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Sony WH-1000XM4 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones (Both Colours) $327.80 with Free Shipping @ Addicted to Audio


Sony WH-1000XM4, not much more to say on this great product.

Now $327.80 with free shipping, both colours.

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  • Sucks how they removed AptX. Guess I’ll stick with XM3 to use with my consoles.

    • Don't they have LDAC?

      • Yes they do, and LDAC is closer to lossless than AptX-HD.

        Lastly on the list of common Bluetooth audio codecs is LDAC. This codec is developed by Sony and has the highest resolution audio available over Bluetooth. LDAC streams audio at up 990 Kbps at 24 bits/96 KHz. Similar to aptX-HD, LDAC provides a hybrid experience, but is even closer to lossless due to its even higher bitrate, audio sampling, and definition.

        LDAC is a fairly new codec that is available on a select handful of Sony headphones and smartphones. Starting with Android 8.0 Oreo, LDAC became be available to OEMs to implement in their devices.

        • AptX support is far wider, though, especially on older devices. There's no reason not to have both. Seems like a typical Sony decision to replace industry standards with their own implementations.

          • @MetaAF: Sony always has reasons they never explain, or you really have to dig for explanations. I witnessed this having owned a Sony Xperia smartphone for a few years, which they refused to provide a second Android update for. Seems the engineers are in control of most things over in Japan HQ.

            I'd like more transparency from them, and for them to advertise their products better. Haven't read the best things about Sony Australia when it comes to customer service, either, including for cameras worth many thousands.

            • @Techie4066: Haha yes. The oh so unintuitive menus across the Sony mirrorless camera range is testament to the crusty Japanese engineer seniority complex.

          • @MetaAF: Who can forget the DVDR wars

    • Yeah exactly, how does AptX matter when there is LDAC? XM3 is also using an old and very outdated Bluetooth module.

      • Latency. aptX LL is designed for gaming.

        • I don't think Sony ever used aptX-LL, if I'm not wrong? They used aptX and aptX-HD previously, however.

      • LDAC is Quality > Latency; also it's owned by Sony who have less incentive to let everyone use it for free compared to say Qualcomm and AptX

      • The chance of there being Apt-X is far higher than there being LDAC.

        I'd love for LDAC to be ubiquitous as the quality difference is perceptible but I'd also like a reasonable fall-back when it's not available and AAC is not that.

    • Guess I’ll stick with XM3 to use with my consoles.

      Wait, you can do that? Do you mean with a 3.5mm cable to the controller?

    • WTF?? Nice one Sony, will remove these from my wishlist

    • Every time a deal on xm4, I see you make a comment about this. Not sure why you keep guessing on keeping xm3 always

  • This is what I get for finally jumping on these YESTERDAY with the Good Guys deal.

    Every heckin’ time, I swear.

  • Price beat at office works to $311.41

    • Its showing 395

      • That's the point. Officeworks' price listed on their website is higher than Addicted to Audio's price, so you can use Officeworks' Price Beat Guarantee to reduce their price from $395 to $311.41.

    • Thanks just got one at OW for this price, cheers.

    • free shipping as well?

    • Thanks, picked up a pair today at office works for $311.41, which is lucky because me MDR100X's just died this week.
      I was looking for something sub 300$, but I'd pay a bit extra for the newer model + having a pair for the commute that work.

  • People are saying xm3 are better, consfused which one to pick.

  • If I got these a few days ago from OW can they refund or give a credit? I paid 350

  • Any chance of doing a similar offer in New Zealand?

  • Lowest price so far?

  • How come no one liked this deal?


    You can get it cheaper 290ish.

    Or are the uniday code and PayPal gift cards to hard too get?

    • Paypal GC is targeted

      • I don't think the PayPal gift card was targeted, I used it simply via the link in that thread. But they did sell out in less than a day. The UNiDAYS codes are targeted, but there are plenty being shared. I got the XM4s for $289 - cracker deal.

  • This one or boss 700, read in reviews that MX4 mic is not good.

    • I've had both and kept only the bose. Mic on the Sony is terrible

    • Sony has better (according to analysis you can find on YouTube) sound quality, noise cancelling, far better app and a touchpad that is easier to use.

      Bose if you really need a good microphone. But before you buy, read up on the bugs, especially related to the Bose app. For some people, it doesn't work at all.

    • I use the Sony XM4 all the time for calls and Zoom - never had any complaints.
      Only issue I had was it picking up a big of background noise, but I found the setting to overcome that.

  • I want to use my ebay 50$ voucher, can i buy XM4 around that price on ebay?

  • Anyone noticed the typo in the title yet?

    • One model away from the MX-5.

      In all seriousness, Sony needs to get engineers out of the marketing department. Their naming scheme is such a goddamn mess!

      • I think companies underestimate the power of consistent numbering for their products. iPhones, Samsung Galaxy line, OnePlus phones. All easily recognisable and understandable, definitely a slight factor in their successes.

        • You're right. Where has Sony's consistency with massive namesakes such as Bravia, Walkman and Xperia?

          They've got it right with PlayStation and Alpha, but clearly not the others where they rely on codenames instead of consistency, which they can market. This is something that Third Point (Daniel Loeb), an activist investor who once invested in Sony, has infamously pushed for the company to engage in.

          The mess they made is most visible with their phone division (Xperia), where they jumped from the Z series, which sold very well in Australia in the early 2010s, then the X, then the XZ, and now they're back to simple numbers and have barely sold any phones globally since. All of the Electronics divisions merged into one department early last year, so hopefully that fixes things - collaboration between the product teams already seems to be evident.

          Sony as a business has had a big turnaround and recovery the past years, but they need to return to their glory years of innovation.

        • But what happened to Galaxy S11-19? And iPhone 9?

          • @shiznit: What might have been the "iPhone 9" was released about 10 years after the original iPhone so Apple wanted to do something special with the name to celebrate the 10th anniversary, and because it was the first major redesign in yonks, and with a bit of a connection to OS X.

          • @shiznit: Samsung skipped from S10 to S20 to show that there was a significant change in design and approach to almost every aspect of their phones. Also, I guess it was a helpful change because the number matches the year?

  • i went and had a listen to these at addicted to audio in leederville and i thought they sounded mediocre. the Aonic 50s personally i thought sounded much better. obviously the sonys have more tech like google assistant and all that stuff but meh ill go the aonics. surprised these are so popular

    • Marketing.

      Also yeah, as somebody who has a bunch of good quality headphones, I would buy the Sony's over the Shure ones too. I don't like that I would, but I definitely would. Why? For the times when I'm using wireless headphones, I'm only really half paying attention to the music anyway. I don't care too much if they aren't the best sounding headphones I can get. I care that they block noise and are easy and convenient to use, and also as portable as they can be

    • With my WF-1000XM3 earbuds, in the app I switched the priority mode to sound quality, and changed up the equaliser - it sounds about 300% better to my ear, no joke.

      (Adjust bass to suit tastes)

  • How big is the quality gap between these headphones and something around the $100 mark? Is the price hike that justifiable?

    • How big is the quality gap between these headphones and something around the $100 mark? Is the price hike that justifiable?

      I wouldn't call it a price 'hike'. Different tier products sell at different price brackets. Airpods max are what, $900?

      As for the quality gap compared to $100 cans, I don't think the $100 will do ANC near as good, if it does it at all, and will almost certainly be less comfortable. Probably won't sound as good either.

      Is it 3X better? That's for each individual to decide. There is normally diminishing returns in audio gear. But you don't get a pair of headphones like this for $100.

    • Biggest difference is getting both good ANC & good sound quality - cheaper headphones usually have one or the other.
      You pay for getting both.

  • I really want to get one but still think about quite popular static/crackling noise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCD9grHot20. Has Sony fixed this issue?

  • Thank you. No issues price matching at Officeworks

  • MX3 is better, looking for a cheap pair

  • Can also get with eBay plus and code PPLUSFLASH for $319.60 free shipping from

  • Ordered a pair got he generic confirmation email but still haven't received a tracking email? Anyone else in the same boat?

  • How durable are these?

    I am on my 5th set of cans/buds this year. Bluetooth issues. Build issues. Electrical issues. At this point i just want something that will work for more than 2 months.

  • QUESTION: Can you pair 2 BT headsets with the SAME TV and both listen to the audio?