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Google Chromecast 3rd Gen $48 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


Have been eyeing of a Chrome cast device 2nd hand for awhile now and just noticed most retail stores have dropped the price. Office works looks the cheapest at $48. Other retailers, (K-mart, JB-HIFI, Big W etc). are selling at $49. Not the cheapest it has been but a good price for some one looking for a new device, like me :)

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  • Are you a Costco member? It's this price or lower at Costco with a much easier returns/warranty process if you need that.

  • Is this the one that came out before the Ultra?

    • Google no longer sells the Chromecast Ultra. It can broadcast content at up to 4K resolutions, The two devices are identical really other than the Ultra has a port for an Ethernet cable.

      • So there is no Google Chromecast devices now with built in ethernet?

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          Correct. People seem to go the GoogleTV and a decent USB-C hub that includes PD pass through.

      • Isn't the Chromecast 3rd gen only up to to 1080p? Whereas the discontinued Ultra was 4K.

        • Correct.

  • Hopefully JB will price beat and then I can use my giftcards and get it down to about $45.

  • Maybe I don’t fully understand but why would someone buy this over a Mi Stick which supports chrome cast plus everything else. It’s the same price.

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      Google = USA
      Mi = China

  • Anyone tried the China clones available on eBay for about $20??


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      If you gonna be using it every day, for multiple years, I would just buy the google one and not have any issues.

    • One is a Chromecast, the other just uses Miracast.

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    I still have my gen one, always take it on trips, never use it on them (or ever).

    • I take mine away with me as well, but last trip forgot it was plugged in and left it there! Luckily enough the AirBNB host was awesome and got it posted back to me!

  • Is there any way to stop the Chromecast messing with inputs when it's done?

    When I'm not using it, it always changes my soundbar input to TV, not very useful when I'm tryng to use my media player on HDMI1.

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