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Scotts Hand Sanitiser 950mL / 1L $1, Oomph Hand Sanitiser 500ml $0.50 @ Bunnings


Another price drop, Scotts down from $2 and Oomph down from $1.

Scotts Hand Sanitiser 950mL / 1L $1

Thanks to Bunnings rep:

The 1L is taller and thinner. If you happen to have a pump from some other bottle it is far more likely to fit the more stout 950mL. Although I prefer the 1L because it is in a fully transparent bottle so it’s easier to see how much is left in it. The 950mL’s bottle is opaque.

70% ethanol according to previous deal

Oomph Hand Sanitiser 500ml $0.50

Instant Hand Sanitiser
Kills 99.9% of germs
No rinsing required
Quick drying formula

See previous deals ($6.95 & $2) for discussions.

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  • +10

    Ok price if happy with the smell stink…

    • You're saying you don't want your hands to smell like paint thinner?

      • +2

        This one is the one that smells like $#!t… I can deal with paint thinner!

        • +1

          I'm glad I'm not the only one!

          I'd love one that smelled like paint thinner. Or petrol.

          I remember coming across some euchalyptus smelling stuff but I can't remember the brand.

          • +2

            @marzzbar: i bought this last year when it was like $20, my daughter hated it the smell so she added essential oils to mask the smell…. it took a lot of lavender!

  • Most of these are for store use only, I went there the other day when it’s showing in stock in the store, nothing on display. But if you ask the staff they can grab you a few bottles from their warehouse in the back

    • Can confirm I saw a bunch in Kingsgrove, NSW bunnings the other day

    • Is that the Bunnings Warehouse Warehouse?

  • Sure its been asked before, but which one smells better?

    • Dettol ones smells better imho.

  • +5

    Not sure if it kills the Germs. It certainly does kill everything with its foul smell.

    • +3

      It's social distancing lotion. That smell alone will keep everyone 5m apart.

  • make sure you check the expiry date on the bottles.

    for me, a hand soap pump fit the 1L bottle without issue

  • +8

    Wonder what Karen is doing with her 5L she bought this time last year for $100

    • +2

      Good time to reflect on how much these cost exactly 12 months ago

    • +2

      Not to mention she went into the store without a mask to buy those 5L

      • +2

        and probably dobbed in a few people for not wearing their mask

  • +1

    Wonder how many people that paid more than 10x the price for this have actually used the bottle.

    • +2

      Nope still sitting unused in the laundry.

  • +1

    Expiring May

    • Can confirm they expire very soon, I just check my hand sanitizer I bought two months ago from bunnings for 1 dollars and it will expires next month :(

    • +4

      And it'll still do exactly the same job in May next year unless you're doing something weird to cause the alcohol to evaporate.

      • That's right, chemicals don't expire.

      • Yep it'll still stink worse than poo.

  • I wonder if it still smell like ass

    • after eating Vindaloo

      • or using Scotts no mates

  • +1

    I know supply vs demand but wondering what margin Bunnings were on during peak time?

    Seems Bunnings has a monopoly for many products.

    • They sure do, they are all a few that's been doing really well once that wfh things start with people stuck at home and start all the diy. They got knocked back a little by the vic lock down but the profit is more than healthy enough to give staff nearly 1k bonus each.

    • Bunnings do not manufacture hand sanitiser so you can assume they would have the same stock level and price gouging problems as all other business's.

  • +1

    We will surely look back and raise a toast to all $$$ we forked out for overpriced hand sanitisers (and face masks). And how all the demand/supply concepts that we picked up in school suddenly became so real. Instagram will be flooded with unused stocks of these things lying around in home storage. We will compete to see who had bought the most expensive sanitisers and facemasks in 2020/21.

  • I rather use bleach on my hands instead of this

  • Is this the one that smells like ass?

    • +1

      Scotts, yes.

      • Thought so. Urgh.

  • it has unpleasant smells and very sticky like glues on hand. I will use this to sanitise toilet. It's a bargain.

    • +1

      Such a bargain you can squirt the whole bottle in any spider web

  • +1

    I wasn't aware this had a bad smell, we use this at work and it smells fine to me. Maybe I like smelly stuff.

    • I agree we have this and I like the smell. I also don't find it sticky at all, it just evaporates like they usually do

  • where can you find stock?

    • +1

      Once past expiry cockroaches can walk in it with no issues

    • +2

      Accidental neg?

  • Reminds me of the saying - "It's cheap for a reason".

  • +1

    Smelly shite on sale again

  • the website says it is in stock at my location. i went there, the salesguy told me it's out of stock. went back home, checked the website again…it's in stock

  • I don't understand everyone who says it smells terrible (and I know I am in the minority).

    I think it smells like Tequila. I love it.

    • I think it smells like Tequila too, that's why I hate it :D

  • When I looked I couldn't find a % alcohol on the Scott's. Anyone know what it is?