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[Afterpay] Dell Monitors: S2721DGF $399 | S3221QS $389 | AW2521HFL $349 | XPS 13 7390 Laptop $999.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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    the dell 32" 4k, is getting pretty cheap …. damn i just bought the xiaomi

    • I have both…i like the xiaomi better for higher refresh rate and the wide screen aspect ratio.

      • ok cool, mine is coming next week lol

    • Damn. I just bought it for $30 more about 3 days ago.

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      xiaomi one is better unless you are taking anything like its specs but with ips panel. but it will be over $1000.

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    All time low on the S2721DGF!

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    WHOAAA!! S2721DGF all time low!

    I didn't need one but I bought one anyway.

    Don't tell the wife.

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      |Don't tell the wife|
      Hahah…same here, thanks to Parcel Locker

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        unlucky… I work from home at the moment, and she doesn't. :P

        But I did a dumb dumb and left the eBay Purchase History tab open. She saw it. Oops!

  • That is really cheap!!

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    Crazy price on the s2721dgf

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    Wow, cheapest S2721DGF by a mile!

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    Anyone know about tax claim for the monitors for WFH? Can we buy one and claim the cost during tax return? Sorry I have very poor understanding of how this works.

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      I did last year, just make sure you have the tax invoice (if you go to an accountant they do all this for you)

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      yes - you can claim the entire amount if <=300 , else only a portion

      • So if I were to buy the 32 inch monitor for 389, would be able to claim $300?
        Thanks for your help. :)

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        You can claim the entire amount… but if over $300 you need to depreciate it over the "effective life" in years.

        • Thanks! :)

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            @aurthohin: yea usually i do it over 3years. so if you using it purely for "work" then you can do 389 / 3 for the 3 years….

      • This limit should be raised to $500.

    • -1

      you can claim a certain percentage for work, definitel cannot be 100% claimable.
      Speak to your accountant anyway for the details

      • +2

        You can definitely claim 100% for work purposes if you only use it for work.

        • Yep even though the S2721DGF is sold as a gaming monitor, having a 2k monitor and using it for work is definitely something I'll be claiming

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    I love my S2721DGF, purchased 1st of August last year, arrived October 3rd and I love it. Fantastic monitor, the price here is insane (mine was $534).

    • How is it for work? I mainly work with lots of texts/data.

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        I got mine same time last year also from August deal. It's good if you game or do any photo or video editing as this has pretty good colour accuracy otherwise, it's a bit overkill for just text. I think LCD is better for movies and streaming, as the darks on this IPS are a little too grey for my liking in a dark room. There is quite a bit of light bleed too.

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          IPS is a type of LCD. Did you mean VA? They do tend to have better contrast

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          Yes, more a monitor for early birds with home offices beside windows than night owls :) (speaking as a night owl)

      • Text is crispy, but if you're just using it for text there are far better options.

        Yes, yes i did say crispy on purpose.

        • Just curious as to what a nice big monitor 32 inches or more would be to read text. 4K or ? I read lots of newspapers online and other websites. Want something super crispy so I may even got to read the words without my glasses. Ta

          • @Maccadoodle: Super crispy or not bruz your eyes can only see what they can see… haha

            I have glasses too, I understand your pain.

            Though 32" is where I'd want to go into 4K land. 1440p wouldn't cut it for me at that size.

            • +1

              @wellzi: Cheers, Not so long ago we debated on whether to go for a 17 inch cos of price and they were new. Yes 4K is the new norm. Still find curved ones a bit weird to get used to. But I do need more time.

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        I use it for programming (and a little bit of gaming) as my primary monitor and it works great with Display Port, DP goes to 165hz but not sure about HDMI as that only went to 144hz.

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        Tbh there is no need for more than a regular monitor for your use case. These monitors are thicker and larger than others.

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        I mostly use it for productivity. It's great. Nice and clear but the contrast is poor. Reading text is fine though.

  • WTF….

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    Damm, just bought 32" 3 weeks ago, $40 lost….

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      Me too :(

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      Try paying 550 in November last year and thinking that was a good deal lol

      • Exactly that's the price I paid thought was good

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      I just bought it 4 days ago at $417… :(

    • Depreciation strikes again

  • Don’t know why dell stop putting the s3220DGF on sale. I am using it and love it, prefer big screen

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    So glad I waited…I can finally order 2 x 27” at a great price!

  • signing up to after pay to get the deal for the monitor effect loan application for home?

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  • Noob question probably, between the S2721DGF and the S3221QS, which one is better for working long hours with texts and numbers?

    • Probably S2721DGF. It's IPS which is better for text clarity.

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      Get 2 x 27”…

    • +4

      Rtings rate text clarity on the S2721DGF a 7/10 while the S3221QS scores a 9/10:

      "The S2721DGF has decent text clarity, but it's recommended to enable ClearType for the best results."
      "The Dell S3221QS has exceptional text clarity. Turning on Windows ClearType makes text look bolder (top photo), but you might not need it."

      • +1

        thanks for linking the details. :)

  • Over 1k viewed per hour… Insane price. ~$380 after discounted gift cards, 2 of these is about $40 cheaper atm than buying 1 on the Dell site for full price ($799).

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    Anyone can comment this monitor?


    Is it good for daily work and gaming?

    • Yes am viewing OB on one right now.

      * QHD 2560x1440 native, so not quite as sharp or as much screen real estate as 4k, but does the job
      * 75Hz and charging over USB-C (to a Macbook or USB-C laptop, NUC etc)
      * 60Hz over HDMI
      * No VESA mount
      * Sleek design, very light to move around occasionally. Not designed to be "permanent fixture"
      * IPS which has more backlight bleed than I like (vs VA), but it's 600 nits which is super bright. I think it's HDR-basic something something certified, but wouldn't use it for that purpose

  • $399! What are you waiting for? BUY IT!

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    Figured out you can also get the Alianware AW3821DW for $1749 by doing the following trick.

    Add to cart apply PMAR3 coupon, select afterpay then apply PAPDY20

    Not as good as the previous deal a couple of weeks back for $1568 but it's better then no discount.


    • Codes don't stack.

      • Correct but there seems to be a bug in eBay validation.

        Apply the first coupon which brings the total under afterpay limit of 2000. Then it allows you to swap over to the other afterpay coupon


      • Scratch that Dell had added some coupons to their shop.

        25% off SW25 which brings it down to $1,686.74

  • Damm just bought the DGF a couple weeks ago for 480

  • Lucky I waited. Got a S3221QS and a WH-1000XM4.

    If it gets cheaper in April. Then I will buy another set!

  • Can anyone weigh in on the the 32" 4K Curved S3221QS vs a 38" QHD Ultrawide Curved U3818DW?

    Big price difference between the two, about $1K. But is the extra inches + ultrawide worth it for productivity?

    • Just get 3x 32"

  • Love my s2721dgf but im having a serious issue with it which i didn't have with my previous Acer Predator monitor. Problem is when you press the power off button on the monitor the pc behaves as the monitor is non existing, not connected physically, called hot port detection. So when you use remote desktop apps out of the house, some apps won't launch, or will look all blank or for example when i want to use moonlight streaming i get just black, nothing . So unless the monitor is ON im not able to do anything remotely. Reported this to Dell but doubt anything will be done. This can be disabled on Nvidia quadro graphics cards as software has EDID function and on amd graphics cards also but nothing for rtx cards.

    • dont turn it off? let it go sleep, and turn on usb on.

      • Didn't test that yet but will try. have to see if the screen will turn ON once i use remote access, if it does i don't want that, use of power for no reason. And it's also using power for no reason in stand by, just stupidity, im surprised more people aren't complaining about this. So many times im out of the house and i leave the pc on to get something done, need to check if it's all going ok and now i can't.

        • I have the monitor but I have mine always sleeping.

          Not ideal but you could get a smart plug for the monitor to switch on or off, be it manually or with some rules.

          • @Yanoflies: That's not the solution or the problem, once i even turn it off with smart plug and need to remote desktop again and i turn the monitor on by smart plug it will power the monitor on but not gonna turn it on or into sleep mode without actually pressing the power button on the monitor, eh, this is so frustrating, i can't believe how stupid this is.

      • Just tried and stupid crap screen wakes up when i remote access the pc, same as if i was there and moved a mouse etc.

    • -1

      Mine is connected through DP and it always messes around with icons. Just shuffles them when it is on the first time. After if turning off and then on, it moves one icon and leaves an empty space. Every time you do that, one more icon is moved.

      • Awesome, another crappy problem lol.

      • Seems neggers don't believe it happening. DO you want me to upload a video of it? And while you are at it give me the solution.

    • This sort of problem is not new. I recall having to buy a dummy HDMI adapter to remote into my headless Mac Mini to get 1080p using VNC. Without it, I only got 720p..

      However, if I had a Windows VM running on the Mac, I could RDP into that at any resolution without the need for the adapter. I never got to the bottom of why this was, since the solution was a cheap $10 adapter.

      • Yeah and it's still going on day today as there's 1 pin on the display port and hdmi that sends a power signal to the gpu so it decides what to do when the monitor is on/off, present and disconnected. Amd graphic cards apparently have in catalyst settings to disable the detection, Nvidia has also but only for quadro cards, have mo idea why it wasn't added for rtx. It's called EDID.

  • +1

    I got the S2721DGF 3 weeks ago for $479 from Dell au. Do you think they'd give me a discount now the price has dropped?

  • sub 400 s2721dgf and s3221qs, just grabbed both from dell's site for around ~$450 each. spewing!

  • shall we all return those bought 3 weeks ago?

  • Would anyone vouch for that Alienware monitor?

  • What's the difference between first two other than size

  • Am I dumb? Do you have to use afterpay for this coupon code?

    • yes and yes

    • +3

      Yes and no. You can pay with ebay gift cards and bypass afterpay altogether.

  • Anyone tried two S3221QS as dual monitor? How does it go?

    • +1

      I've got one horizontal, one vertical. Works well, although the vertical screen is a tad too big in terms of moving your head around