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Free Telstra TV for Telstra Plus Gold Members @ Telstra Plus


Hey All,

Seems like the 1 x Free Telstra TV for Telstra Plus Gold members is available again.

To my surprise there was a Telstra tv box for 0 points on the Telstra plus login. Placed the order and was 0 points plus $0 for postage so completely free.

Don’t exactly need one but since they are worth $216 then it’s a no brainer.

Login to your Telstra Plus to claim.

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  • Damn, silver member

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      You just saved at least $1001 by staying silver so think of that as the bargain.

      • Agree - Telstra Plus' value has diminished markedly in the last several months. No more free Kayo, Binge, Stan or movie credit etc.

        Other than a free TTV (or 30% off if you're silver), about the only thing it's worthwhile for IMO is getting Apple iPhones on instalment payments when you're on prepaid…

  • Same as last years deal. It has been going all along https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/579932

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    Free Telstra TV

    It doesn't even support the Disney+ app…

    • That's a pretty big oversight to be honest.

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        It works fine on the Roku box that Telstra TV is just a re-badged version of… So it's not a technical problem Telstra are just blocking it to force you to use their content.

        • Well that stinks. Binge is OK but I still like my D+ content. I guess Telstra is as Telstra does.

        • I doubt it, since they have everyone else, including Amazon, netflix, foxtel, kayo, etc….

          It usually just takes time.

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            It usually just takes time.

            Look in the Telstra forums, it's been asked for about 18 months.
            The Roku box has allowed the app for over a year now.
            Obviously Telstra has made a decision not to allow it is at conflicts with their Telstra boxoffice revenue.

        • Same problem with the Apple TV+ streaming service. The Roku boxes support it, but the Telstra TV does not, so it's Telstra who are the problem. People have been requesting it for years on the forums. It also took years for Prime Video to be added. IMHO Telstra have proven themselves 3 times now to be absolute rubbish at supporting new competing streaming services (unless they're Telstra and/or Murdoch-owned, in which case, tada, it's magically quick), and the best outcome would be for Roku to sell their boxes here directly, so as to cut Telstra out of the loop.

          • @nickj: Just found out the Apple TV app is now supported on new Google TV device.

            • @jv: Indeed, the new Google TV device is certainly looking like the current best streaming media device. If I was currently paying for netflix I'd get the google store promo with the 6 months netflix included, but since I'm not, I'll wait for it to go on special. Until then I can cast Disney+ to my old non-remote Chromecast, and any Apple TV+ content will just wait until I have a supported device or Apple TV+ makes an android app that can cast to older chromecasts.

              • @nickj:

                If I was currently paying for netflix I'd get the google store promo with the 6 months netflix included

                It adds credit to your Netflix account for existing users.

    • My Hisense TV didn’t come with the Prime Video app. Sad.

  • Can't even search in their store. So poor!

  • Are you folks actually complaining about it even though it’s for free

    • Most of the complaints in here are that people aren't meeting the gold member requirements

  • Damn, $60 off the spend threshold for Gold, my next phone bill would get me over the line but my anniversary date is 3 days before my next bill will be generated.

    Anyone know if making a payment in advance gets counted towards the annual spend that determines what tier you are? Maybe I’ll try that.

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      Yes it does count if you pay in advance

      • Nice, thanks. Made a payment, now to just remember to actually claim the Telstra TV before I lose Gold.

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          The spend might take 7 business days to show up in your “total spend page” on Telstra rewards so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up for a while but yeah you’ll be able get your free tv as soon as you crack the good barrier. Ps Telstra tv is a bit meh but free is free!

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    since they are worth $216


    Where can I sell mine that's 'worth' $216 ???

  • Can this be redeemed twice? I still have last years NIB

  • Nice find OP. Scored one. Anyone know a way to flash this to a regular roku or something more user friendly or is it totally locked down? I think with the old Telstra box there was a way to get Plex going at least.

  • Thanks Op! Got one

  • Thanks Op! Got one

  • Looks like the Telstra Plus Rewards Store will be less beneficial in a couple of days. I note that they are now displaying the following banner on login:

    "From 19 March delivery fees will apply for some purchases by Silver, Member and Business Tier members."

  • i could not find Telstra TV Box in Telstra Rewards store. Can some send me the link

  • Thanks, just ordered one for Zero points

  • Can’t seem to find it anymore for free for Gold members?