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Nutribullet 1000W Blender $89 (RRP $159.99) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest price according to camelcamelcamel.

1200 version also discounted to $129, but looks like it has been cheaper before at $107. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07T7T482X

900w version selling for $65.

Debating whether to get the the 1000w or 1200w. The more powerful version seems to get better reviews and comes with larger cups.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Yeah, hmmm $89 for 1000W seems better value but 1200W seems to have some extra features like 2x 900ml cups and autoblast function

  • 1200w for sure, the power…….
    Was $101 Oct'20

  • Hi, I've never ordered from Amazon, is there a promo code for first time users somewhere ? Would love to buy this, but still a bit dear for me…

  • Grab this one if you're okay with the sound.. It's really loud, feels like it's blending the whole apartment..

  • I have tried different brands and models of these and I find that Nutrininja has much better quality than the nutribullets. They feel so light and cheaply made compared to the Nutrininja, I returned mine.

    • my nutri ninja started rattling after like 100 uses

      • Our NN is due for the bin. My wife kept using it when it was getting noisier and burned out the motor and gears.

        Turns out she was putting the blades in the dishwasher and the bearings in the blade were seized but she kept using it anyway. Never thought to try turning the blades by hand so didn't notice until it was too late for the motor. Warning in case others have the same issue

      • Odd! Have ours for 3 years with regular use! We only out the blades on the upper dishwasher rack as per instructions too.

    • I agree, don't buy the Nutribullet. We bought two and they both died in weird different ways. Nutrininja does a much better blend, much faster, quiter etc.

    • I have the NN Auto IQ and love it. Works fine and comes with assorted jars. Paid 125 for it.

  • What would happen if you strapped a V8 to one of these instead?

  • 1200W dosent seem to provide any benefits in performance over the 1000W.

    I'm still using a 700W nutrininja slim that was around $40.

    • I still have the 700W Nutri Ninja slim and use it every day. I believe it was a deal on here ~2016 for $44!

  • 1200W Nutri Bullet for 109 dollars at Costco Marsden Park

  • +2 votes

    What's with the recent Amazon reviews? Is there is QA/design issue with these?


    "It blew up within 7 days of using it. After researching this it became clear it's an known issue they over heat easily."

    "Continual problem with this product. It has finally stopped working all together. Would never recommend this product. Constant burning smell, continuous smoke. Kept persevering, but it has finally died."

    "Bought this product and smells like a burning rubber even after running 2minutes. Worried that it may explode at any pont in time."

    "It has boon 6 months and it is already not working anymore"

    "Its broken after only 2 months"

    "The machine stopped within a month of purchase , returned for refund"

    • I've personally had a poor experience with mine.

      I had the 900W Mega Pack that I purchased from TGG for around $80.

      I'm not sure if it's from improper use causing it to overheat, but I felt like I did things correctly. Had read the horror stories so I never ran it more than 30 seconds, I kept it below the max line, I tried to make sure it had plenty of liquid. After probably 6 months or so of minimal usage, it started to have a burning smell when using. After noticing brown gunk / grease or something on the extractor blade, I decided to bin that blade.

      I switched out to the second half-blade that the pack comes with. No burning smell with this one. However it decided to very quickly have a loose rubber gasket that popped out during use and tangled itself around the blade. I tried to fix it and put it back in, but it would just pop out each time.

      They recommend replacing the blade if the gasket comes out so I just binned that one too as it was too much effort. The FAQ does say they suggest replacing blades after 6 months, but I felt like my usage was so minimal that they shouldn't have expired at that stage. It was Melbourne lockdowns at that point so I just put it aside and forgot about it, definitely exceeding the 12 month warranty by this point. I could just buy replacement blades too, but I don't really trust the thing anymore.

      I can't say whether it was misuse or a shitty product. But after the hassle of it, I've decided against trying Nutribullet again personally. A relative has experienced issues with hers also, which I would guess is also a 900w model, can't recall what she said was wrong.

      I've recently purchased the more expensive and more space consuming Ninja Duo for $200 as an alternative. It feels good quality and I am happy with it. Having the 2.1L jug and the smaller 600/900ml cups for the one machine is great. Though I can't predict whether these blades will also crap out within 6 months.

      • Are you running your own boost juice? 2.1L is massive.

        • The 2.1L is just a regular blender. I don't think that's excessively large is it? lol.

          Then it has a separate blade for blending directly in the smaller cups.

  • 900w $65, is it worth to pay $25 for only 100w more?

  • Nutri ninja also discounted to $75 for 900w

    • It’s $79, which is exactly the minimum amount required for $20 off first Amazon order voucher from little birdie. I ended up ordering this nutri ninja with that voucher and 2 $15 prepaid cards from myy, happily paid $29.

  • Nah.. had a 900W that broke in 2 months. Returned for a refund.

  • For those who are Costco member, The 1200 12pc set is $109. Just bought myself yesterday. Price includes shipping.

  • Still have the original going strong for like 10 years. Paid around $180 off one of those shopping channels when they had the only distribution rights in Australia. Rip off but definitely got my money’s worth haha

  • We upgraded our 900W to the 1200W Select after the blade unit had worn out. There is no real difference in blending performance but attaching the jugs/cups to the unit is easier, the push buttons are a nice touch (no pun intended), and no o-ring to worry about. We could have just bought a new blade unit for the 900W but thought we’d give the new model a go (plus we sold the 900W without a blade unit).

  • The NUTRIBULLET BLENDER COMBO 1200 is way better. Owned this one for a while, upgraded to the combo after it broke and its a much better experience. More consistent, has an extract mode so you don't have to stop and shake the stuff around, comes with a multitude of cups, attaching and detaching is easier, the smoothies are "smoother". So I'd suggest anyone willing to wait for a good deal to seriously consider the 1200 combo. I think it was on sale in ebay via Myer at about iut $160 after discounts. It a way way better product than this.

    Looks like it's $189 after discounts @ binglee in eBay


  • I've had the one from Kmart (nutritional pro blender) since October and I'm very happy with it. It's 1500watts for $59. It turns everything (including very small seeds) into liquid.

    • Yeah, what's the difference between these and the KMart ones? Does the same thing, doesn't it?

      • I actually think the Kmart one is a better product. Next time you go to Kmart check the one on display. It feels much sturdier than the nutribullet too. I know the word "sturdy" doesn't come up much in discussions of kmart products, but this one is different.

        • Have you found any compatible blades or accessories for it? Thinking about lifespan

          • @TheLurker: I actually emailed Kmart about this. They said they would assist me in finding replacement parts.

            • @Bangriboss: Thanks. Not exactly an easy online store for new blades etc and sounds like their warranty team would be behind it. Still, at that price i think it's worth a go. Thanks for the tip!

              • @TheLurker: I broke my the blender's cup last week. I emailed them and they said that staff at kmart store would assist in providing replacement parts. Today I went there and talked to staff. They said I can either wait a couple of weeks for the replacement, or they would swap the whole thing with a new one right then. Since I didn't want this device to go to waste, I decided that I will keep it and use the small cup till the other cup arrives.

                So if you've bought your blender in the past 12mths, there is a good chance that they will replace the whole thing even if you only need one part. It's a lot of waste, but at least you have a good warranty in case you need it.

                • @Bangriboss: Great tip. It's after 12m I was thinking about, but they are excellent with warranty.

                  My sister isn't the best on tech or policy but does get cranky. Her microwave broke after 6 years of use and she took it back. Not sure if the staff member was uninformed, generous or scared, but they gave her a brand new replacement of a new model on the spot. Can't beat that!

                  • @TheLurker: That's hilarious. 6 years!

                    • @Bangriboss: Brutal I know. I wouldn't have the guts to expect that, yet they she asked and they honoured it. Impressive!

                      A question: Do you think the cups are weak, or was it clearly misuse and they still swapped it?

                      • @TheLurker: I broke the cup. It was totally my own fault, and I admitted to them. The cup was full of water and I dropped it. The weight of the water put much more pressure on it. Still, it didn't shatter, only part of it was broken.

                        I was surprised to see that they are willing to swap it despite the whole thing clearly being my fault.

                        • @Bangriboss: Very good of them to do so. Went to get one today, and it is sold out in all stores locally (Gold Coast region) and none available online. 95 reviews on their site all pretty glowing, so I think that's the purchase I'll make. Thanks very much for the advice and tips!

      • Yep, this one. Sorry, I must have miss-remembered. It's still more than enough nevertheless. My previous blender was only 300watts and was happy with it, the problem was that it was just too small.

  • I got one of these for my brother's birthday a while ago, but I think I may have got a non-genuine one? Was also around the $90 or so.

    My brother complained the blender used to cook the juice inside it got so hot.


  • I broke my old Nutribullet cup today. Searched for this recent deal and it was marked EXPIRED. Clicked through and there are 3 of the 1000w models in stock at a reduced price of $86.68 ($2.32 further saving).

    • That's from a 3rd party seller newly launched with 0 feedback, best not to purchased from there.

      Amazon is available for $89 on backorder however, I changed the URL.

    • Can't you replace the cup only? Replacing the whole unit seems like a waste to me.

      • It's a good point u make. Could have just bought a new cup.
        I was ready for the upgrade though. The 1000w is more powerful and juices are now smoother than before. This one also comes with a 900ml cup instead of a 700ml cup. Making drinks for my family I was always overloading the cup. Not an issue anymore with the big cup and this machine can power through the workload.
        It's also quieter and i like how it starts slow and ramps up to full power afterwards 1-2 secs.