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Hello All,

It's 30% off the advertised price on the website. The discount will be added at the last stage of checkout!

Stock is in Sydney and dispatched within 24hrs with Australia post.

We are celebrating our new Zigbee range! We have the new super compatible Zigbee gateway from Conbee in Germany. We also have a new range of glass Zigbee light switches.

The Conbee II has a strong focus on interoperability and supports many Zigbee devices
Works with well-known brands such as Philips Hue, IKEA Trådfri, OSRAM SYLVANIA, Xiaomi Aqara and Samsung SmartThings.

Visit the ConBee II compatibility list on our homepage to learn more.

Works without the cloud. The ConBee II offers complete local control of all Zigbee devices.

Universal Zigbee USB gateway, integrates Philips Hue, IKEA Trådfri, OSRAM SYLVANIA, Samsung SmartThings, Xiaomi Aqara and many other Zigbee products across manufacturers
Local solution without cloud, no registration or Internet access needed
Strong signal range via power-amplifier
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 / 10, Ubuntu Linux (AMD64), Raspbian and Docker
For PC, Notebook, Raspberry Pi or Mini-PC

This special discount is only available for the next 10 customers. Be quick and do not miss out!

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  • Cheaper on Amazon

    • -1 vote

      On Amazon, it comes from the US
      Price: $70.68
      + $7.08 shipping
      Arrives: 26 March - 5 April

      • Double the RRP in Europe. What you smoking? Stop having fake discounts like a VPN. Also Prime has free shipping.

        • We have many more taxes, compliance and shipping cost to factor in rather than purchasing in Europe. It's not a fake sale. Our original price is the lowest you will find in Australia.

          • @Oz Smart Things: Just wondering how much you pay for each from the supplier? even buying from Amazon and re-selling in AU should be chaper than your oroginal price. You should source them for much cheaper otherwise something is wrong with your business model…

      • $70.68

        FREE delivery: Thursday, 18 March
        Order within 8 hrs and 7 mins
        Fastest delivery: Monday, 15 March
        In stock.
        US imports may differ from local products. Additional terms apply. Learn More.

  • Or just buy it off Amazon if you have Prime:


    Delivered today
    Package was left in letterbox
    ConBee II The Universal Zigbee USB Gateway

  • I bought a zzh! for about $60-70 there is no way I'd be paying this sort of price.

  • Ignore the hate. Glad these have officially come to Australia! Back before I got my CC2531, I was trying to get a Conbee II imported and they wanted something like 40EUR just for shipping!

    • +2 votes

      Thanks mate,

      We are an Australian company trying to bring more products over which means we have compliance, tax and many other expenses rather that people imported crap from overseas. Also, people try to compare products from the USA and Europe with stuff made in China.

      We are here for the Smart Home community so if there is ever any constructive feedback we are always open.

  • Discount only available for the next 10 customers? Surely that can’t warrant a main page post? Sufficient quantity?

  • Not bad. While this basically matches the Amazon price (enough people have Prime you may as well pretend they have free shipping) I definitely would have bought from OzSmartThings as it's domestic - mine took ages to arrive from the US.

  • In your description you say
    "Visit the ConBee II compatibility list on our homepage to learn more.

    Yet on your homepage you have not such list.

    You do however have the same quote on your website that links to the official conbee II page.

    Seems a little dodgy, that is all.

    I would have bought from you though rather than amazon as its better to buy local.

    Great product

  • I got it for $61.47 on Amazon with free shipping on 14 October 2019

    Current Amazon price seems to be $70.68, including shipping… no need to spend $199 to get this tiny item shipped for free.

    OP: If you actually want to give a deal, give free shipping without making us spend $199 for something that's so small

  • defenitely not a bargain; cheaper on Amazon.

  • I igot the CC2531 recently which is working quite well but have now got the SONOFF Zigbee hub, flashed with tasmota as it can be placed in the middle of the house instead of where the HA instance is installed.

    Plenty of details on the usual HA youtube channels

    It's good to see an Aussie stockist of these items though, looking to add some Shelly units down the line.

    • You could still use your CC2531 in the middle of the house. I use Zigbee2MQTT and have my Zigbee stick on a Pi in the middle of the house, broadcasting the MQTT signals to HA.

      • I have my HA set up as a VM on my unraid box which is on the side of the house.

        The CC2531 is working fine since all the lights act as repeaters but I just wanted the Sonoff box as it seemed more robust than the CC2531 sticking out of the usb extender.