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[Afterpay] Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $759.19 (AU Stock) Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Good prices on the S20 FE range. Code works when paying the order in full with eBay gift cards (just select the Afterpay option).

Use discounted eBay gift cards for further savings.

There are also a few other great deals from Mobileciti - if you have missed it in the sea of eBay posts today


Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Nice find. Thought they weren't suppose to work on mobile phones

    • +1

      We were not suppose to use the code but pay by gift card as well

  • Nice.
    Trying to look for a value range phone around the 400-500 mark for my Nan. Doesn’t seem to work on any of the A42/A51 range. Sigh.

    • Buy this and keep half and give the other half. Problem solved ✅

      • Ever tried out for comedy club? 🤣

  • Is it dual-Sim?

    • It's not, which is ridiculous.

      • they say it is SM-G781B model whihc seems to be Dual Sim comparing to SM-G7810 (chineese)

        • Nah, local stock isn't dual SIM. We share the same model number as SE Asia and Europe and those markets do offer dual SIM.

        • Well, if you think it's dual sim, then why do you ask? lol

          • @DillanP: yeah, seeler confirmed it is singler sim, shame :(

  • Nice phone. I've had mine since October, unfortunately I still occasionally have touch screen issues. Hopefully update number 4 (?) will solve it.

    • Is yours the 4g or 5g model? Exynos or Snapdragon?

  • +2

    I have the S20FE since release, and I have to say the touch screen issues is real. I have the latest update and still randomly get touch screen glitches.
    I haven't had to the time to return it for replacement, just a hassle but I will get around to it.

    The issue is (randomly) the screen won't register the keyboard, or it won't allow smooth scrolling or zooming. It is just a mess. There was one time I trying to order food at the restaurant for the whole group and the screen wouldn't register. Biggest fail.

    Apart from that, the camera is great and battery is amazing.

    • +2

      That's weird. I bought two in September during the JB Hifi deal, one for myself and one for my wife. Both 5G 128GB. My touch screen issue was worse than the wife's phone but only noticeable if I use the touchscreen test app. since the last update in January I struggle (to be exact, i tried extremly hard) to replicate the touch screen problem on my phone. Even if I managed to replicate it, it's mostly out of luck, same on my wife's phone. Just yesterday I decided to uninstall the touchscreen app because I felt it is pointless having to try so hard to replicate the issue.

      The only issue I have is the phone is a bit large as I can't use it with one hand while lying on bed. High risk of the phone dropping on my face whenever I try to tumb press the home button area.

      • which app do you use? i haven't had any issues and 10-point touch works fine . i don't really game or do any editting on my phone so haven't noticed anything significant

        • +1

          Touch Screen Test by Siriuth. I saw it from youtuber demo the touch screen problem

      • Have you considered using the phone in one-handed mode? It works really well for me.

        • yeah tried that but didn't work well for me because when i tried to activate it, i risk the phone dropping on my face. However it works really well if I'm not lying on bed.

    • Agreed. Trying to unlock the phone at a cash register to use paypass can be a huge f-up!

  • Thanks. Ordered one.

  • Happy owner of S20FE. Paid $697 during samsung education sale. No touch screen issue for me.

    • Happy owner #2, no touch issues either. Great phone.

    • happy owner #3 of 256gb 5G edu sale, no issue so far

      • Same

  • Great find OP. However, I have got $1000 JB gift card, do you think JB would price match this in store?

    • Ill invest that $1000 into a Mackbook Air or Pro m1 chip.

      • good idea, but always sold out

      • Invest? What returns am I gonna get? I am happy with my current xps bought during boxing day sale 2020. I only use it for uni assignments and media consumption.

  • One needs to spend a minimum of 69/mo on Telstra 12mo to get 5g activated. As they let JB issue $600 on gift cards one wonders what Telstra will match on their chats?

  • missed out, had to buy in a hurry last week. had touchscreen problem as well using the testing app, but it went away after the phone updated

    • Which version did you get? 4G or 5G? Exynos or Snapdragon?

      • 5g.. had to get the orange one from JBHIFI deal last week as my old phone suddenly died

  • How do you pay with after pay?

    • select Afterpay in checkout..

  • Anyone checked the price on the education store?

    • Still $799.2

    • Still $799.2

      • So with the $50 discount voucher it's cheaper?

        • Most people did not receive the voucher even lodged several complaints, like me.

      • When buying from. The education store is the discount applied at checkout or are the price discounted I the shop itself?

        • Discounted in the shop itself

  • I am trying to buy a second one…in a second transaction a d it's telling me I don't have enough "credit". Anyone know how long I need to wait for the credit to be added toy account?

    • Add a credit card and you'll be ok. Just make a bigger initial payment

  • I have the S20 FE 5g and its a great phone and a huge step up from my Pixel 3 in terms of performance and battery. I haven't experienced touch screen issues reported by other users as far as I can tell.

    • Same here…got mine in late Jan and found out my phone was produced earlier that month.

      Been running the base UK firmware for a good two months now (cause the EU firmwares get updates before SE Asia and Australia) and so far , it's been pretty good apart from Samsung Pay and Google Pay playing up every so on when restoring back ups of cards you loaded and activated prior.

  • Use discounted eBay gift cards for further savings.

    Hey OP, you mean these discounted ebay GCs from cashrewards or shopback? Or from somewhere else? I could see only 1% cash back on CR and SB.

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