This was posted 11 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$0 Upgrade to nbn 250/25 or 1000/50 for 6 Months (FTTP & HFC Only) (Existing Customers Only) @ iiNet, TPG & Internode


iiNet, TPG and Internode are automatically giving existing customers with FTTP and HFC on 50/20, 100/20 and 100/40 a free upgrade to 250/25 or 1000/50 for 6 Months.

After 6 months is over you have the option of paying the full price for 250/25 $134.99/m or 1000/50 $154.99/m or go back to a slower speed.

How to obtain: you don't need to do anything. It's automatic.

Compatible router required. Use wired Ethernet for best results.

NBN250/Ultrafast plans are only available in FTTP & select HFC areas.

iiNet NBN Critical Information Summary

Chris May iiNet ISP Representative

Just wanted to clarify here that nobody's plan is actually changing. Eligible customers are receiving a speed boost in line with the communication that they have received. After six months if they choose not to switch to the Superfast plans then they will stay on their current plan.

We will contact customers when their speed boost ends with details on how to switch to a Superfast plan should they wish to do so.

Paul Guidera iiNet ISP Representative

It's definitely still in progress! Keep an eye out for an email/sms from us in the coming weeks.

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  • huh? am i reading this right?

    • Fire up a speedtest.

      • +6

        1gbps for 6 months? I think this has to be the all time best bargain wrt internet plans. Although, makes me wonder how much speed you will actually get during evenings since all fftp/hfc users are on high speed plans.

        • +1

          Yeah for 6 months. We will find out soon enough if iiNet provision enough CVC and if the HFC gets congested.

          NBN Ultrafast has an off-peak download speed of 500Mbps on NBN HFC, and 990Mbps on NBN FTTP.

          Typical Evening Download Speeds 200.0Mbps^

          ^NBN250/Ultrafast: As these are new plans, the speeds stated here are currently based on an estimate. iiNet will revise the Typical evening speeds once it has collected enough data on the speed performance for these plans.

          • +3

            @Twix: Im on the iinet NBN50 plan with FTTP and im only getting 42.4 Mbps download & 14.6 Mbps upload based on a speed test right now. Do i need to ask them for the free upgrade?

            • @ialam99: Nah it's automatic. What router do you use?

              • @Twix: I use a tp‑link archer c9. Does it make a difference what router i use?

                • @ialam99: Yeah some routers are not capable of Gigabit. Try with an Ethernet cord.

                  • @Twix: Right, i just realised i have the iinet issued tg789vac v2 router next to the fiber box in my garage. The archer c9 is inside the house but actually connects to the tg789vac v2. Is that causing the problem?

                    Also checked with a wired connection and still getting around 45 / 15 on the NBN50 plan so doesn't look like it's been upgraded as yet.

            • @ialam99: yeah i did a speedtest too and it's the usual 50 down and 15 up, so no upgrade here either (with TPG).

              • -3

                @Iggemo: If you’re getting 50 you’re clearly either not on a 100 plan or not on FTTP or HFC. So it wouldn’t apply to you even if TPG were matching the deal.

                Note: Not neg reason. Neg justification is below.

                • @PainToad: im on HFC.. im on a 50/20 plan. Maybe i read the OP post wrong? It says

                  giving existing customers with FTTP and HFC on <100/40Mbps a free upgrade

                  is that symbol not those on LESS than 100/40 ?

                  • +1

                    @Iggemo: Any plan on 100/40 or less gets a free upgrade if NBN have enabled 250/25 or 1000/50 at your HFC premises.

          • +2

            @Twix: I was hoping free HFC to FTTP upgrade on a contract 🤦‍♂️🤣 wishful thinking

            • @plague69: Yeah cough up the dough 💰 or you're staying on HFC.

  • How do you get the deal, all i can see is the upgrade for $154?

    • You don't need to do anything. It's automatic.

      • from when?

        • It started yesterday. I don't know if it started for everyone at the same time or iiNet are doing it from your next bill.

          • +9

            @Twix: lol i'm on already. 930/45 test just done. Happy days.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser341338: Awesome speeds :-)

            • +1

              @DisabledUser341338: what was your current plan? still no dice here still at 50

              • @superfriends: same here, im on 50/20 plan with no luck.

                • @Fvistr0: 50/20 is eligible for the upgrade. What router do you use?

                  • @Twix: Using their default one "TG-789 Broadband Gateway"

                    • @Fvistr0: The router CPU maybe where the bottleneck is. Restart it?

            • @DisabledUser341338: Did you need to restart the fiber modem to get the higher speed? Also, i choose the backup power option when the NBN guys came so i don't even know how to reset it. If i switch off the power, the backup power just switches on.

              • @ialam99: no didn't re start anything

      • +7

        Given it's automatically applied to customers accounts and for existing iiNet customers only, is it really a deal worthy of being posted here? I would have thought it's more a PSA and could go in the forums?

        Either way it's a 'good deal'

        • +2

          I don't know the mods can choose. RRP PS5 and Xbox back in stock 'deals' don't end up in the forums.

          • @Twix: Yeah let the mods decide. Who knows which way the coin will land and what they decide.

            I guess the PS5 / Xbox deals are popular because they're available to everyone (providing you can find stock) and they're in demand as everyone wants one….RRP or not.

    • +12

      1st requirement is to not be a 3rd class citizen with FttN and a max speed of just 20/7mb/s.
      I hope you choke on your quinoa Malcomb.

      • +1

        I nearly spat out my lunch 🤣

      • +3

        Haha Malcomb!…
        cause receding hairline…

        (No offense to the follicly impaired)

  • Where is this written?

    • iiNet sent out emails and text message.

      • -1

        Damnit, I changed over from 100/40 to 1000/50 a month or two ago. I hope they retroactively apply this.

        Seems to me to be a move to get people off the legacy 100/40 plans.

        • +1

          I don't think they will. These discounts are NBNs doing and ISPs are passing them on.

          • @Twix: Doesn't hurt to ask - I've been with them since '94 and have always been the first to jump on the faster plans.

            I gave them a call and the response seemed to be roughly (paraphrase), "Oh. Damn. Yeah, we didn't think about that. We'll get back to you"

            They thought about changing me back to 100/40 but because you need to be on the plan for 3 months that would rule me ineligible.

  • +2

    Are you kidding me wow…..

  • +8

    They tryna get you hooked on them premium speeds so you cant go down later

    • +17

      Yep. The first hit's free.

      • +1

        Say my name.

        • +4


        • +1

          My name.

          • @AlienC: Heisenberg 🎩💎

            • @Twix: You acting kind of shady

              • @AlienC: Slim shady.

                • +1

                  @Twix: When no one is around you say baby I love you

  • if it's automatic, would you get 250 or 1000 ? who decides ?

    • +1

      From what I can gather FTTP gets 1000/50. HFC gets 250/25 or 1000/50 depending on what NBN have enabled.

      • +6

        HFC gets a best effort "up to" because it's old tech from the 90s and is massively susceptible to congestion.

        Edit: Not neg reason. Neg justification is below.

    • +3

      I got the 1000/50 automatically in Coffs Harbour, we've had NBN FTTH for near 5 years

      • +1

        that's really good. hopefully they have managed to up CVC ratio (majority of it will come from 1000 AVC inclusion) and additional international transit. I'm not on iiNet but a few friends are.

  • +2

    NBN is doing some promo to get people on higher speeds.
    I expect other ISPs to bring in specials soon.

    • +1

      So far Aussie BB, Tangerine and Superloop have done monthly discounts.

      • +2

        For new connections. Free upgrade for existing subs is an entirely other level!

  • +2

    Wow! This is a great opportunity for the subs. Wish TPG has this service and promo.

    Really want to try the fastest NBN there is first and see if it's worth paying the extra dollars over my existing 100/40 plan.

    • TPG maybe doing it to. Can you or anyone else check please?

      • Far as I know, TPG don't have the fastest service. Asked them before and said they don't see it happening in the foreseeable future.

        Is the 1000/50 really the fastest speed to be had now? Simply, wow!

        • +2

          1000/400 is available for the low price of $429/m 🤣

      • This pretty much confirms it.

      • Not sure if they're doing it but my TPG speeds bumped up at the moment: 4ms, 109.22/45.78

        • Are you using a download limiter on your router?

          45.78 upload is the 1000/50 plan.

      • -1

        Be aware TPG have 30 day cancellation period, offered me a month free on their 100/40 if I didn't cancel, but have no plans for higher speeds (only on bu$$ne$$ plans)

        iiNet can activate as of a specific date so you don't pay twice, but need to sign up over the phone not online to do this.

        iinet Sales rep said they couldn't guarantee would get this offer, but most likely would happen after a month or two for 6 months.

    • Pay the few dollars for a month and downgrade if you don't need it. Simple.

      Edit: Not neg reason. Neg justification is below.

  • +5

    Hope Ausiebroadband is reading this.

  • HFC was already steaming pile of congested crap before. Upping everyone at once whether they want/need it is not going to end well. Very stupid move by iiNet.

    • I hope the CVC is ready 🤣

      • +10

        It's not just the CVC at an ISP level. It's congestion at the single point that all the coaxial connects to in each neighbourhood/street. That will become more congested - effecting everyone in the area - even those not with iiNET.

        NBN frequently disable new signups to 250 and 1000 for HFC when areas become too congested. So this may stop people who actually need these speeds and were going to pay for the service long term from signing up with every ISP - because of this stupidity by iiNet.

        • -7

          lol, sore loser?

          • +4

            @DisabledUser341338: No, just not ignorant and see the importance of people having non-congested internet atm.

            • -3

              @PainToad: have never had the problem anyway

              • +1


                have never had the problem anyway

                Obviously, congestion varies from area to area depending on the number of users and how they are using the service.

            • +1

              @PainToad: This is just a strawman argument. You are assuming that people are going to suddenly be fully utilising the full bandwidth 250 or 1000. There will be little to no overall impact. Most 100 users are using a fraction of their bandwidth as it is. There is plenty of data out on this.

              • +2


                You are assuming that people are going to suddenly be fully utilising the full bandwidth 250 or 1000

                It’s not a matter of people actively choosing to use it - the effects will be automatic. If you have a house with a few Xbox’s and PlayStations that all suddenly start automatically downloading an Fortnight or CoD update at once, that house will now be using 1gbs instead of 100mbs.

                Or if you have a house that has a bunch of people streaming, the quality will no longer be limited to 100mbs.

                Things in a household will use all bandwidth available. It’s not something people have to enable.

                This effect gets multiplied out by each house.

                • +1

                  @PainToad: I understand the point you are making. Although that download would finish in a 2-3 seconds at 250 or 1000 so the impact will be negligible assuming the servers can even spit out data at that speed. Also out of your month usage how much is xbox updates? For streaming even a 100mbs connection worst case may be 6 people on the same connection watching Netflix 4k which streams at around 16mbs. Although that also seems very unlikely as most content is in SD/full HD, most households have less than 6 people and dont necessarily stream at once and so on.

                  I guess my point is prolonged and constant streaming / downloading at rates of 250 or 1000 just don't happen at all in real word situations at the consumer level. I feel you that congestion is annoying but you may be misdirecting your outrage and negging on something that won't have a real world impact.

        • NBN frequently disable new signups to 250 and 1000 for HFC when areas become too congested.

          Really? never heard of this. once a segment is upgraded to DOCSIS 3.1, it should cope well with those speeds. Not arguing that it's the best technology but I'd rather be on HFC right now than the stupid FTTN/C NBN has newly built !

          • @fifoo:

            Really? never heard of this. once a segment is upgraded to DOCSIS 3.1, it should cope well with those speeds


            My use of "frequently" was exaggerated sorry.

            HFC right now than the stupid FTTN/C NBN has newly built !

            I'd rather FTTC or FTTN (if close to the node). HFC is becoming a mess.

            Launtel boss Damian Ivereigh has savaged NBN’s hybrid-fibre coax access technology (more commonly just called HFC), calling it the network’s single most unreliable product.

            That savagery is not without cause. While most people know that NBN’s Fibre to the Node product is far from ideal – and to be sure, it does have its own issues – even FTTN is considered by Launtel and other industry players to be preferable to HFC.


            • @PainToad:


              Thanks for sharing this. Wasn't aware of it. looking at that one image, it could be a street with an incompatible amp or LE. anyway, it is happening !

              on that Ausdroid article, majority of that is just mismanagement of NBN (politics and what not) or issues that apply to all of MTM technologies rather than just HFC. I've been on HFC 120/2 since 2010 on Telstra and moved to NBN and have never had to report an individual service fault. A lot of my friends who are FTTN/C can't even get anything faster than 100/40 so that speaks for itself. NBN bought the HFC/Copper network for $1 on top of the $11b infrastructure deal with big T. since then they have invested billions building FTTN and FTTC network. Billions in copper extensions on FTTC to connect customers.

              HFC has had optimisation done to uplift it to DOCSIS 3.1 which adds value in terms of additional revenue, super fast and ultrafast plans, where as all the spend on copper is still limited to 100/40 maximum plan which majority of FTTN customers can't get anyway.

  • is iinet good? do they get enough bandwidth? Maybe i should switch from superloop?

    • +2

      iiNet is TPG under the hood. You won't be eligible for this deal.

    • I have been with them when originally westnet for 17 years, never had any problems.

      • +1

        Lucky you, because if/when you do have an issue and need to call them good luck!

        I was with them for 15 years and never had any issues or reasons to call them until recently (before COVID-19) when we moved from ADSL to FTTN. Minimum wait times are an hour. When you manage to get through to their O/S call centre (usually in South Africa) the quality of the VOIP they use is rubbish and you'll struggle to hear what they're saying and it would often disconnect……and they seldom ring you back forcing you start the whole process over again.

        Plus knowledgeable staff were few and far between.

        • no different than Telstra or apple etc

          • +1

            @DisabledUser341338: Nope - that's why I switched to Aussie Broadband. Costs more but local call centre, no wait times and staff who know what they're doing

    • iinet is one of the worst. God help you if you need them to actually do something.

      • I've been with them for several years, in that time only had one outage that was their problem. The few times I've had to call them I was always able to get through to some one more technical, although I'll admit I haven't had to call them since they were bought out by TPG.

  • Is it only for those who got 100/40 plan ?

    • +2

      Anything under 100/40.

    • +5

      Could be your wireless equipment. Why assume it has something to do with with apple equipment age.

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