This was posted 10 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 6 Month 1Password Individual Plan Subscription (Normally US$2.99/Month Billed Annually) @ 1Password


Just signed up through this link and it works. When i log into my account it says:

Your subscription is active
You're on the Individual Plan, billed annually on September 8. You still have 183 days remaining in your free trial before you will be charged.

Good deal for those wanting to leave Lastpass or Dashlane due to their changes in recents months.

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    Use Bitwarden, free and open source.

    • yep, been using bitwarden for years and works great with native apps & integration

    • Came here to say the same.

  • Is there any benefit of this over Bitwarden?

    • heard the app is more user friendly

    • For security, no.

      For usability preference, maybe? Try both.

      I prefer 1Password personally.

      • why not security?

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          They're both well tested and audited regularly.

          • @eagerfisherman: you said secuirty no so was curious

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              @life is suffering: Disclaimer: Not a security expert. Just an interested programmer.

              Well if you want a more detailed answer.

              Neither of them write their own cryptography code. Both use industry standard implementations. Both use similar methods of key derivation and use the same algorithms. Both use similar methods of encryption.

              In a at rest encrypted state, there isn't much difference between the blob of data 1Password or Bitwarden generate. I've written myself code that handles encrypted notes, using the same cryptography libraries they use, this little step isn't actually that complicated (using the libraries, not the libraries themselves).

              What happens is when you want to access your encrypted data, now we open up vectors for attack. At which point, I'm not an expert on the matter and can't really comment any further. However what I can say is that the auditing performed by both, seems extensive enough to have tested those systems for vulnerabilities, and I can't see any reason to trust the results of either party more than the other.

              Since neither (or realistically any of us) can verify those results. That is why I say, there is no meaningful difference to us between the two security models. This is also backed by both parties being well respected companies.

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    +1 Bitwarden

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    for people who use mac/iphone/pc you can get a icloud keychain extension for google chrome to use on pc now

    • Can someone suggest how to sync chrome and safari bookmarks. I tried icloud extension for chrome but it doesn't work properly.

  • AU$3.29/Month

  • Moved from 1password after 1 year free to LastPass free and I miss 1password.
    The integration on lastpass is not as polished and it's hit and miss on websites and apps…

  • I went from LastPass to Bitwarden to 1password and back to LastPass.

    I just like LastPass the best. Each to their own I guess.

    • So finn, you're staying lastpass, with the restriction, or have you decided to pay to stay with them and then able to use on both mobile and computer?

      • I ended up paying for a family account and splitting the cost with a friend. (plus used the discount they offered from them getting rid of the free tier)

  • So happy I paid $10 upfront for it years ago on play store . Had no idea it had gone subscription

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    Does 1Password charge in US$?
    So I should use an OS transaction-fee free card (e.g 28 Degrees)?

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