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[VIC] Adult / Kids Lyte Blue Light Glasses $9.99 @ ALDI


This product was a previous catalogue special but it wasn't available during the catalogue period. Finally found it at Forest Hill Chase. Price is reasonable compared to other similar products in the market imo.

Perhaps stock is available in other VIC stores or nationwide.

Product description from the cover:

Blue light is emitted by the screen we are viewing on a daily basis and for some people, may contribute to tired & dry eyes, blurry vision and sleep disruption.

Lyte blue light glasses have been engineered to filter out blue light energy and may protect your eyes from irritation and improve sleep quality.

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  • I wanted a pair of these for my son but the stock checker doesn't seem to find them?


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      Just be sure his ophthalmologist has suggested he needs them. Blue light is critical for eye devlopment, creating crosslinking in the cornea to help prevent eye disease and degeneration.

      Most recent data is suggesting they do more harm than good, since we're designed to see in daylight (blue) not night vision (red).

      Making the cones work harder than the rods looks like its leading to some strange focusing defects.

      Im quite up to date with eye health studies, since I have a degenerative cornea disease. Be sure to not follow pseudoscience, you only have one set of eyes.

      If blue light was bad, we wouldnt see best in daylight, which is VERY blue.

    • Checked a few SA stores and couldn't find any :(

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    and may protect your eyes from irritation and improve sleep quality

    they may also do nothing

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      How dare you, that's absolutely not true, they provide a fantastic placebo effect!

    • Most recent studies are suggesting they may in fact be harmful.

  • Yeah, these are proven to be effectively worthless.

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    I find limiting my kids' screen time effectively reduces their blue light exposure

  • Most modern phones/tablets and the like have a blue light filter/night mode anyway?

    That works more than whatever these glasses do.

  • may protect your eyes

    This keyword says it all really.

  • I wonder if dialing down the blue hue on the screen calibration have same effect.

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      It does indeed, yes.

      Ok, without going into the science; the relief people feel is from a CHANGE in focus, not from a BETTER focus.

      We see best in blue light (daylight) and recieve less visual errors using the rods, not the cones, in our eye.

      Most people would get the same feeling of relief making ANY change to the display.

      In fact, the reason its (eye strain) become an issue now, is often because people have their phones below max brightness, or are leaving night mode on.

      Our eyes are not designed to see in the dark. We're the wrong species. We have cones to TRY capture more light, but they're poor at best.

      Best way to keep your eyes healthy is to make sure you're viewing things that are easy to focus on (blue), and protecting against some, but not all, UV light, as UV is what causes the desired crosslinking.

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