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Telstra 150GB 12Mo Mob. Broadband Plan /w 5G Wi-Fi Pro Modem $59/Mo ($10 Monthly Credit Applied, Min cost $708) @ The Good Guys


THIS DEAL EXPIRES SUNDAY! - To find this deal, go to the link, and then click Mobile Broadband Data Plans, then find the box called "Latest Telstra Deals" and it is called "$69 Mobile Broadband Plan".

This is a cracking deal, which is similar to one last year: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/586230

The exact promotion is called "The Good Guys Telstra Bonus Telstra Wi-Fi Pro 5G (100159942), Bonus 50GB Data and $10 Monthly Credit (“Promotion”)"

Read the Terms and Conditions, I can't copy the link.

$69/month over 12 months:
* $10 bonus Monthly Credit reducing the plan to $59 per month with a minimum cost of $708
* 150GB data /mo - extra 50GB data (usually 100GB)
* Free Telstra Wi-Fi Pro 5G modem (worth $599)
* No excess data charges, continue to access data at speeds up to 1.5Mbps once included data is exceeded

I'm working as a property manager and have lots of potential renters who don't know about the shortage of NBN modems/NTD devices in my area which is all HFC. In this scenario, most people would choose Optus fixed wireless or an MNVO, however, their reception in this area is pretty bad. Or Vodafone.

But here you get Telstra 4GX speeds straight away, one of the best mobile hotspot devices, no bill shock, and 5G rollout is ramping up from about 40% of the population, they say to cover 75% of the population by June 2021.

Here is a review of the 5G device: https://www.gadgetguy.com.au/telstra-5g-wi-fi-pro-modem-is-p...

Telstra Coverage Map: https://www.telstra.com.au/coverage-networks/our-coverage

Please be nice in the comments, because there has been a bit too much snark with deals I've posted recently and I'm a bit tired of it.

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  • I use my LG V50+ ($600) as 5G hotspot. Seems to work OK.

  • nice deal

    • Is 400$ good guys voucher included in this deal?

      • Got it either modem or gift voucher

        • T&C PDF file for the deal with the $400 GG voucher doesn't mention the $10 monthly Telstra credit, oddly enough.
          Might want to double check with the Store Rep when instore.
          PDF filename says 250 but the wording in it says 400.

          WhistleOut's review of Telstra 5G Wifi Pro

          Very nice deal tho OP, seriously considering it - thanks for posting

  • I assume it's locked to Telstra?

    • The review I linked to says "Status: Not locked to Telstra but the LTE bands favour Telstra over other carriers"

    • The manual says the modem is not locked to any network, but (1) is set up with Telstra's APN and (2) the network bands match Telstra's. To use it on another network whether here or overseas you will need to enter the APN info manually and check that the network bands are supported.

    • I got a similar deal about a month back through JB Hifi. Unfortunately the 150Gb was not enough so I got one of the Felix sims as a backup (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/606418). Swapped sims and just worked, no configuration necessary. In fact the Felix sim on Vodafone is actually faster than the 4G I get through Telstra. I gave up on using the 5G capability as it just kept on dropping out (8-10 times a day). Blindingly fast when the 5G worked, useless when it didn't. So forced it to only use 4G and works well now.

    • Can confirm it isn't locked to Telstra, works with Optus mobile plans with 5G, it is also the most powerful 5G portable modem you can get in Australia.

      I won't go into the story on why I wasted money on it, but with this plan, it makes sooooo much sense to get it.

  • Cheaper, faster (up to 150gb) and probably more reliable than home NBN

    • I can get 1gbps nbn though. I can’t get 5G.

    • Don't know why ppl think this, wireless is still not anywhere near good as fixed, you don't even have 5g everywhere, not to mention it's not a steady connection so you cant game on it properly, if you need casual net and some streaming sure

      • This is my Telstra 5G speed:


        And I am using at home, are you with Telstra or Floptus? I can’t complain anything in terms of speed, latency, network, reliable steaming, gaming but customer support.

        I used to have NBN and it was never faster than 100mb, ripped it off and only using 5G at home now.

        • Your ping is 18, myn is 9 with telstra nbn

          • @botchie: You can have sub 10ms if you're near/direct line of sight from the exchange station with no congestion of course. Btw my FTTB ping is 5ms, wanna race?
            NBN has given me so many problem til now, especially random drop outs. Even 4G has only 1 drop a day.

            • @OrenjiO: thats unlucky, I know when I had to use 4g to game etc it was horrible, 5g wont fix that, its only faster but stability will never be there on wireless ….well not never but not for a long time

              • @botchie: NBN should really step up their game by replacing their copper pies all together for goodness.
                5G is getting better once all the station switch to Stand Alone without using 4G as upload, ping will also be reduced by the result. mmWave if there is, can even get ping to surpass copper line NBN.
                FTTN/FTTB with 5ms is a very good result compared to 1ms FTTP and 3ms HFC.

  • Good deal, not sure whether we can upgrade to Nighthawk M5 (pay balance of difference).

  • how fast is 5g? Is it faster than 100/20 FTTP?

    • That’s like asking how long is a piece of string?

      Depends where you live, the construction of your building, way you have it connected.

      • I live in sydney CBD

        • 5g should be faster, speed and latency will fluctuate a lot more than a fixed line… Would be best to test how good your coverage is first though… If possible.

    • These are the speeds I am getting for 5G with direct line of sight.

      653 Mbps download
      37.5 Mbps up
      14ms ping

      Note: I would consider my 5G speeds above average. Your experience with 5G will likely be slower and with a higher ping.

  • Anyone know if it is locked to telstra?

  • Love one of these to replace my Nighthawk M1 refurb ($150 on eBay about two years ago!), but sooo spendy.

    Definitely makes sense to go for this for the extra $100 over outright price though.

  • FYI, I got the same deal at JB HiFi but without the upfront cost. They don't advertise either the modem or the data plan. I got two services on the same plan. The modem free with one and a $600 credit with the other.

  • can the sim work on non5g ipad pro cellular, i mean will it have 4g automatically?

    or is it better to connect the ipad to this thing?

  • Does anyone know if there are any data plans with more than 200Gb? It has to be Telstra 5G.

    Telstra 5G Home internet is not available at my address but I got 5G network on my mobile and 5G modem.

  • I use the Optus 5g home, $90 for unlimited data, unlimited speed. Get consistent 300-400Mbps. Been really happy with it. My options were Optus 5g or pay $13k to get FTTP, and probably still not get the speeds I'm getting.

    • Where are you and what’s the upload speeds like?

      • Bris Northside. Get 30Mbps up. They're waving the $200 setup fee atm and I think it's first month free. If you're not happy with the speeds, or it can't connect to 5g, you can just send it back with no cancellation fee

    • Exactly my position. I was nearly going to spend $12K to get FTTP as I was forced off Optus Cable. FTTN was 23/3 (1.3km from the node). I signed up with Optus 5G and it has been faultless. Speeds fluctuate from 200-500Mbps and it's annoying that the modem is locked down a bit (can't put it into bridge mode) but overall I'm really happy with it.

    • 5G Home Internet isn't available in your area, but there is another great option


    • Im on the legacy $70 unlimited plan and it suits our needs. However if the price increased, we would re-evaluate as the modem config is heavily locked down and would like to put it into bridge mode. Also you are behind a CGNAT with no public IP and no IPV6. Everything else is great though.

    • Had similar experience with Optus 5G in terms of sped. But over past two months, started seeing lot of hardware issues with 5G Nokia modem. Suddenly every day it will lose connection and only option will be to physically reboot the modem to restore connection. Got another modem shipped but same issues. Finally returned and disconnected my 5G. Back to my 55/16 mbps FTTN Nbn :(.

      • Been having the same issues too. Not sure if it’s because of all the construction around me (South Brisbane QLD) but it’s annoying to reset the modem every damn couple of hours. Speeds great when it is connected though.

    • Or spintel.. $70 for unltd with same Optus network.

  • 150GB seems like a small amount

  • I got this deal probably a month ago. Modem is pretty good. U can hook it up to an external antenna which adds a bit to the strength.

  • I just checked my usage on the $90 unlimited plan FTTN.
    The most we used was 168gb. We get frequent drop-outs as well, I think this might be a good deal.

  • this is good for me, can i ask is sunday the last day?
    JB confirm same offer?

  • So is it worth getting this just for the device, then after 12 months go with Felix?

  • Is 400$ good guys included part of this plan ? Any one got this one by any chance?

  • I got about 500-600 Mbps with 10ms when I was on 5G. Chews through data like mad and have gone back to NBN for the unlimited data, which is more suitable for torrenting and downloading large files

    1. Offer only available in store. Excludes online, Phone Sales, Commercial Sales, eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid customers.

    does this mean people are signing up and saying they are not current telstra/boost customers?

  • geez 150 gig really. we get raped at every opportunity in australia lol. if your close and your 5g is fast your shitting that 150 gig each way to sunday

  • How's this for gaming?

  • No excess data charges, continue to access data at speeds up to 1.5Mbps once included data is exceeded

    Will that speed allow you to browse the internet?
    I am assuming it is similar to what Belong Mobile does when you exceed our monthly data quota.

    • +1 vote

      1.5Mbps is significantly faster than Belong’s shaped shit. You can even watch YouTube with shaped Telstra.

      • Yah but not once has an internet company shaped to the speed they are supposed to for me.

        Several mbps ends up being about as fast as a56k modem. ISPs are damn liars

  • 150gb at 5G speeds ain't gonna last long. I get over 500mbps on Telstra 5G, and you'll cry going back to 1.5mbps after exceeding 150gb lol. As usual YMMV so check coverage before signing up to this.

    • you'll cry going back to 1.5mbps after exceeding 150gb

      Agreed. I am looking over my usage for the past 6 months. It has actually skyrocketted due to the pandemic / WFH.

  • Guys, just to confirm this is essentially a 12-month contract with Telstra with a free 5G modem which you get to keep with a monthly upfront payment of $59.

    If you leave early, do you have to return the 5G modem?

  • Got caught up in the NBN Modem shortage. Telstra sell the deals but don’t explain the wait, up to 3 mths now. Running on 4g modem backup. Not good!

    • Foxtel no longer using existing ‘pay TV’ or cable network that was used to make the final part of the nbn™ access network connection. Will install a dish & new cables.

      • That's because Foxtel will migrate all HFC connections to satellite so they migrate of the NBN Co owned infrastructure

  • Thanks op bought. 394/63 mbps here at the Gold Coast. Amazing! Optus is crowed here especially on the weekends. I could barely get 4 mbps download speed.

    • Well done, you make my 250/25 NBN connection look positively lame now, except for the fact that I've downloaded 3 terabytes this month :P

      But yeah, everytime I can get someone to leave Optus, an angel gets his wings.

      • Considering today’s sat, It might be a lot faster other days. Felix could fix the download quota. I bought a load balancing switch and plan to have two mobile broadband combined.

    • is it stable when using mobile broadband?

  • does anyone know this modern can connect with ORBI mesh?