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Google Pixel 5 128GB 5G (Unlocked) $849 Delivered @ Telstra


Telstra is also having a sale on the Pixel 5 model. $150 off RRP. These are rarely on sale.

Can be purchased outright without a plan it seems.

Price match at JB hifi and use 5% discounted gift cards as it seems Officeworks is refusing to price match due to “Telstra price error” - highly doubt it as it would’ve been fixed by now

Credits to willy000 for picking it up

Specs and features:

  • 6.0" OLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340.
  • Dual main camera with a 12 MP main sensor and 16 MP ultrawide lens, as well as an 8 MP front camera.
  • 8GB of RAM.
  • 128 GB storage capacity.
  • Android 11 operating system.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Octa-Core processor.
  • Connections via 5G, Bluetooth 5.1, and 3.5 mm.
  • Simply connect to the network using a nano-SIM.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Comes with a USB-C cable for charging.
  • Sleek, black design.
  • 4080 mAh battery with 18 W fast charging.
  • IP68 water resistance, making it able to be submerged up to 1.5 m deep for up to 30 minutes.
  • Qi-enabled for wireless charging, and it can be used to charge other Qi-enabled devices.


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  • +1

    Will JB Hi-Fi match an officeworks price beat?

    • price match inception!! really doubt it but they may match a receipt (ymmv)

      • +1

        JB Hi-Fi provide good service with respect to ACL and warranty issues. Officeworks is a wildcard for me so I'd rather go with JB.

    • +4

      perpetual motion machine# will OW price beat match JB's match of OW price beat?

      • Match not beat.

        • +1

          Will A Beat B's Match of A's OriginalBeat.

      • +10

        In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

    • +1

      JB Bankstown wouldn't even price match the Telstra deal.

      They gave this slimy excuse to deny it - JB's Pixel 5 comes with a 24 month warranty (one year from Google and one additional year from JB) while the Telstra one only has 12 months warranty from Google.

      Therefore, the products are not like for like, so they don't have to price match. 🙄

      • +1

        Nice. Offer a free 1-day extra warranty with every tech product you sell and you'll never have to price match/beat again.

      • +3

        They don't offer a 24 month warranty though, that's referring to their obligations for a statutory warranty under Australian Consumer Law.

      • +5

        This is wrong. Google offers 2 year warranty on all its pixels.


        • +2

          the story thickens

  • +6

    After sending back two brand new faulty units, I'm very happy with my THIRD Pixel 5!

    • +8

      Curious… What was the fault(s)?

      • +19

        Pretty crazy story lol.

        I ordered the first unit directly from Google with the 10% promo. Arrived, but faulty SIM slot (zero signal across multiple SIM cards). Sent back.

        Bought second unit from JB HiFi with their 11% off promo (+discounted gift cards obviously :). This time the SIM card slot worked! But due to a faulty proximity sensor, whenever I was making/receibing calls, or using WhatsApp audio, my screen blacked out/froze/unresponsive.

        Took it back to JB, and thankfully the guy who assisted me had been through a number of Pixels himself, and knew all about their QC issues. Replaced with no issues whatsoever.

        All in all, its an excellent phone (now that everything works)!

        So there you have it. A story of 3 Pixels.

        The end.

        • +3

          I’ve owned nearly 11 pixels in my life, only paid for 5. Good times that pixel qc is.

          • +1

            @onlinepred: Are you upgrading with every model (if so, why?)

            I'm still on my Pixel2 from Nov 2017. Still going strong except for the screen I cracked 3 days ago 😢 planning to keep it for another 10-12 months too

            • @jetblack: Nope I didn’t, some refurb replacement devices were newer models due to stock. Was terrible when the gave me a pixel 3xl to replace the 2xl. Worst phone I ever used

            • @jetblack: Same! I'm considering an upgrade for security updates. Apart from that I have no desire to part from it. Best phone I've ever had.

            • @jetblack: I am still using a Pixel 2 XL which is doing fine, nil issues to date.

        • +1

          Chance of a sequel and love story?

    • +1

      Hi5 for trash pixel quality. I'm moving to a Nokia 6.3/7.3 and seeing how they go…

      • Nokia make solid phones (still). Absolutely worth and android one is glorious.

        • -2

          Is that a joke? The missus had a Nokia 7.1 which had great reviews but it was a piece of junk.

      • I had a Nokia 8.1

        Great phone until it decided that it didn't want to be a phone anymore. Everything works except for phone calls. It doesn't allow to pick up and if I call it doesn't allow to hang up.

        Can't claim warranty as I bought it when I was travelling overseas.

        I really liked that phone but it couldn't do the one thing that it was supposed to do properly.

        • Microphone, speaker, and data all work fine? If so, sounds like a factory reset job! (or as the 8.1 is a bit old now, maybe flash it with a custom ROM?)

          • @incipient: Factory reset didn't work. I did that twice.

            Custom ROM would be good except that it would loose Android one and it's constant updates which were great.

        • Is it possible to just sell the phone back to someone from that country you got it from and let them claim the warranty?

          • @love2buy: Fat chance to sell it back. I just wrote it off and put it down to bad luck.

            I just keep using it as an up to date internet connected device for home.

      • sobs It's not just me…

        My first Pixel 3 died while I was overseas - just total death. It was replaced. The new phone's microphone deteriorated to the point I couldn't be heard on phone calls unless I used a BT headset. Finally, the charging port stopped working altogether. My wife also had the Pixel 3 and she also had an issue where people could hardly hear her on phone calls.

        It traumatised me enough I switched back to the overpriced and ridiculously restrictive iPhone (the 12 Mini). I seriously thought about the Pixel 5 especially because of the bigger battery (the Pixel 3 was horrendously short lived). But if I'd done so and had hardware problems, then I knew I had noone to blame but myself.

        I miss so much about my Pixel - the awesome camera, USB-C charging, the bloatware free interface, the free unlimited quality photo backup, but I just wanted a phone that just worked. Now they've yanked the free photo backup, the QC problems have continued - not sure if I can ever go back.

      • +1

        Bought a Nokia 6.2 over 2 years ago for $230 brand new, other than the trash camera & broken fingerprint snesor it has worked flawlessly for everything else I use a phone for (and for 230 I aint complaining). The build quality is just insane for the price, and its also stock Android with regular updates, highly recommend a Nokia if on a budget

    • I'm still happy with my first pixel 5.

  • +1

    Hows the battery life on this vs the Pixel 3?

    4080 mAh vs. 2915 mAh

    Not quite sure what that means in terms of real life!
    My pixel 3 barely lasts a day…

    From battery settings: "Full charge lasts about 10hrs".

    • +4

      I have one, I use it for two whole days before recharging it. That is, 48 hours straight. I think about 6hrs of screen-on active use. Nothing crazy, reading news, ozb, listening to music, some phone calls and messaging. Never managed to deplete the entire battery in a single day (and night) ever!

      • I concur with this experience. One of the "best" days I've had was 7h 48m of screen on time across a few hours each of YouTube, Reddit and web browsing, and 16+h of ambient display, not connected to wi-fi, with dual sims enabled (no 5G but dual 4G), and I had 23% left after 1d 1h off charge.

        I upgraded to the Pixel 5 from a Pixel XL and it's a huge breath of fresh air being able to easily get 2 days of light use off a full charge. I'm sure the battery will degrade over time like with any device but this is a way better starting point than I've ever had.

      • I almost always have a charger nearby but if I'm watching netties at work then the battery drains to about 60% after a couple of episodes.

    • +3

      The CPU is barely faster, so consumes much less power, and with a bigger battery it's much better. The 3 was terrible with battery.

    • I'd have to heavily use to to warrant charging every day. It tends to last me two days on a single charge as well. But i've gotten as much as 8 hours of screen on-time.

    • Yeah, P5's a whole new level. Basically charge and forget.

    • The Pixel 3 was one of the worst phones I ever owned for battery life and the Pixel 5 is one of the best.

        • +13

          No one cares bro

                        • +1

                          @onlinepred: Makes sense, thanks for your help.

                          All the apps I do use somehow are more reliable and faster on my iPhone 11 pro compared to the Pixel 5, not sure why.

                          That's because the P5 has a mid-range processor and app developers only need to optimise apps for a few devices on iOS. The Pixel still performs well imo, I've used my mother's.

      • Besides the battery life and the ram, the pixel 3 xl was better in every way, just a more premium handset vs a modern cost effective offering. The main point of upgrading is guaranteed security and os updates.

        With a PD charger handy, they are both quick to charge up, but is nice the longer battery life if you are are away from a charger for ages. Bigger screens sap it, the iPhone Max has a battery to cater for it.

  • Brilliant phone - at $849 I reckon it's a good deal. Minimal and just does the job - especially if you're heavily invested in the google ecosystem.

    • How invest elsewhere man. They are invested in you haha

      • +3

        They seem pretty invested in my data…

      • +2

        How do you lose money by Google collecting your data?

        • +2

          BeCaUsE tHeY StEaL yOuR dAtA 🙃

      • +2

        No you pay them, and then give them all your data for free

        • +2

          Yes, and then they use it to provide you with helpful services

        • Just like every phone provider.

          • @serpserpserp: True, although Google is the only one to make a business of it. The biggest in the world. Tracks everything including incognito. Not many others do that.

  • How are you finding all these deals today?

  • +2

    This or S20 FE? It looks like spec wise the Samsung is far ahead. Am I missing something here?

    • +1

      Pure Google = Pixel. Pure specs = FE.

    • I've had a pixel 4 and bought a S20 FE late last year. Hated the samsung interface so sold it 3 weeks later and kept using my Pixel 4 (even with bad battery life)
      On paper S20 FE camera should have been close to Pixel but in real use it just wasn't (I dont think it could focus as fast)

      • Still on my pixel 2 after almost 3.5 years and still going strong. As fast as the day I got it, and constant os updates. It's basically everything good about the iPhone (regular os updates, no bloatware), without the restrictions or price that comes with Apple.

        Given that experience I have no interest in any other brand for my next upgrade. I'm thinking I'll wait for the 6 to come out, and then buy the previous generation for a greater discount.

        • No updates for pixel 2 anymore. Security risk for sure. iPhone gets an extra 2 years of updates over pixel. Pixel and Samsung do 3 years.

          If you buy the pixel 5 when pixel 6 is released, you will only have 2 years of supported use.

          • +1

            @onlinepred: Oh damn I didn't realise this. 3 years is slack when each model is available for 18-24 months… So those who buy on the tail end only get 1-1.5 years of support.

            • @jetblack: Yea, i typically divide the price by the years of support remaining to find good value

        • +1

          I've had a 2 for about the same time. Functions work great, but I've always had battery problems. Very finnicky recognising chargers (including Google's), had entire phone replaced and now I can barely charge it/it gets about 6 hours off a charge. Thinking of taking to a 3rd party battery replacement to see if I can squeeze more life out of it for $150, or just upgrade to this. I hate that processing/storage/display etc. are otherwise absolutely fine.

          • +3

            @Phanatic: This is actually what pushed me to Apple. Too many Android phones with broken hardware or software reducing the lifespan. If i can get 5 years from an iPhone that I look after and just replace the battery through Apple for $100, then I'm golden.

  • Does anyone know if these are Telstra branded?

  • Do you have to go into a store for price beat?

    • nope, you can simply call

      1300 633 423

      • So you're saying I can then mail order the phone?

        • +2

          yep, you can call them and they'll arrange payment over the phone for click and collect or delivery

  • +1

    I love my pixel 5 the battery lasts for over a day, it's fast. Camera is great. Glad I didn't spend 2k on a phone lol

  • Hmm looking for phones that compete with S21 Ultra Guess this wouldn't certainly not in the same price range.

    • No not really. If you wanted a smaller Samsung with less features and worse camera setup tied with a mid range cpu perhaps

    • Oppo find x3 launching March 9th with Snapdragon 888.

      • Specs wise the Oppo X3 looks like it'll shit all over this phone.

  • Damn, I just bought one second hand for $650. I wish I got this instead

  • Has anyone upgraded from a Samsung S10 to Pixel 5? Worth the upgrade?

    • +1

      Not really, performance wise you're not going to notice much change. The interface is a bit nicer though

  • Does Pixel 5 come with unlimited Google Photos for lifetime? Don't see them market that yet some tech articles suggesting it will get (inspite of Google ending this for all others June 2021)

    • +1


      Unlimited high quality (compressed) storage, but not unlimited original quality storage

      • ^^ This. But if you simply sign up to the Google Rewards program, it's essentially free anyway..well it has been for me since as long as i can remember.

        • +2

          As in you can use your credit to pay for Google One storage?

        • Haven't heard about this before..

          • +1

            @archieduh: Get Google Play credit for completing surveys.

            Some of the cheap storage options are only a few dollars per month which you can generally make with the surveys

          • +1

            @archieduh: yeah, i've been on the 200gb plan for a few years now. It's 4.39/month or 43.99/year. Opt for the annual fee because you get 2 months free. Then so long as you get $3.66/month in survey's you are well covered. Mine fluctuates between $3.50-$5/month. If you think you will struggle to get that much every month, 100gb storage @ $2.10/month is certainly obtainable

  • +3

    Which one to get? Google 5 vs S21 vs S20 FE5g

    Mainly use this for Facebook, YouTube, and light gaming.

    • +1

      G5 All the way..
      Vanilla OS experience
      Will do FB, Youtube , Light Gaming + Take photos really better than most other phones.

    • my vote goes to S21

  • +1

    Tried to pricebeat at Officeworks and they refused stating that the Telstra's phone isn't unlocked

    • interesting… hopefully this is just got a one-off

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