6 Month Free Speed Upgrade to 250/25 & 1000/50 for Existing FTTP & Selected HFC 50/20 & 100/20 nbn Customers @ Optus


Hi all,

Optus seem to be following other RSPs in offering complimentary speed upgrades for 6 months for those on 50/20 or 100/20. I’m currently on the 50/20 speed speed pack & just received an email informing me that I will be upgraded to the Superfast speed pack (215Mbps Typical Busy Period Download Speed) for the six month period which isn’t bad although I’m not sure what to do with extra speed.. maybe download some linux ISOs ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The Speed Upgrade will appear on your bill as either ‘NBN Speed Pack Home Superfast’ or ‘NBN Speed Pack Home Ultrafast’, with a corresponding credit so you won't be charged extra for it.

NBN Speed Pack Home Superfast = up to 250/25.

NBN Speed Pack Home Ultrafast = up to 1000/50.

Here’s a link to Optus is web page outlining the deal.



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  • "Optus will apply the Speed Upgrade automatically and eligible customers will be notified within 5 working days from application."

    …which means you don't have to do anything to get it for free.

  • Speed Upgrade Offer: Terms and Conditions

    During the period 1/3/2021 and 31/07/21, Optus is providing existing eligible Optus FTTP and selected HFC NBN customers who are currently on an nbn 50/20 or nbn 100/20 plan or speed pack with an upgrade to a higher speed pack, either Home Superfast (215Mbps^) or Home Ultrafast (250Mbps^), at no additional cost for 6 months each (Speed Upgrade).

  • Forever waiting for Telstra

    • Was about to go and see if Telstra was doing the same thing, but realised the chances of that happening are almost nothing.

    • Instead of increasing speed, Telstra are dropping uploads 40 to 20 and forcing existing customers into new more expensive plans.

      • As much as I love shitting on Telstra, this one is entirely on NBN.

        They dicked around with and increased AVC costs (the wholesale pricing they present to RSPs), their options were eat the cost increase and give the customers the same speeds (Lol), automatically charge them more and get roasted, or not increase the cost to end customers and drop them to a slower speed tier.

        Hard to guess what most RSPs have done.

        The reason for this? NBN wants people using less upload because HFC is (profanity) garbage and shouldn't have been reused.

    • Isn't Telstra already doing this? Not sure about FTTP but one of my clients had their shop NBN upgraded to 250Mbps +. Use to be 50/20. They're on FTTN.

      • Telstra offer 250/25 and 1000/50 but not a free offer like this one. FTTN can't do 250/25 and the maximum NBN allow on FTTN is around 110/40.

        • I don't know. I know I set them up with this plan https://www.telstra.com.au/small-business/internet/nbn. The last time I ran a speed test I was able to get 8 Ping | 180Mbps | 20 or 40 Mbps upload can't remember. Download could probably be 200 Mbps but I have IPS enabled and AD blockers. They are however eligible to upgrade to FTTP for free but NBN Websites still show the business as having FTTN. Either this is some experiment done by NBN or Telstra's modem is also using the 4G Backup as a tagging connection.

          • @No Username: It would have to be FTTP or 4G failover.

            Business NBN is run off a new fibre than normal FTTP and the monthly plan costs are much higher.

      • i am with telstra and i did a speedtest today and noticed alot higher speed getting around 270mbps download and 22mbps upload. i am usually on 110mbps down and 18mbps up. Rang up telstra and they said i got a free temp upgrade to superfast plan for 6 months

  • 1000/50 will be godlike in Australia. Will that speed be consistent, that's 10x faster than 100/20

  • Not Optus' fault, but it sounds like anyone who won the NBN lottery now get an added bonus whilst the rest of us struggling on FTTN aren't going anywhere soon.

    • FTTN will be upgraded to FTTP in the following locations and more.

      Campbelltown, Elderslie, Narellan, Maitland, Singleton, Tarro, New Lambton, Bathurst, Orange, Belmont North, Charlestown, Toronto, Carramar, Castle Hill, Holsworthy, Liverpool and Wetherill Park NSW.

      Deer Park, Sydenham, Berwick South, Cranbourne, Lyndhurst and Narre Warren VIC.

      Albany Creek, Ashgrove, Bald Hills, Ferny Hills, Robina, Burleigh Heads, Townsville, Acacia Ridge, Browns Plains, Eight Mile Plains and Oxenford QLD.

      Elizabeth, Gepps Cross, Salisbury, Golden Grove and Osborne SA.

      Girrawheen, Kingsley, Wanneroo, Canning Vale, Jandakot South, Cannington and Double View WA.

      • So many bogan suburbs of WA.. and then Doubleview.

      • This is just rubbish. What a waste of taxpayer money. Why upgrade to FTTP when they built FTTN in the first place. Not even 10 years since NBN is built and now its obsolete. I would just keep it as FTTN.

        • +4 votes

          Installing FTTN was a waste of money in the first place and FTTN was obsolete the day it went into the ground in 2015. Constant dropouts and under 100Mbps ain't going to cut it on FTTN for some users over the next 3 years.

          It also keeps techs employed.

      • When though? It's taken them long enough to actually sort out the FTTN connections and now they're saying they're updating?

        Don't get me wrong, I would have loved it if we were all on FTTP! They way it should have been done all along, and all for updating it! I just can't get my head around all the waste! They claim that the rollout has finished but there appear to be plenty of places that can't actually get it working, that's on top of their "known difficult premises".

        For example, I helped someone last week get on to the NBN, their address came up as available, they had been waiting for for 3 months before a tech managed to figure out what was wrong. Apparently someone jumpered the wrong cable? 5 tech visits and they couldn't figure it out 🤦🏽‍♂️. They're on FTTN.

        • What's is there not to understand ?
          Ppl had a clear choice going into election, vote libs and you get old copper NBN, vote labour and you get fttn , ppl decided and we are where we are due to their choice

        • FTTP upgrades are taking place between 2021-23.

          Speaking about waste NBN has purchased 55,911km of copper that is enough to wrap around Australia twice. Some FTTN copper cabling is a big rats nest.

    • my parents home won the FTTN lotto. They get 100/20 speeds meaning the node is very close by

    • here here mko75 - due to long distance from the node, i can't get over 25mbps and pay almost no less than 50mbps… - why not up it even more for free on the taxpayer funded fibre only and give them 100mbps for about the same price as my 25…! ffs

  • I got a similar deal on TPG - maybe OP can add it.

    Usually on 50/20 but got upgraded to 250/25 for free for 6mths. It's been great and actually operating above the advertised speed. Was about to leave (18mths were up) but this kept me on!

    Service Message: From XX/02/2021, we are changing your internet plan to the nbn Home Superfast plan for 6 months. This plan offers faster potential speeds but your monthly access fee will not change. We have sent you an email containing more details, or you can call us on 13 14 23.

  • I've been with optus since the cable days. But haven't received any speed upgrade offer, even though I'm FTTP.

    • I’m on FTTP and have been with optus for a while but haven’t received this offer. I am on a month to month plan though

      • it may be because im on a sort of grandfather plan where i only pay $75/mth for 100/40 nbn with unlimited home phone as well as the fetch full entertainmain pack including optus sports.

        • Wow , I thought I have a good deal, mine in $80/mth 50/20 unlimited fetch mighty and one pack only and optus sport, good but not as good as yours

          • @BaarOzGain: I am on a grandfathered plan too, $80 for 50/20 with fetchy might and 1 channel pack

            I messaged them on live chat, they removed the boost from 25 to 50, and now i am on ultrafast

          • @BaarOzGain: I'm with the same base plan like yours, $80, fetch mighty with one pack, Optus sport. Also have a $20 speed pack 4 which brings my speed to 100/40. Just live chatted with Optus and the customer service team said the new promotion is for the new customers who contracted 36 months. But since I'm a loyal customer and also my current technology is the same as the promotion, which is FTTP, most likely I can get the 6 months' free upgrade to ultrafast, beyond that, they also give me $10/month discount on my plan during the 6 month's upgrade, sounds good for me. LOL

          • @BaarOzGain: Managed to get this deal by contacting them and threatening to leave optus because I'd been a loyal customer since cable was available in my area, yet I hadn't been offered any discounts. So they gave me that $75/mth deal and also sent me a fetch mighty box also.

            • @BlitzR: Haha, should follow your lead and do the same thing, but I'm not that loyal to you in terms of years being an Optus customer, I started internet with them only 5 years ago, but I also have 2 mobile phone numbers with them as well as the ultimate pack of Fetch.

        • Wowsers. I was on that kind of grandfathered cable plan but they refused to keep the discounts going when I switched to nbn HFC. Can you PM me any details so I can hit them up?

          • @cheaponos: The only thing that I really did was ring them up to asked if they could do a better price on my package, since I noticed that there were other providers offering the same service but at a cheaper price. The initial consultant told.me that they couldn't do any deals, so I asked to be connected to the cancellations department. I got connected to the retentions team and give this deal for 12mths. the price has stuck for well over 16mths now.

    • The rollout maybe staggered over the coming days. What router are you using?

  • I haven't followed up with the previous Superloop thread on the same upgrade, but why aren't FTTC customers included in this?

  • Hmmm, on optus 50/20 HFC but didn't get it. Any ideas?

  • I have not seen anything on the Optus crappy yescrowd support site.

  • No OptiComm?

  • Do I need to apply for it ?

  • I'm on 100/40 so don't get the offer

    Thanks Floptus

    • So because we have 100/40 we miss out :(

      • Same here. Upgraded to 100/40 in April last year.
        Not targeted :(
        Might have to look out for a better deal.

      • I believe this is the NBN promoting the higher speeds in with the hope that people like it so much, that they decide to stay on it after the 6 months. Optus aren't the only RSP doing it. The ones that are have the exact same deal.

    • and any other deals is a downgrade to 20 upload speed. fml

  • Arggghhhh. Been with Optus for 14 years. On 100/40 HFC. So I guess I’m not eligible? I just checked my address and I’m capable of getting 1gbps down too. Hectic.

    I might give them a call on the weekend and Karen out.

  • Nothing for FTTC? Pricks.

  • Is this done auto? or do we have to phone optus??

    They should just do it auto, its easier, who does not want faster speeds for the same price?

  • +1 vote

    I bet they are doing this to improve their accc average speed. If they don't do it they risk someone beating them. They have been number 1 for a couple of years now…

  • I'm on 100/40 on a legacy plan ($140 My entertainment Plus). Still on the old speed. No Upgrade.

  • I had to send them a message on live chat to get it applied. Very quick and easy process.

    I am on ultrafast now, 650mbps ish

    • What speed plan were you on before being upgraded to Ultrafast? Also how long before speed upgrade took effect from the point you got the confirmation of the upgrade?

      Its just that I have had my plan upgrade too via chat and they said it will take a few hours to take effect..been 2-3 hours alreaxy and no difference in speed yet.

      • I was on NBN50/20. They told me it would take 45 minutes, it took about 15 for me, it also rebooted my NTD automatically

        • Good on you bro! Im on NBN 50/20 as well but my upgrade which is in process as we speak is only for 250 down not the Ultra 1000 down which you got..