Alternative Options to nbn?

We're moving to a new house, and as much as I'm excited about the new place, I'm equivalently disappointed when found out that it doesn't have NBN available. What other the alternative options out there since ADSL2+ has been phased out as the NBN rollout? Although we're currently on Unlimited NBN plan, we never really do more than 500Gb downloads per month.

I've heard about the Optus 4G home wireless package, unfortunately it's not available at my new place either. Another of option is the mobile broadband but this is very limited in data and fairly costly too.

Either way, not having NBN limits our home internet options and we will need to fork out extra dollars than we used to pay.

What's your thought and is there any better/cheaper solution than the ones above please? Ta


  • ADSL is still available where there is nbn fixed wireless. Where are you moving to? What does the nbn address checker say?

    Look into Starlink

  • 2021 and NBN is still not complete?!

    Go with Wi-Max. Screw the FTTN, it's shit anyways.

  • Is it perhaps in an alternative fibre provider estate like opticomm et al? Either that or surely it still has ADSL, or at worst NBN fixed wireless or satellite - "nothing" makes no sense & basically shouldn't be possible.

  • Not sure what suburb you're in. Have a look at a few different wireless broadband providers. I've been with Lightning Broad for almost 4 years now. 50/50 unlimited connection, speed is good enough for just about everything I need. Speed during peak hour never seem to dip below 40/30 which is great, but most of the time it hovers around 48/45.

    When we first got it though, we had to pay for our own radio receiver, they come and install it on our roof, costed about $500 inlc installation. Pretty sure they use Ubiquiti equipment.

    Cost us 95/month, not sure if thats good or bad these days honestly. Never bothered to look at the market cause we've been happy with it.

  • What about 5G Unlimited Internet?

  • Have you asked your neighbours what they do?

  • Hi all, thank you for your comments. When I input my address for NBN verification the following results:

    "NBN Co has temporarily paused accepting new NBN HFC orders due to hardware shortage.

    This shortage affects all Internet Service Providers, which means that delays will be experienced no matter which Internet Service Provider you choose.

    Pre-order NBN HFC now and we'll connect your home as soon as possible."

    I'm moving to Cornubia QLD, my street are mostly new built homes so it's hard to tell what people have been using. My budget is under $70/mth for home internet.

    • Put in a pre-order now or order nbn HFC in May or June when the hardware shortage ends. Under $70 there is Superloop, Mate and TPG. Use mobile broadband in the meantime.

  • there's 6g oh wait that's not out yet, 5g which supposedly is better than nbn….

  • Starlink is the way 😷

  • Surely 5G will be the best alternative to NBN for you? Does your area get 5G?

  • I would/could/might suggest that you give Felix mobile a go.
    It's unlimited data, the speed is shaped to 20mbps up and down, and it costs $35pm a month.
    It also includes unlimited calls and texts, in Australia only, on the Vodafone network, and is not contracted, so you are not tied to anything.
    But of course, it is just a mobile phone deal and not an internet deal.
    I am certain that if somebody suggested that you get a Felix SIM and place it into a 4G modem/router, a concerned fellow OzB member would step in to advise that such an action would be contrary to the company's T&Cs and that the Felix Police would surely bust down your front door with their Felix axes and drag you off to Felix court, where you would have to explain yourself in front of a Felix judge. And nobody wants that.
    Too bad. Because it sounds like an economical solution to the no-NBN problem.
    If only there was someone on this forum that would be happy for you to contact them by PM to find out if such a thing was possible…

    • Hmmm, this is most intriguing sultana man. I am enlightened, and will defo' look into this myself. I like your turns of phrase btw, you are a cunning linguist.

    • We used Felix with a tablet and it was great. Too bad that reception for Vodafone at our place is bad so we cancelled it.

      I am sure you can use it in a 4G modem and try your luck until they terminate your service.

  • Does your new place have Optus reception? If it does, you can order the Optus 4G 500GB plan through a friend and just use it at your new place. I did that and absolutely no problems.

  • I don't have any magic answers but am in a similar boat to you so I can feel your pain. We currently have adsl and the max speeds we get are 4.0 mbps down / 0.8 mbps up. We looked into nbn which advised fixed wireless was available. The technician came to install then told us there was no signal and so we could not get the nbn. We then looked into 4G Home wireless but that was not available either. Next down the rank was mobile broadband with a dongle. However, we only get top of 2 bars reception which drops between 4g and 3g. I don't want an unreliable internet so figured we will just stay put with the consistent but painfully slow adsl. Hopefully you can work something out.