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Pullman Coffee Tamper 58mm $75 Delivered ($67.50 with New Customer Code) @ Campos Coffee


I was looking into buying a tamper for my Gaggia classic.

Through doing research this tamper seemed okay and I found it on Campos for $75 shipped, if a first time customer you can use the code for an additional 10% off, WELCOMECAMPOS10 bringing it to $67.50.

The Campos site doesn't mention which pullman tamper it is but upon researching it, it seems like it is the Pullman Coffee Tamper, Nexus Jarrah Flat 58mm.

Alternative brewing has the same tamper for $119 not inc shipping (https://alternativebrewing.com.au/product/pullman-coffee-tam...).
Still sorta expensive but some may think it's a deal.

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    In before comments from the people speaking about how they wouldn't spend a dollar more than necessarily to stay alive without joy while they get hemorrhoids from their 30 cent chair from Big W

    • joy while they get hemorrhoids

      depends on how you use this "product".

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    Great price, awesome tamper. Got mine for Xmas and use it daily. Big step up from a basic one that comes with a machine.

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      Big step up from a basic one that comes with a machine.

      How is it better?

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        It’s better at tamping

        • +2

          In what way?

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          The difference between trying to apply pressure with something that is plastic to something that is weighted and grippy.

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            @anguscox1: Is there a difference in the taste of the coffee?

            Not trying to be a smart arse, I'm new to this & want to know if I should buy one.

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              @WatchNerd: Depends if you are able to do a consistent and level tamp on your coffee every time with the included tamp.
              If the tamp is not level then the water just goes down the lower side and you won't get a rich, full tasting brew.

              This just makes it easier to obtain that consistent tamp.
              That said, I still use the tamp included with my Breville machine

              • @Trojan: Do you have the BES800 or BES820 or something like that? the built in tamper is quite good and was wondering what these tampers would be like compared.

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                  @user27: Mine is the BES920 and the included 58mm tamper is good enough for me (also like having the tamper stored in the machine rather than separately)

                  • @Trojan: Mine is the BES800 I think.. yeah its handy sitting under the hood like that

                  • @Trojan: Lol, it took me so long to realise where it lived. It was living on top for the first few months of it's life.

                • @user27: BES800 etc doesn't use a 58mm basket fyi

            • +3

              @WatchNerd: Good extraction relies on the water travelling through the coffee medium correctly. By compressing the coffee in a uniform manner it helps with even extraction.
              TLDR; the right compression = the right exposure.

            • +1

              @WatchNerd: You must get tamper as a minimum and ideally some filter baskets, a digital scale (Jewelllary scale) from ebay.

          • +2

            @anguscox1: The weight is irrelevant as almost all of the tamping force comes from your own body. Plastic would function just as well, but be ugly, and we know how important looks are when it comes to home coffee machinery.

            A nice large handle does make it easier to use, but I'm interested in mmmmmmm94's recommendation below. That sounds better.

      • +3

        Honest question! I'm not saying it's overpriced, I'm starting to learn about coffee culture and just want to understand as well what makes it be worth $75, as opposed to, let's say, $15. Is it made from a specific material? Does it have an antibacterial coating? Does it have Google Assistant integration (j.k.)?

        • Lol, I think it's auto tamping

        • +1

          It makes absolutely no difference except in your head.
          Not saying there’s anything wrong with buying it, in fact I might do it to match my kitchen decor (yep!) but it will have no impact on the final product and taste.

          • @beatsntoons: thanks! i guess you are right. I mean, sometimes you don't buy things exactly for hw they perform, but for how they look or how they make you feel. Like paying more than a cheap souvenir costs, but it will remind you of that nice trip you had (personal experience, i would sometimes not buy a souvenir from someone because i knew the price was 3 dollars, and they were scamming me and charging me 4, and then i would get back home and be mad about not paying that extra $1 and having that nice souvenir i liked)

        • +2

          As I'm sure you are aware, it is psychology.
          A $100 bottle of Champagne tastes better than a $50 bottle - until you cover the labels and do a double-blind test.

          Nobody wants to buy a $15 tamper. Even on Aliexpress, a nice one is over $20:

          e.g. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001031097679.html

          • @bargaino: the aliexpress one should have a comparable result. as long as the thing is designed and made easy to grip and apply pressure with some durability. there will be unlikely much difference.

        • +4

          A quality tamper functionality wise should feel ergonomically nice, be made of long lasting materials and the business end be precision machined to fit the basket with minimal gap. you can get all of that in a chinese tamper for like a third to half of this price (though still more than the cheapest tampers or the crappy plastic ones that come with the machine). I think most of the extra price of pullman tampers comes from being manufactured in Australia and being a well known brand.

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    Cant recommend a normal tamper again after switching to a palm tamper + distributor. Super cheap, spreads the grind perfectly even, then tamps them to a set depth (proxy for pressure) every time.

    (something like this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/58mm-Smart-Ground-Coffee-distrib...)

  • +3

    I have been using an AliExpress one that looks similar for over 10 years. Has been perfect. It didn't cost anywhere near that! Maybe this is a bargain for the brand, but it's not a bargain for a tamper.

  • My Breville tamper has a boundary between shiny and black, so I can eyeball it to be sure it is level in the head.

    This one would appear to be a bit more tricky to get dead-level. Or does any slope get corrected when you twist the head into the machine?

  • I bet this is nice and heavy.

  • +3

    I’ve had one of these for years and find it very good. Mine was custom made to fit my basket (58.4mm) with very little gap. This means it tamps right to the edge.

    • The material is 316 stainless - not sure the cheapies are the same.
    • The weight helps with getting a level tamp - just drop this on the grounds and make sure you have it level before pushing it down.
    • The rings around the edge do three things.
      • The first is it helps judge the depth of your tamp for consistency.
      • 2nd it helps make sure you are keeping it level in the basket
      • 3rd it helps break the vacuum so you don’t suck the grounds out when removing it.
        (I guess that’s not an issue if your tamper isn’t a snug fit.)

    It’s a good Australian product with a world reputation.

    Is it going to make your coffee twice as good? No, but it depends how demanding you are. Very few coffee shops come up to my standard so I guess I’m a snob.

    • +3

      definitely a useful product if you're anal about these things (heck I am too :))

      • +1

        You know you're not supposed to sit on these?

  • Anyone got a hot tip on a 53mm tamper suitable for the Breville Barista Express?

    • Yeah, get a real machine that uses 58s ;)

      • Can I borrow $1000?
        Nah - my Barista Express from the Breville outlet shop for $400 does just fine.

    • I'd just search for "53mm tamper" on ebay or ali express and pick one you like from a seller with good reviews.

    • +2

      The MATOW branded 53mm tamp on Amazon is a good choice.

      • Have you tried the palm one?

    • +1

      I got this one for myself for Christmas, am enjoying it and it thankfully doesn't break the bank:


      Edit: Realised someone already mentioned it above.

      • +1

        Rad I was looking at this on Amazon today.

  • +1

    $75RRP for a coffee tamper? Oh come on.People have waaaaaaay too much money.

  • +1

    Used a few steel + wood tampers from ebay.
    They're about $20 and work fine.

  • A good friend gifted me a Motta 58mm Tamper. After 20 years of using substandard plastic/ uncomfortable cast alloy tampers, this thing is an absolute joy. I didn't realise how nice it feels to apply a reliable consistent tamp for my morning espressos. Sounds ridiculous until you use one..
    Money well spent :-D (or not in my case ;-p)

  • +1

    I don't see why you'd spend a dollar more than you'd need to just to have a bit of joy. Perfectly happy with my plastic tamper and Big W chair. Unrelated, but does anyone have coupons for a budget haemorrhoid doctor?

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