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[eBay Plus] Huawei P30 Pro (4G, 256GB/8GB, AU Stock) $679.14 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Cheaper than last deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/608964

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    Damn how looowwww can it gooo

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      not low enough, below $600 would be perfect.

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    Truly an amazing deal for such a great phone..

  • I have this phone and it is outstanding value - probably the best phone I've ever owned (no joke). This price is unbelieavable - cheapest I've seen it is at the $800 mark.

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      What other phones have u had? If you had like an iPhone 4 beforehand, that makes sense. But if u had a s21 ultra and an iPhone 12 pro.. it makes a huge difference

      • +4

        That's a fair point.

        I think I had a Moto G4 Plus before this - previous to that Google Nexus phones. So generally stayed budget phone. My big requirement when buying this phone was the camera because I take a lot of photos of my family, and very often in low light. On budget phones often the camera is just 'ok' in daylight and awful in low light. I wanted iPhone quality camera, but in the Android world (and I didn't want to pay $1000 either). This phone has an outstanding camera, so much that people who see my photos often comment on the clarity and detail available (and I'm no photographer). The other features of the phone (processor speed, storage etc) were secondary for me. But yeah, if you're coming from where I did I guess anything in this price range is going to look better, but I tried a lot of phones and this one was a clear winner for me. I also found it really helpful when deciding to use the phone comparison tool on gsmarena to compare photo quality of other phones I was considering too.

  • Good deal

  • Back in stock

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    Does this come with the Google Play store?

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      Yes the last model with play store.

  • This or the Samsung galaxy s20 fe 5G for $720?

    • Samsung galaxy s20 fe 5G for $720?

      I couldn't find any with local AU stock at that price.

      • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Samsung-Galaxy-S20-FE-5G-128GB-Cloud-Navy-Au-Stock/303912524943?epid=8041205440&hash=item46c2991c8f:g:fKwAAOSwnL1gRgYR:sc:AU_ExpressDelivery!2222!AU!-1

        • OK , the P30 Pro is historical low price but not the Samsung.

          • @superforever: S20 FE 5G local stock has only been as low as $746.85 and that was on education portal.
            i'm just trying to decide which one to buy both are great deals at the moment

            • @lk0811: I think the P30 Pro is better but just whether you are OK with Huawei.

              • @superforever: i think hardware is definitely better on p30 pro, just have reservations about android support as p30 pro is near end of life cycle whilst the samsung will have at least 3-4 years of support. as for 5G vs dual sim - i think 5G is really just a gimmick at the moment

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                  @lk0811: I've mostly had Samsung's (galaxy s1, s3, s7), also a xperoa z2, and I have enjoyed the P30 pro the most.

                  Had it for almost 1.5 years and battery is still decent and phone isn't laggy. After a year with the Samsung it gets laggy as hell and battery goes down real quick.

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    Damn! So so tempting

    Why did I log onto ozbargain??! Why????

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    Good deal, I personally can't go back to a 60hz screen though.

    • +1

      is it noticeable? i don't game on my phone so just wondering how big a difference between 120hz and 60hz if mainly browsing and watching the odd video

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        You'll never worry if you never make the jump. Once you go higher than 60hz it's hard to go back, but honestly it truly is an ignorance is bliss scenario.

        • Yeah I agree ^
          I game a lot so I tend to notice these things more than most.

  • is this the single sim version?

  • +3

    tempted to cancel my pixel 5 i got from Officeworks via https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/608338 and get this instead.
    My Pixel is ready for pickup, i could cancel it and get this?

  • trying to buy teh choice gift card from CR but it just keeps taking me to the home screen?

    • I have no problem, just bought two this morning.

      • when I click on "Shop now" it goes back to home screen

        • When you are at the choice gift card page click shop now, it will popup a new windows to do the purchase.

          So make sure you adblocker , popup blocker etc.

          • @superforever: ohhhh.. got it.. thanks,

            Can I buy multiple gift cards and apply them to the same order?

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    Is it worth upgrading from P20 Pro?

    • My p20 pro battery is not holding up too much after 2.5 years, I am really want to upgrade to this.

    • Using p20pro since its release.. I'm not going to upgrade. That's my 2c take it or leave it.

    • mine is holding up too well. battery easily lasts entire day to 50-60% and no lag still….
      easily the best phone I've had

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    Paid about $895 app. a year ago. Great phone. At $679, it's a solid phone if you like Huawei.

  • Out for Delivery - Guys - any reco for accessories - best screen protector and pouch/case would be helpful

  • This should be under $600 come EOYFS!

  • Can confirm after several EMUI 10 security patches, it finally updated to EMUI 11 on this unlocked version of P30 Pro. You have to click on 'check for updates' in the System Updates menu.

  • Updated to latest EMUI

    Anyone know how to turn off Camera icon on home lock screen.
    Its activating accidentally in my pocket etc.

    I looked for options on home screen\lock screen. Couldn't see anything.

  • If anyone can find a good deal on this again, I would love to buy it. Missed out