Sim $79 x 12 = 948

    Total = $1777 over $12m

    • It's telstra quality though….full telstra network, not optus or Vodafone.

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        so does boost

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          With the small asterisk of speed caps and no 5G. Doesn't bother me and I'm on Boost, but it is a difference.

          • @Alzori: oh so boost doesnt have 5G? only Telstra (direct) has 5G? Apart from that any more differences?

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              @homersyd: Boost has full Telstra 4g access.
              And call over WiFi.

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                @salin: I believe Boost misses out on some of the 4gx speed/bandwidth enhancements.

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            @Alzori: Telstra is less latency

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        Meh, on Telstra network now and tbh Id be more than happy to jump back to Optus. Coverage is way better Melb SE on Optus for me

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          In my office in Docklands my friend on Optus can't even make a phone call and I can get 20mb download on Boost.

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            @freesteakknives: Can confirm Docklands sentiment. Was on Optus now on Boost. Shitty internet in Clyde North and at the office in Docklands on Optus. No internet issues on Boost. Both were with the same phone so it must be the network. Maybe less towers on Optus? But I really have no idea why the stark difference!

      • It depends, on my street Johnston street Southport QLD, I only have one bar on Telstra.

    • Agreed, if you dont need the phone that badly, boost is the way to go i recon

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        Is boost coverage identical to Telstra, rural and all that?

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          It sure is. I use Boost in outback WA. Tried Woolworth Mobile which doesn't use the full Telstra network and it's like night and day difference

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        But Boost doesn't provide 150GB per month data.

    • That's what I thought as I needed a phone but not another sim plan as I am with boost on their 12 months plan already.

    • Agreed however, if we accept the best discount on iPhones is likely to be through discounted gift cards between 5 to 10% off, cheap telco plans help bring the total down, and for some, the lower upfront payment is enticing.

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    The Note 10+ is currently $999 on special. Would the $600 discount be applied to the RRP or the special price?

    • The credit is usually based on tagged price.

    • Special price

  • Can we use the gift card for any purchase ? Or only handset or again manager can decide ?

    • Yes, I was able to use a gift card.

      • Oh nice I can use it for TV

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          Sorry, the credit is only for phones. I misunderstood your question.

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            @beegutz: Okay okay. We can price match with Telstra website and can get google pixel 5 or 4a 5G( 849$ or 599$)

            I’ll try tomorrow n see if I can get it

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              @Ozfanmel: Someone got a gc instead of credit.

              You can try that and see if they will give you a gc.

            • @Ozfanmel: Did this today and it worked $849 - $600 gift card 😁

              • @pacusi: you got price matched and then you got this deal? if possible, explain what you have done. i am going to store in few hours.

                • @Ozfanmel: Yes went in and said I wanted to buy the phone outright and showed them the price match. They honoured it and then asked about the $600 off. Signed up a new plan and got the phone for $250

                  • @pacusi: Great stuff. Only few ppl looks like getting pm successful. I think even 250$ you would have paid via giftcard to save 5% :)

                    • @Ozfanmel: Agree. Tried to pm Telstra $599 Pixel 4a 5G at JB today and got the usual run around BS story about how the Telstra Pixel isn't the same as the JB one. FFS.

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    still waiting for $500 credit for $59/mo promo…

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      And $390 ETC (never coming back)

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    I was offered the same deal from the good guys today.

  • Best value iPhone?

  • Any data sharing included?

    • Telstra no longer offers data sharing. Also keep in mind when you sign up with JB, if you go over the allocated monthly data allowance you are charged $10 for 1gb.

  • Can you still get out of those 12 month contracts (without early termination fee) by “upgrading” to some other month-to-month Telstra plan?

    • -1

      No, they charge you to much and make it not worth it.

    • I was able to last year. Signed up to a deal similar to this in March, a month later, switched to a $45 per month. It was actually downgrading.
      No early termination fee however my current contract ends in April.
      They both were Telstra plans through JB. I don't think they care, it makes their stats look good by signing a new contract.

  • can i get this deal if i’m already on telstra?

    • No. It's only for new customers who are porting to Telstra.

  • Just signed up to the 69/month with $400 gift card last Sunday. Bad timing.

    • Did you get the $10 monthly credit on the plan though ?

      • No :( they said that the increased gift card (400 instead of 300) was the only deal they were doing.

        • Can try calling / messaging Telstra and see if they can apply that credit on top (no harm giving it a go!)

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    Was at JB Liverpool today and can confirm this deal is valid until the 24th March.

  • The phone i want isn't in stock at any of my local JBs, would I be able to call the hotline and sign up/buy a phone?

    • The hotline no longer processes mobile phone plan transactions (I tried calling a week ago).

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        Thats annoying, especially considering the fact it says to call the hotline on their website!

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    Can some decent Ozbargainer workout the maths for me, if I want to buy the S21 Ultra 256 gb @1949$.

    Is it a good deal to buy this phone or should I wait for something better near Easter?


    • 1949 - 600 = ???

      • +1


        • Ok. I thought the 80$/ month somehow included the phone EMI as well, but it doesn't.

          So that's not a bundled deal.
          You are paying separate for the phone.

          Still, is paying 1350 $ for S21 ultra the best deal so far?

          I am currently on boost, but it's ending this month.

      • Isn't it $1,849 currently?


        And a $100 gift voucher is sent to you two weeks later? Or are these deals mutually exclusive?

    • Except it's 1849 for 256GB at the moment… so 1249. Even better.

      • Cool. Thanks mate, I will check it out at the local Jb hifi.👍

  • Are they doing $600 gift card or only phone credit?

    • Phone credit. But you may check instore if you can get a gift card for later use.

    • I received a $600 gift card for each contract

  • Can you stack this with the interest free deal at present for mobiles over $1K

  • We're currently on just-expired Telstra post-paid plans using old mobile phones. Can we churn to another carrier (eg Optus pre-paid) and then get ported back by JB to take advantage of this offer?

    • +1

      Yes, you can port to a non-Telstra prepaid then avail of the promo.

  • Sorry if this has been asked previously but can a JB gift card be used to prepay $600 of the monthly fee? Presume Telstra is the biller not JB but worth an ask.

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      No you cannot

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    I just went into jb and I signed up for 2 x $79 plans and they gave me $1200 off a iphone 12.
    thanks OP

  • Does anyone know if it supports esim or 5G? Thanks

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    Called my local store (Altona North, Vic) and they offered me a $500 voucher and free year of Norton something-or-other in lieu of the $600 off a phone.

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      I was given a Norton code, too.

  • Hi All,
    I am with Boost pre paid. I want to get new Iphone on this telstra deal with new no.
    Can anyone please confirm, i will be able to port my current boost no. To new Telstra no. once i start sign off on this deal today.
    As i want to keep my current no and Guy at JB told me, i cant change the no. Once i sign the deal. I need to keep the same no.

    • It is only for new/porting customers.

      You can move to a non-Telstra prepaid then avail of the promo.

      You may want to ask your nearby JB Hi-Fi store on the period of the promo. You may still have enough time to port out of Telstra and back in.

      • Thanks mate. Promo expires tmw.

  • my local jbhifi offering $500 gc or $600 off phone

    went to GG and got the same deal $600 e-GC.
    GG deal finishes 14 Mar

  • Do you have to port-in from a different network?

  • "Do you have to port-in from a different network?"

    Yes that was what I was told today. Can't be a Telstra network like Boost either.

  • Does anyone know if JB accepts Gift cards from Good guys? I have a TGG GC from a previous Telstra deal.

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