This was posted 7 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Telstra 150GB 12Mo Mob. Broadband Plan /w 5G Wi-Fi Pro Modem $59/Mo ($10 Monthly Credit Applied, Min cost $708) @ The Good Guys


THIS DEAL EXPIRES SUNDAY! - To find this deal, go to the link, and then click Mobile Broadband Data Plans, then find the box called "Latest Telstra Deals" and it is called "$69 Mobile Broadband Plan".

This is a cracking deal, which is similar to one last year:

The exact promotion is called "The Good Guys Telstra Bonus Telstra Wi-Fi Pro 5G (100159942), Bonus 50GB Data and $10 Monthly Credit (“Promotion”)"

Read the Terms and Conditions, I can't copy the link.

$69/month over 12 months:
* $10 bonus Monthly Credit reducing the plan to $59 per month with a minimum cost of $708
* 150GB data /mo - extra 50GB data (usually 100GB)
* Free Telstra Wi-Fi Pro 5G modem (worth $599)
* No excess data charges, continue to access data at speeds up to 1.5Mbps once included data is exceeded

I'm working as a property manager and have lots of potential renters who don't know about the shortage of NBN modems/NTD devices in my area which is all HFC. In this scenario, most people would choose Optus fixed wireless or an MNVO, however, their reception in this area is pretty bad. Or Vodafone.

But here you get Telstra 4GX speeds straight away, one of the best mobile hotspot devices, no bill shock, and 5G rollout is ramping up from about 40% of the population, they say to cover 75% of the population by June 2021.

Here is a review of the 5G device:

Telstra Coverage Map:

Please be nice in the comments, because there has been a bit too much snark with deals I've posted recently and I'm a bit tired of it.

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      • thats awesome. thanks

      • May be a stupid question, how would I do this? Could I bridge the 5G modem with my existing telstra nbn modem so I dont have to change every device in the house to the new 5g?

        Cheers Rob

        • +1

          Thats the point. You enable bridge mode on the 5g modem and plug the ethernet cable from the 5g modem to the wan/internet port of the nbn modem. I don't have the modem with me so I don't have the instructions.

          I have set it up that way for my staff for her home use as her apartment block doesn't have FTTB or NBN… just regular DSL.

          • @azukay: Thanks for the reply, I will have a play when I set it up Monday.


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              @Robski7777: From the manual.

               Control the IP range for your network, and to enable or disable DHCP if required.
               IP Passthrough feature:
               This is an expert level feature and shall not be used unless you understand the implementation and
              requirements for this feature. Enabling IP passthrough will alter the MU500 functionality to behave in
              bridge mode. Enabling this feature will limit you to have only a single device connection and it will be
              without the MU500 NAT routing protection. Use of this feature shall only be done using either
              Ethernet (preferred) or USB connection (not Wi-Fi). Wi-Fi shall be disabled given the restriction.

              So its IP passthrough in the ZTE Telstra 5g modem.

              It is actually a better modem than the nighthawk m5 as it supports mmWave (for the future when the spectrum is auctioned) and the nighthawk doesn't.

              Actually enabling the IP passthrough feature didn't disable wifi on my modem, I manually disabled it.

              • @azukay: Appreciate your help mate

              • @azukay: Just installed the MU500.
                I didn't need to change anything, all I did was unplug the nbn connection from the wall socket and used a cable I had from my unused NAS. So plugged in from the MU500 to the WAN on the telstra modem and BOOM, no having to change any passwords etc.

                • @Robski7777: You are still better enabling IP passthrough. Some devices don't like double NAT. Like xboxes, DVR.

                  Then again some devices can't work behind CGNat so if you will need to use a VPN with a private IP.

                  • @azukay: Do I enable IP passthrough on the MU500 or the telstra modem?
                    I tried in the settings of the MU500 but couldn't see how to change it.


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    Thanks OP. Just picked this up, new house is HFC.

    Seemless to set up.

    Signal could be better put it upstairs and could be a lot worse.

    Now to find out if we can live on 150gb

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    Arghh! I wish this was a no-contract deal. I have temporarily relocated while my place is being renovated and am looking for mobile broadband + WiFi (pocket?) dongle deal for those two or so months. I have a TPG HFC connection in my place that I don't wanna disconnect and getting a temporary no-contact broadband isn't easy these days.

    I am using my mobile phone data, but I am on a 12-month, 80GB Boast prepaid plan, which I can't use like I did with my home internet (I'll go through the 80GB in a day if I try that, though my phone isn't that fast, but you get the point). Can anyone please recommend a reasonable, temporary, no-contract mobile broadband with a WiFi dongle? Tia

    • +2

      Why would they give you no contract if they giving you a $599 RRP 5g modem?

      Or just sign up and cancel the contract after 2 months and pay out the device. Then sell device on gumtree.

      • -1

        Is it possible to buy the dongle separately and then get a monthly plan from one of the providers, or they always come together? Sorry, never used this type of broadband before so I'm trying to see what options are out there, if any.

        • Do what I did.
          Buy this modem off gumtree for $450.
          Buy a $75 150gb month to month Telstra sim.
          Easy to resell modem later as more areas become 5g

  • Just bought and setup yesterday at the skirt of Adelaide city.
    Upload 480 Mbps / download 60 Mbps / Ping 15 ms at around 7pm.

    I have just cancelled NBN 50/20 with Aussie Broadband.
    Thank you for the deal @zanshin (OP)

  • Thanks OP, applied for it yesterday in Sydney but only got the SIM card. The modem is out of stock and the staff said I will need to wait one week for it. Still waiting…

  • Has anyone had success getting this deal after sunday?

  • Damn, only just saw this even though I read OzB religiously.

    • Yeah I wish I noticed this earlier too!

  • Does anyone have a screenshot of the deal or the promotion PDF handy? I'm trying to see if my local Good Guys can still give me this deal.

    • Ooo, I would love to try too.
      Can't believe I didn't notice this deal 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I’ve had this for one month. I found the 5G reception is weaker than a phone. I had the same SIM card in my iPhone 12 and shows 5G signal but the Telstra wifi pro cannot switch to 5G unless I go outside of the building