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Century Ultra Hi Performance Car Battery 75D23LMF $149.99 (Was $239.99) C&C Only @ Supercheap Auto


The Century Ultra High Performance range is the best option for the driver looking for the most out of their car battery. Built for harsh Australian conditions these units come with a 40 month warranty available at 300+ stores nationwide, so you can rest assured you're in safe hands. With a maintenance-free design you can set it and forget, Century's innovative vibration and corrosion resistance technology will ensure you get the most efficient power delivery and longest lifespan possible.

The Century 75D23L MF is suitable for a range of modern small to mid-engine Asian-built and other imported vehicles with power hungry electronics on-board. This 12V 620CCA is the premium option for the driver looking for peace of mind.

Previous discussion here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/569742

Can be installed for $15 which also includes an extra 6 months warranty on top of the normal 40 month warranty.

Edit: Expiry date was set to 1 Apr, but the Afterpay $30 off component expires 21 March. It is still available after 21 March for $179.99 until 1 Apr.

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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      their website doesn't seem reliable enough.

      For 2014 mini cooper, the batteries recommended don't seem to match the specifications of the OEM battery.

      Rather the one that isn't listed on the website or SCA, seems to actually be the correct fit that matches OEM specs in terms of CCA and Ah.

    • Yeah, that didn't work well. It says this battery fits an 08 Impreza. The battery fits in the space, but it's a lot wider than the securing bracket.

      • I've since learned you can get different size battery brackets and trays and my car has an extra securing point for larger batteries.
        The $30 I saved is being reinvested.

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    This is an incredibly good deal. Battery in my sti died about a month ago haha.

    Guessing it’s not worth buying to keep as a spare as it will deteriorate over the next few years? Edit: Warranty probably kills that anyway

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      Very good deal indeed. Where possible, keep a battery tender on the battery when not in use. Might not be practical but beats buying a new battery. It will be a big waste of money to keep spare batteries due to the deterioration like you said.

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      It is handy for me, my OEM battery in my 2010 Lancer is finally starting to give up the ghost.
      I don't expect this one to last that long.

      • Damn that's long. Expect 5-7 years from this baby.

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          3-4 years if you are lucky in my personal experience.
          I have just replaced 2 century batteries this month in my cars. Just over 3 years old each.

          • @mfxr: centurys are NFG in my experience

            mirror mfxr's experiences at best

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              @tonyjzx: does that mean No Fxx Good? if so completely agree.
              I've been buying the Century Ultra Hi Performance ones but only having them last just longer than the warranty (3 years). I went to a local independent battery expert who has tested loads of batteries and he reckons Century are crap and deliver around half their mAhr rated specs, which aligned to my experiences. So I have bought a Bosch this time around which is actually cheaper ($230) than the Century deep cycle or marine grade ones anyway. He reckons it should last 8-9 years so I'll be interested to see how that goes.

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            @mfxr: Very simple. Keep the water levels up (check every 6 months).

            Place on charge once every 5 weeks in summer. Heat increases the rate of reactions, going flat is a reaction.

            The opposite being true, slow reactions when cold (when people normally find out they haven't maintained there battery during summer and then it won't crank on a cold morning in winter).

            How do I remember to charge? When you wash it, charge it.

            I bought a Century battery from a wrecker for $15 in 2008. Still strong.

            Found a battery on the side of the road for the boat. Was dry. Filled it up, charged it. Still ordinary. Put it in a battery box and drove around with it, charged again. Cranked beautifully. So I recon a battery needs to be full, washed around and charged Got around 10 years out of that. Eventually brown sludge in bottom reached the plates and caused a short. Flushed it, but the plates had swollen as well. Lost cranking power..got $5 from a recycler.

            • Don't use a trickle charger (you need to top it up constantly and will likely just go dry ).
        • Yes, I think it is a combination of a good battery, a temperate climate, only doing 60000 kms and putting it on a trickle charger now and then. And only running it flat once that I can remember.
          My auto mechanic mate says Century has gone from good to not so good back to better now.
          I'll report back about this one, hopefully in 5 years at the earliest :-).

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    missed it by a few weeks. wish this deal was available when my battery died a few weeks ago :(

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    Costco is also running special on batteries, 25% off. Bought one for $89 for Falcon yesterday. 30month warranty though.

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      I believe Costco sell rebadged Exide batteries. $89 for one with a 30 month warranty is pretty good.

      • agree, costco has the best customer service from my experience. local retailers needs to step up

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  • thoughts on this for an electric trolling motor on a boat?

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      Automotive batteries are designed to start cars or run the radio for a few minutes they aren't much good at anything else. Get something that's happy with a constant load.

    • Look for a marine battery thats stronger designed for the bounce of the boat.
      Or at least a deep cycle if youre a calm water sailor.

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting for sales on car batteries. Both mine and the misses batteries have been on their last legs.
    Not driving much during covid lockdown shortened their lives. Saved a couple of hundred clams across the two.

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    i bought my mum the 55d23l earlier today and added the $15 install option ($149.99 total). I was just under the $150 mark so added PVC electrical tape for $1.85.
    with the afterpay code it dropped down to $121.84. Order confirmed and will be getting installed tomorrow. Not sure if its a glitch or not??
    Installation AND an extra 6 months warranty on top of the std 30 mth warranty so im happy with that.


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      From my experience, these will last 4 years easy.

      • hope so, im replacing mums battery from 2004 LOL

        • LOL is it a Camry? The ones in Camry are also made by century. Mine lasts 7 years.

    • +1

      Thanks OP

    • hmm, it's showing 149 without the 15 install ?

      • Add the install and the tape.
        Use code afterpay then see the discount

      • +1

        Oh yeah you add the install but it just gets added to the discount haha

    • Do we have to use afterpay for the code to be valid?

      • +2

        nope i didn't, just paid via credit card as per normal.

  • any thoughts on NRMA batteries? they use Hankook AtlasBX ones

    • Still running a top flight one in my 4cyl 2001 Camry from 2005, was $144 bucks back then. Had a new alternator in 2016, so it's been flat a couple of times that year, and then quite a few times in the last few years since I have had it as it's the second car.

      I have been considering getting a new one but a couple of weeks ago I charged it up and it seems in decent enough shape. Also the car does 2 long trips each week, so during term it's fine, it's only on holidays when it doesn't get use that I come back and it's flat. But if it makes it through winter surely it will last until next year? Also NRMA will come to you to replace the battery, handy if it happens on holiday somewhere or at least saves you mucking around

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    bought one 5 years ago, still using it.

  • I just bought a 55d23lmf like three days ago paying $199, and I started using it for the last 3 days….. Can I still return the battery and get a refund for that one? Is it possible?

    • If you are a member you should get $50 credit

      • On the day of my purchase, the computer at Mt Gravatt Store broke down and they couldn't sign me up as a member… What a total tragedy! What should I do now

        • Maybe just tell them what happened and ask them nicely if they will sign you up and honour it

      • I bought the same 2 days ago. Can I return this and get this 75D23LMF deal instead? I mean I can get 50$ credit as I am a member but this is much a better deal.

  • Damn it. Just bought a battery the other day from Repco. It's still unused, I wonder if I can return it?

  • ahh bloody hell, really could have used this a few weeks ago!!

  • Noob here. This one doesn't fit my vehicle . Can one some one kind enough to let me know how good is https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/century-din53lx-mf-centu... ?

    • your vehicle model and driving habits (daily, weekly, etc?) would help.

      • bmw 2004 318i .. i drive weekly

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    On a related note, I bought a CTEK 3.8A Charger a few months ago. It manages to get the battery voltage a couple of points higher than what it is just from the alternator charging, even after a long trip. They reckon you can get up to double the life from a battery by regularly charging it with the CTEK because alternators rarely charge the battery to its full potential, so now I spread my $85 investment across my cars and that of family/friends so hopefully not too long of a payback period.

  • Amazing. Last week took my car for a service at the Mazda dealership and they wanted to charge me around $400 to replace the battery. Couldn't have timed it better.

    • Some batteries are suited to stop start like the Mazda istop. I don't think this one is according to the above battery finder. Needs to be efb apparently assuming your Mazda has istop.

      • Yeah it's all good thanks i have an older model.

  • Also noob, do you have to be a member to add the discount code? The mobile website keeps saying you can add the promo code at checkout but there's nowhere to add it when checking out as guest. If not, membership an extra $5, yes?

  • Was able to get a DIN65LHMF for $170 which might not be as awesome as this deal, it's still the best price I've seen for a while.

    For the last few months my car battery has been completely dead and would require me to use one of the gooloo powerbank jump starters every time. I just installed the battery and it's working like a champ.

    Now to read up on if I really need to recode the car for the new battery.

  • Very rarely do you see such a good battery at such a good price

  • $238 for the Century model that fits newer Mazda's with start-stop (Q85 EFB) is a fantastic deal, they rarely go on deep sale. Thanks OP!

  • Which one would choose? (listed from highest to lowest price)

    Brand CCA Warranty Store Price
    Panasonic 670 2 Years Every Battery $310.95
    Repco 550 2 Years Repco $274
    Varta 660 Not Disclosed Autobarn $269.25
    Century 650 2/3 Years Super Cheap Auto $237.99
    SuperCharge 600 2 Years Autobarn $224.25

    I'm tempted by the Panasonic even though it is the priciest and doesn't come with a longer warranty. Not very OzBargain I know, but I believe it is the OEM model and like the good Eneloops used to be, it is Japanese Made.

    • +1

      I'm assuming this is for a newer model Mazda based on the selection/prices. I would only consider Panasonic and Century from that list (Varta is also just as good quality but more for Euros).

      I personally bought and use the Panasonic blue, it is the best quality (IMO, not based on any evidence) and is usually one of the cheapest options too when no sales are on.

      I don't have any feedback other than "it works" after 2 years - it's "just" a battery afterall and does the job.

      I've also bought the Century Q85 for another Mazda due to the savings.

      • Yes a Q85, I should have just replied to you seeing that you have bought the same battery.

        How much did you pay for the Panasonic? Thanks in advance!

        • +1

          $299 in 2019. That includes installation where they use a tender to maintain power so you don't lose settings or have to reset anything, if that means much to you.

  • Any Comment:

    I plan to buy this century car battery and I called supercheap if they do.
    They verified the car model and the century battery that is compatible and they confirmed they can fit the battery for $15.

    Then I bought supercheap eVoucher to use for payment.

    I went to supercheap auto and then I was told then cannot fit the car bettery since it has a Fuse block connected t othe positive terminal.

    I was advise I can purchase the battery but I have to find a mechanic to fit the car battery
    This makes it a bit of a hassle to look for a mechanic and also not sure how much mechanic will charge me for fitting the car battery.

    Supercheap auto told me, if not fit properly and the fuse block got busted will cost me a lot to fix so better go to a qualified mechanic.

    Now, I end up with a Supercheap auto eVoucher that has no use else i have to buy the century battery BUT i have to find a mechanic myself to fit and no idea how uch theywill charge me.

    I call BatteryWorld but they said they only fit batteries bought from them.

    Any advice/ comment?

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