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Desktop PC with i9 9900K, 6700 XT, 360mm ARGB Cooler, 16GB 3200MHz RAM | $1899 + Delivery @ BPC Tech


Good morning guys,

As the AMD 6700 XT officially launched yesterday, we are so excited to bring you a new 6700XT deal with i9-9900K! And we offered a 360mm AIO to clam the CPU down.

Here are the specs:
Intel Core i9 9900K Octa Core LGA 1151 3.60GHz Unlocked CPU Processor
Deepcool GAMMAXX L360 A-RGB Liquid CPU Cooler
Asrock Z390 PRO4 Motherboard
ASRock AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Challenger D 12GB Video Card
16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Memory
Deepcool CL500 TG ATX PC Case
4x 120mm fan included
650W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply

Personally, I would recommend going for the storage upgrade :).

Have a good weekend!

BPC Sales Team

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  • How about an all AMD option OP?

    EDIT: just realised that you are the first to offer a build with the 6700XT beating out Techfast and Virco. Well done!

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      Techfast's was up yesterday.

      A lower CPU option would be better balanced for 1440p gamers which seem to be the target market for this GPU

      • How did I miss that! Thanks mate.

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        I personally like a moderately overspecd CPU as in 3 years or so, a gpu upgrade will leave the CPU slightly underpowered, but still adequate.

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      Hi Camelthief,

      Here is our AMD solution, have a look :)

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      Really good price. Just wondering how many MH/s can I get from it?

      • around 38-45 MH/s with PhoenixMiner
        T-rex seems to stay a little more higher on stock
        best to run it in Linux

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    Hi OP, was looking at your 3060 system, are there stock? or is the waiting period a month?

  • Hi OP, any 3080 system deals coming?

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      Hi Leech,

      At the moment, our supplier only willing to provide us with the expensive 3080 model. Therefore we decide its not a good time to push any 3080 or 3090 builds.

      Once the market back to normal, we are more than willing to create some fancy 3080/90 build.

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        We shall check back in 2025… Hehehe

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          I want to both upvote and downvote this ¬¬

      • What PSU are you using for this system?

  • Thanks! Will be waiting patiently for the market to be back to normal.

    • You will need to wait for the crypto price to crash for that to happen

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    Have bought a 3070 build from these guys in the past. Well recommend them. Only sell what they have in stock ready for shipment. None of this when….. when…… when……. when…… shenanigans.

    • Did they send you the accessories that came with the components such as screws and SATA cables and stuff?

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        From memory yes. To be honest I haven’t done much with the rig. Unboxed it the day I got it as the shipping box wasn’t in pristine condition (as mentioned in other posts) and didn’t get around to turning it on for a week or so. Have pubg loaded up and that’s about it. But yes from memory there was a bag with extra screws and cables and the like. Spewing I missed the 4th 860 Samsung ssd. All in all I am well happy with BPC and the fact they only sell what’s in stock not what they are hoping, will possibly be, should be, probably be stock in the next 4 weeks or so is why I recommend them. Even if it is a oh so slight premium. I literally received mine in 4 or 5 days. Cheering!

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    I think Techfast one is a much better deal for 1440p gaming.

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      At $400/- cheaper I must agree.

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      you get what you pay for, this has better CPU, liquid cooling, non reference GPU, better MB, so yes it will be more expansive

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        That’s, exactly my point… those things barely make a difference if any for 1440p gaming.

        Why would you pay $400 more for all that if the performance is almost identical?

        Maybe if you are planning on video editing or sth.

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          well again no….how technical do you want to get
          i9 is about 10% faster in gaming (some games more) so there is that
          Intel also works better with 3200 hz ram, so on the AMD side you would need at least 3600MHz or you will notice performance hit
          on balance this is a well priced deal that gives you higher FPS if gaming is all you want + extra performance elsewhere

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            @botchie: That cover all 10% is just straight up made up. Depends on the game and most games are GPU bound.

            GPU renders a scene, so graphically intense process get bound by gpu- such as high settings 1440p on a game like cyberpunk

            Cpu does struggle with games with intensive physics like flight simulator.

            Technically better is not a good enough reason to spend $400 more or 26% more IMO.


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  • No brand specified 650w bronze PSU is scary af. Upgrade option for that is essential I'd imagine.

    • I mean surely this comes with a system level warranty. Upgrading doesn’t always mean it’s better. (Gigabytes high end 850w psu had issues for example…)

      • +1

        Doesn't always no, but it's a probability thing. A better quality psu will more likely last longer and be more stable. Also the higher quality components will output a more constant voltage across the load, which may/will make other components last longer (this last point I'm not entirely sure of haha, but it's plausible!)

        On a $1900 build, an extra $50 on the psu is beyond worth it.

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      They have had other systems at this price point with a 750W gold modular PSU so not sure why this one only uses a bronze psu with less wattage.

      • They gotta cut cost somewhere you know

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          No I know. It's just that they had a better system for the same price more or less. That too with a 10700k and a wifi motherboard. That's all I was pointing out

  • I really like that case too

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    "360mm AIO to clam the CPU down."

    The AIO may be the only clam you might be getting when using these.

  • "Clam the CPU down" ? Sounds fishy 😀

  • Is this deal better than the i7 techfast deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/606405

  • Is it possible to upgrade the PSU or to know the model being used in this build?

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