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[Afterpay] AMD CPUs: Ryzen 7 3700X $403.84, Ryzen 5 3600 $239.04 (OOS), Ryzen 7 5800X $563.04 (OOS) Delivered @ Harris Tech eBay


Best price ever?

Also available at Harris Tech (Update: Out of stock)

Not sure what the difference is, same retailer.

Recommended motherboards:

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ASUS X570-F Strix $263.04: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ASUS-ROG-STRIX-X570-F-GAMING-Mot...
ASUS TUF Gaming X570-PLUS Wi-Fi $239.04: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ASUS-TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS-WI-FI-...

MSI B550 Tomahawk $210.08: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MSI-MAG-B550-TOMAHAWK-AM4-ATX-Mo...
ASUS B550-F Strix $211.20: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ASUS-ROG-Strix-B550-F-Gaming-Mot...

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • +5

    Best price on the Ryzen 3600 for sure. I literally just bought it last week during the last round of eBay sales for $30 more. Sigh…

    • +2

      Think it might be the best price on all 3! Surely on the 5800X as well.

      I'm actually starting to like the 5800X, the $699 price at launch was bonkers, but at ~$560 it's suddenly gone from the worst value to the best value.

      • certainly worth considering at that price.

      • +1

        The difference between the 2 3600s is one includes the CPU cooler and one is CPU only.

  • man cheaper then weeks ago. already purchased……
    worth returning via ebay plus and buy another? :(

  • +1

    Literally just found this while browsing. amazing price on 5800x

  • +3

    Do you have to pay with after pay to get this deal.

    • +1

      sure do, its annoying but i haven't had too many issues with afterpay. I just pay off the debt instantly so i dont stress about fees

      • can you pay after pay with paypal

        • I just checked, it doesn't appear so. Just debit or credit cards, and it also mentioned applepay. I just bought a 5800x from this mob and it went through smoothly. Payed the remaining balance in one go.

          • +2

            @OzGuy93: yep, debit or credit cards and applepay only.

            • +1

              @mckayver: How does paying with credit card work? I want to buy the 5800x but I don't know if my CC will honour price protection in the future if I "buy" with afterpay and then "pay" afterpay with my Cc? They could argue I didn't buy the CPU with the credit card I imagine

              How does the CC payment show for invoicing purposes?

              • @cheesecactus: wouldn't mind finding this out too.

                Suspect it isn't going to fly with the CC company though

        • I can't even sign up to afterpay with problem verifying your identity. gave up now so i'll wait for the next deal when i can pay with my money and with out getting a loan because thats what afterpay is.

          • @mckayver: It is performing a strict name check against your government ID … Medicare! Make sure your name matches, in my case I was including my middle name, medicare card only had initial.

            • @mctubster: hahaha you right. My medicare card has my initial and I was using my full middle name. too late now the 5800x is out of stock so missed out again just like every other time. Lol

      • +3

        Yeah, kinda puts a downer on the sweet, sweet prices. I'd much rather jump through the extra hoops for discounted gift cards than go through any of the BNPL mobs..

    • You don't have to use Afterpay.

      You need to select Afterpay as the payment option first (to get the 20% discount), then you can apply ebay discounted GCs (5% with CashRewards).

  • I purchased the 3600 about two weeks ago for 290 thinking it was going to be a while before it was going to be any cheaper. Too impatient with my build haha.

    Bummer. Good find OP +1

    • Argh, paid $319 fo rmine from umart a couple of weeks back. Dang.

  • +4

    Really tempted to get the 5800x but whats the point when no gpu. I dont want to get parts just sitting.

    • Maybe have a look at the Ryzen APUs or 'G' models with iGPUs as a stop gap? You can sell it on when you manage to purchase a dedicated GPU.

      • I probably wouldn't. You'll lose a whole heap of value reselling CPUs/APUs and the integrated GPUs (even in the in APU's) are pretty crumby. I'd suggest perhaps nabbing a GTX 9XX (980ti & 980 can still hold their own, even a 970 to an extent) and then selling once you've got a new GPU. Unlikely to lose much more value, and for some reason the market price hikes have completely skipped over the 9 series which allows them to still be affordable-ish.

        • Fair call, what's a good price for a GTX 9XX?

  • yeah this is pretty cheap, all good prices.

  • Amazing. I've been waiting for a deal on the 3600. Thanks OP

  • showing 236 for me!

  • Wow, that's a great price on the 5800x. Almost makes me want to cancel my 5900x order from December and get that instead

    • I would! depends what if you need those 12 cores for rendering etc. I'm swapping from a 3900x as i only care about gaming performance for VR etc. My mates got a 5800x and it boosts to 5ghz on some cores out of the box. Great chip.

      • I'm a professional photographer/videographer and also starting to branch into 3D workflows so I don't want to pass up the extra cores for rendering :( plus I finally want to own one of the top end chips for once lol

        5800x is a great chip tho!

  • Insane price!

  • Cracker prices!

  • Damn I managed to hold out buying the 5800X last week from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/609193

    But the price was just too good this time so I had to buy.

    • same here, could saved $100+ if buy those parts today….

  • that 5800x price is pretty bloody good! so happy to see things coming back to normal somewhat in the cpu department.

  • Thanks OP, bought the 5800x, at around mid $500 is good price.

  • +2

    Stack it with $30 off Afterpay for first purchase + 2% cashback and got the 3600 for under $200 AUD!

    • How? do you have to use a code for this?

      • +1

        No code required to get $30 off from Afterpay - it's automatically added when you making your first purchase with Afterpay

        • Mine doesn't seem to appear in my account…hmm.

        • +1

          " This is targeted promotion, and only valid for Afterpay customers that receive an email or app push invitation directly from Afterpay"


          • @videoman: I signed up using your link and made my first purchase. Can't see a discount added to my first order…

            Guess I'm emailing support. But you say its targeted but its advertised on their website.

            Do I need to pay out the remaining balance for it to trigger?

            • +1

              @Justin Powell: not sure, but sounds like it's for afterpay customers who have signed up but not bought anything.
              I am looking to sign up so I am interested.

            • @Justin Powell: Did you "receive an email or app push invitation directly from Afterpay" before you signed up?

              • @videoman: No I didnt. But don't know how I would receive email or app notifications from them if I hadnt signed up yet.

                • +1

                  @Justin Powell: I think it's mainly a offer they send to people who have already signed up to afterpay a long time ago but didn't make a purchase.

                  • +1

                    @videoman: Makes sense. But its also on their website with a count down. So I will be pushing back on them.

                    If its targeted why would it be on their website for everyone to see.

  • +7

    I need to stay off ozbargain for the next few days. Seeing all these PC parts cheaper than last few weeks making me depressed.

    • Well, I guess "all those PC parts" do not include RAMs…

      • ~$95 for 16GB (2x8) seems fine to me.

  • +1

    Is it still worth getting ryzen 5 3600 or is there anything new coming and this will drop in price?

    • The 11400F "should" be coming in around this price. 5600 should come out soon too but I think that'll be $300+.

    • I7-10700k for $330ish pretty good deal

  • finally jumped onto a r5 3600 and asus prime b550m-a for total of $343, thx OP

  • Which one should I get if I wanna get into streaming and play games on 1440p/144hz?

    • What GPU do you have?

      • None at the moment. But planning on getting a 3070 whenever there will be a good deal, probably a lot of waiting for that.

    • +1

      Depends on your budget, HardwareUnboxed (great Aussie guys!) on YouTube did a video comparing CPU performance across different GPUs. With the 3070 at 1440p, there's really little difference between the CPUs unless you're playing CS:GO or the like. The 3600 will be fine, the 5800X is a welcome upgrade, but definitely don't need it.

      • CPUs don't make much difference to games since Intel's 9th gen. Few frames here and there totally not worth upgrading unless your cpu is 3,4 years old

        • Yeah, completely agree. The way CPU tests are done is a little silly IMO, they should control for constant total price, not constant GPU. The question is whether a 3070 + 3600 is better than a 3060 + 5800X (or the like), you get what I mean, because it's the same budget. Obviously a 3070 + 3600 is much better for games only.

  • Worth upgrading 6700k to 3600 or 3700x in a HTPC mainly for 4k 60fps gaming?

    • +1

      You'll need a new motherboard too, so factor that into your pricing.

    • The 3600 is better value for gamers.

      I'd suggest only getting the 3700x if you are building a workstation.

      Even then you're talking about a marginal increase in productivity over the 3600.

    • Thanks for the input, ended up buying a 10700k for $329.

      • Will still need a new motherboard for that one.

  • What motherboard to match the 5800?

  • I couldn’t resist $533.04 total, combined with Afterpay voucher I had. Coming from a 6600k.

    • What did you get?

      • +1


    • +1

      Is that the $30 signup first purchase voucher?

      I signed up hoping to get that. Not sure how it was meant to work.

  • At this price copped the 5 3600 to pair with a 6800xt hopefuly( hopefully will be enough for light/moderate 1440p ) still waiting from the harvey norman pre order deal !

    • Hmmm, im on i79700k and 6800xt, blazes through anything 1440p, I'm sure you will be fine

    • Lol I'm still using a 10yo CPU i7 2600k and it works like a charm for 1440p gaming. I would have paired it with a rtx graphics card though.

  • +1

    Damn you I just bought one even though I was sure I didn't need one

  • Thanks, bought the Ryzen 5 3600 for $236 - junior (better) will be happy ;-)

  • Wow that is an amazing price for the 5800x… Had my heart set on a 5900x but when the 5800x is discounted like this and I cant even get a 5900x for retail this is mighty tempting…

    • +1

      I was thinking 5900X as well but can't get one and it's pretty much double the price of a 5800X I jumped on this

      • I ended up pulling the trigger. 5900x retail is almost double. And with stock issues being reported to not look good for at least the short-medium turn we could be waiting a very long time before they start discounting it.

        5800x will do everything I want and in a couple years i'll pick up a 5950x used to replace it.

  • blah so close to pulling trigger (would prefer 3300x matbe?), need a good deal on a mobo as well - either would massive upgrade from my current i5-4690

    • Honestly man there is not that much of a difference between a 3300x & a 4690, certainly not worth spending the money on an upgrade to it for around a 5-10% performance increase, especially when considering you'll need a new mobo & ram too.

      • Err.. what would be wrong with my current ram? And isn't it more like 110%??

        • +1

          Spose it depends what source you're using as a comparison.

          the 4690 you've got uses DDR3, the 3300X is DDR4, unfortunately incompatible.
          GPU is the best upgrade you make gaming performance wise - a 30% increase in single core speed, while certainly considerable, I wouldn't personally even consider if I had the option of just upgrading the GPU.

          • @Chaffix: thanks, still think it's a pretty big upgrade.. my GPU is a GTX 1070, so would have to fork out a bit to get something considerably better, and it's most likely the CPU that's the limiting variable.
            When factoring in buying new ram as well though.. may wait another generation

            • @Jaspa7: Definitely. I've got a 1070ti myself paired with an 8600k and my bottleneck is always 100% GPU. You can check your bottlenecks using msi afterburner, overlays cpu & gpu usage while you're in game, might help you make an informed decision.

  • So tempted by many PC parts deals. Just wonder if anyone has come across some Graphics card deals currently so that I can put together a new PC.

    • +1

      Might be best to just build around the GPU for now. Still no stock of anything

  • +1

    Personal Update:

    Temptation too high on 5800x and my finger slipped on the buy button.

    Anyone wanna buy a 2700x?

    • Likewise anyone want a 3600X, its top 1% on userbench running stock

      • anyone wanna buy a 5600x?

        edit: nvm 5800 is OOS

  • Thank you OP! Been waiting a long time for this go on sale and I've missed the last few sales as well.

  • What's a good PC build nowadays for around $1000?

  • ASUS PRIME B550M-A vs MSI X570 Tomahawk
    Currently running a vega 56 gpu
    mainly for gaming
    which one should i get?

    • Real world probably not much different but X570 would be the better chipset

      • In that case i'm leaning towards the asus mobo and i prefer the smaller form factor, smaller case would be nice. Do you think high temps would be a problem for the gpu? Can i use my NZXT Kraken x63 with this board?

  • -1

    So to get this deal you must pay with AfterPay. I've never tried AfterPay. So I have to sign up to AfterPay? And AfterPay demands/requires a mobile number. Hmm.

    There must be other ways to buy reasonably priced CPUs that don't involve giving away private personal information to a payment provider that it doesn't need.