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Free $10 Voucher @ BCF


Easter Club $10 Voucher applies to all existing and new members, both online and in-store between Wednesday 17 March – Tuesday 23 March, 2021.
Limit 1 per member. Voucher terms apply. For new members, voucher will apply automatically as they sign up (both online and in-store).

To redeem your $10, simply add the code ‘SAVE10’ at checkout

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                • @Archi: It isn't automatic for me, unless I need to enter payment details first.

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                    @mdogxxx: for my existing account there was an option to apply credit.

                    i signed up my wife's email and the $10 was automatic..

                    both times i didn't enter any payment details, and have confirmation for both emails that my item is ready to be picked up

                    • @Archi: I just signed up before for the deal and it is still trying to charge me full price for everything I add to cart regardless of if it is click and collect or delivery.

                      edit: it just now started showing the discount so it might just take 20 mins or so to update on your account.

            • @kobeduck: You may need to go to settings and accept marketing emails to get the voucher.

              • @ialam99: I can only see payment settings in BCF, is this what you mean?

      • Works for me now, took about 4 or so hours after creating the account for the discount to be applied

  • thanks grabbed some free sinkers to waste at nearby jetty for weekend

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I grabbed a free sewing kit and dog bowl

    • +4

      Your dog does sewing? Cool.

  • Nice one. Grabbed a dog's travel pack, https://www.bcf.com.au/p/wanderer-mans-best-friend-travel-pa... for, effectively, half price. $10.

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    The discount is applying numerous times on the same account…

    • +2

      we really shouldn't….

    • Any one know if BCF had glitches like this before? If so, were orders cancelled?

    • Not for me

    • Only worked once for me as well, maybe you had multiple credits on your account from prev promotions?

      • I only just signed up and it keeps applying for me too.

    • Not for me.

    • did you log out and log in?
      and was the order thru mobile or pc?

      • -8

        The website glitch has been rectified
        Worked for me last night, made a few orders

        • +1

          Of course you would abuse it lol. No surprises there.

  • Anytime else think bcfs website is crap especially having recently viewed products at the top… Useless digital/product managers

    • +1

      Noted Mr. Jenkins.

    • Yes, same with SCA website and Surfstich. Horrible on my phone. Have to use a laptop.

  • My payment method didn't go through but my credit still got used up.

    I lost my $10!

    • Give it 10 mins and it'll be back. I can never pay via credit card their system is broken. Pay via PayPal

      • It doesn't come back, they said it doesn't come back automatically when I called.

        • Damn. It has for me in the past with the other 10 dollar credits

  • Bought 2 stainless steel dog bowls, thanks.

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    Thanks, Op. Bought the 10 pack batteries.

  • Got $20 off a Weber hotplate. Unsure how but thanks! Was $10 off automatically then another $10 loyalty credit.

  • Thanks for posting this OP. My order is ready to be collected already.

  • No credit on my existing account

    • Always read the comments. You need to turn marketing on in your account settings.

      • Love a good read. Turn on marketing which I have done this time yesterday, albeit can't see this line in the BCF terms and condtions of the promotion?

        • I've gone into My Account but can't find the settings to enable it - where did you click next? TIA

          • @cami087: In your contact details

            • @Food: Thanks! fingers crossed it comes through

        • -1

          Well it won't be in the t&c. It's a promotion… so if you've deselected to receive email about promotions…. ;-)

  • signed up now and only got offered - "$20 off your next purchase over $100"
    guess its gone :(

    • Not a club member? No worries, sign up here, activate your
      account and your $10 will be loaded within 24 hours!

      Try it again later.

      You did already check to see if it applied at checkout right?

      • nothing @ checkout, and trying again and nothing :(

        • +1

          At checkout, just before you put in the credit card details, click on "+ coupon code" and type in "SAVE10"

  • The $10 is not being applied to my account. Anyone else has the same problem?

    You have to go through the Payment page to be able to use the voucher.

    • Did you enter your payment details? Can you provide more info as it's not working for me?

      • No payment details required.

        Fill your billing info then go to payment, then it should show up an option for you to use the voucher.

        • I select my billing address, then go to payment and it then wants me to enter credit card details or gift card but has not taken off the $10, when I click voucher or credits, there is $0.00 and I'm concerned if I enter credit card details it will charge me the full amount without taking the $10 off. What am I doing wrong?

          • @Diana0777: sounds like the $10 voucher is not applying for you.

            there should be a button for you to apply the voucher. Click that then try again.

          • +1

            @Diana0777: At checkout, just before you put in the credit card details, click on "+ coupon code" and type in "SAVE10"

  • Is this still working as I saw the discount in my account previoulsy but didn't proceed to purchase anything, but now when I just tried to purchase something, I can no longer see the $10 credit, it's just trying to charge me the normal price. Is this happening for anyone else? Have they stopped the $10?

    • Same thing for me, would also like to know

      • +1

        I haven't added anything to the cart because I'm going in person. If I login to my account, then at the top right of any page just to the right of the little person, it shows: "My voucher balance: $10". It also shows if I click the person, then Account, then Loyalty Settings.

        So login, click 'My Account', and under 'Password' make sure you have Marketing selected. If it already is selected, deselect it, logout, login again, tick it on again, then wait a few hours. Then check if it's showing. If it still doesn't show then contact them, say you got an email, but nothing is showing.

  • I don't think it's working anymore, signed up on 17th & still $10 not taken off in cart page

  • can see the $10 voucher in my account but it is not applied at checkout!

    • +1

      Same to me. Just chatted to their support team and they sorted it out

      • +1

        Was about to post, chat support fixed it for me too.

  • +7

    Thanks op.
    Just bought a multiscarf. $10 didn't appear in my account as credit, need to apply voucher "SAVE10" in the payment section

    • +1

      Thanks - worked for me too

      • Yep, that worked for me aswell. Thanks.

    • same, never got auto voucher so used the "SAVE10" method, worked a treat, cheers.

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      "SAVE10" is listed in the BCF email for those setting up new accounts.

    • Thanks, worked for me as well!

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    Here https://www.bcf.com.au/bcfing-fund it says "To redeem your $10, simply add the code ‘SAVE10’ at checkout.", maybe that helps some of the above? Haven't tried it myself.

    Also, I received an email saying $20 off purchases over $100 using CLUB20OFF.

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    FYI: To redeem your $10, simply add the code ‘SAVE10’ at checkout.

  • -2

    used and abused and its over now

    • +1

      still worked for me. I think you need to sign up properly and apply it in the promo code section

  • Just logged in now, shows in Club vouchers fine, but dated on 13/03/21 & expires today,odd thing is I'm sure I had a previous $10 credit a few months ago, bugger, must had missed it's expiry.

    So will I be able to get this voucher?, whats your expiry showing?

    The timing is good thou, BCF is near my local officeworks I'm going to, picking up my WD 500gb drive.

    Thanks OP

    • +2

      Yeh, the promo does expire today but if it's on there you should be able to use it.

    • +1

      Buy today to collect later!
      Tomorrow is too late.

  • tarp & degreaser….sorted
    spent 0 dollars and they get to keep the 22 cents change :P

    …reminder this expires tonight midnight

    • +2

      If you're buying in-store, you can donate the change to OzFish.
      Couldn't see anywhere to do it for online orders though.

      Didn't have any change myself this time though. Hope my kids enjoy these fire colour changers when we go camping (Milked it and went pro OzBargainer with a price match against Getaway Outdoors 4 for $10)

      • didnt know those things exist…cool!

      • +1

        Only in store. Staff have suggested that in past when i had around 50c left. A good idea. So why not - be generous!

  • -2

    this should be called free red bull promo
    got 11x4pack already and got bored

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