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50% off SSD KVM VPS (Sydney, Lifetime Discount) - from $5 / Month @ Obble Hosting


50% Lifetime off SSD VPS Hosting - From $5 / Month

Obble Hosting are offering 50% off VPS Web Hosting in Sydney. Unmanaged plans. Usual price $10 per GB of memory, now $5 per GB of memory. Plans as low as 1GB, so $5/month VPS.

Includes Windows & Linux, both from $5 / Month.

Specs Summary:
Xeon E3-1245v5 processor
SSD NVMe Storage
DDR4 Memory

Terms and conditions
- Discount valid for lifetime of the subscription, valid for upgrades & downgrades
- Discount must be applied by the 31st of March
- Valid only for our VPS plans

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  • +1

    These guys are good.
    Even low priority tickets on a weekend are actioned very quickly.

    • Cheers for the comment :)

  • Price comes to the level of Vultr once the discount is applied.

    • I think it may be even cheaper as Vultr prices are in USD and don't include GST.

      If you're willing to pay yearly then the cheapest plan is actually $50 per month ($4.17 per month) for a 1GB ram, 20GB SSD, 1vcpu and 1TB bandwidth server. It is still $0.17c per month more expensive than Binary lane:

      I would have been sold except for the fact that Windows is only a 2016 version plus only a 180 day trial of it. I currently use a similar spec server in the US which is US$12 per year. I'd like to move it to Australia but it seems the cheapest for something similar starts at $4 per month, I'd happily take less SSD and bandwidth but no one offers it unless you move into the really cheap NAT VPS's many of which end up getting shut down after a few years anyway.

      Google, AWS or Azure is attractive but none of them (as far as I can tell) include transfer which rules them all out.

      • who are you with?

        • +2

          I'm currently with Ethernet Servers.

          For US$1 per month, it's quite good for a small website (I run a website, SQL server and personal VPN off it).

          Google's free VPS would probably work for my needs but the bandwidth is at best US$0.085 per GB from the US regions.

          • @henrus: Thank you

            • @dan0909: Interestingly I just came across the Oracle VPS.

              You get 2x free VPS's in either the SYD or MEL data centre.

              Each one is 50GB HDD, 1GB ram, 1vcpu (limited to 1/8 usage) and 10TB (apparently limited to 10mbps transfer speed). I just set up an account last night and plan to give them a try, it could be useful for someone wanting something in Australia.

              First heard about it on this article:

              (was actually reading about the google VPS in the process):

              The Oracle Cloud website is here:

              So far so good, a couple of things to note, you need to be a bit more technical as SSH using a private key, all ports (except SSH are closed and it's a bit involved to add them manually) and the online dashboard is confusing at best.

          • @henrus: thanks @henrus, it's a very good find, Ethernet Servers is cheaper than virmach kvm vps.

            • +1

              @s12321: Mind you I wouldn't do anything mission-critical on a cheap VPS. I've been impressed by ethernet servers for the price but there have been small periods where it's gone offline (I'm talking less than 5 minutes) but it's still worth noting.

              Gullo host also have a US$2 per year VPS (you need a cupon otherwise it's US$3.50, which can be found online, I can't find the link right now but message me if you're interested and I'll search for it). It's a NAT VPS so your content is on a specific port and with just 3GB storage and 128MB ram you can't even run a SQL database but for static web pages/files with less than 125GB traffic (per month) it's perfect.

              I'm really keen to bring my limited web stuff back to Australia mainly for latency and have considered using binary lane in Brisbane which would bring ping down to sub 10ms for 90% of the people who access my server but the cost would become 4x the cost of a server in Los Angeles (from US$12 to AU$48 per year).

              Oracle has been interesting, being free and based in Sydney it's been great but it's very confusing because by default security is crazy. Every port is closed except for 22 (for SSH), they use keys for SSH/SFTP login plus it's got a complicated internal network structure but if your willing to spend some time playing with settings to get it working it's perfect.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the comments. You’re welcome to bring your own ISO for different versions of Windows.

        We simply provide the trial edition for simplicity but if you have a valid license that’s fine - at this stage we just don’t provide them.

        Edit: the trial can be extended 6 times to a total just under 3 years - not that it’s a long term solution though.

        Cheers :)