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[VIC] Xbox Series S $499, Xbox Series X $749 In-store @ EB Games, Melbourne


Hi guys! First time poster so please don't sh!t on me.

I just wanted to share with you my amazing find.

I attended EB Games at Swanston St, Melbourne in the city 30 min ago.

Went into buy a Series S and the girl offered me a Series X where they just had stock arrive today.

Can't confirm how many are left but may be worth a call up! Maybe other stores in the area also have them. Goodluck!

FYI: It's standard RRP

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    Name of store in title

  • Ta

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    Thanks for whoever updated title. Sorry! Rookie error.

  • Are they accepting trade ins?

    • yep, but i don't know if you'll get a good deal.

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      Yes I traded in my Xbox One X and 5 older games. Got the Level 4 extra 20% trade value in addition I believe I got extra because I was trading in my One X towards another console.

      Earlier that day I was told trade in value for the One X was $210 + 42 bonus trade value ($242 total) but actually got $276 total for it.

      • What's the trade in value for the series x?

      • I just sold my Xbox one S for $330 on eBay and used that but this was last year and people were desperate to get consoles due to Covid

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          You just sold your Xbox…. Last year?

          Me confused.

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            @TEER3X: He's saying what he did, like.. "oh, you drink gin? i just drink beer."

      • Wow i guess i got lucky with their trade in program if you had a pre-order because EB gave me $420 with my extra 20% trade in value for my One X in November last year.

        • Yeah the pre-order trade-in deal was why I really wanted to pre-order. I got about the same (with a couple of old games thrown in), making the upgrade cost $330 out of pocket, a no brainer for me at that price.
          It's an outstanding machine too, will serve me well for many years to come I reckon.

      • Not sure if still offering but I got $349 trade in for my One X back in Jan on level 3. No games required.

    • The trade in promo for the Xbox series x

      using xbox one x with one game (any xbox one game…that they can resell)

      $250 + ebgames world 2 ( $275 trade in value )
      $250 + ebgames world 3 ( $287.50 trade in value )
      $250 + ebgames world 4 ( $300 trade in value )
      $250 + ebgames world 5 ( $312.50 trade in value )

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    thanks for the heads up m8 nice post!

  • None near me, called a few stores in my area and all of them said the same thing. No stock and not even taking pre-orders at this time. Cant imagine how they had these, as they would still be clearing backorders as it is.

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      Mate that's exactly what my thoughts were. Surely there's still pre-orders the one I purchased should be going to. Unless they have a quota where they must have some in store or something.. strange!

    • I was told to just ring on any day as they don't even know exact dates of when they will get them in.

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      They lose $70 after selling at rrp?

      So Microsoft approach HN & ask will you sell our consoles & lose $70 off each one 🤔

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      • I know it's a joke… They have transport and warehouse costs included on the item but even then the buy price is like $485 and sell is $499

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          They probably get x amount back off Microsoft, why bother stocking a item if there barely a profit or potential loss, sure they’ll get more traffic in & possible upsell other products but seems a weird strategy for a major like HN 🤷‍♂️

          I didn’t neg your comment btw

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            @RogueWolf: No I'm sure there are some back end retrievals us sales people don't see….because it would only boost our sales numbers and possibly our commissions but seriously. The amount of laptops that go out the door below cost blows my mind.

            And product care. Would normally never recommend before I worked there. But say you buy a computer for 4k and pay 1k for a 4 year warranty and the battery only lasts for 50% of the original time. You get a refund on the computer. It actually is worth it….in some cases

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              @dickiee: Are you sure that “cost” price is actually cost, or is it just the lowest you’re allowed to sell it at?

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                @cnut: We see the buy price and then see the cost price which is transport and warehouse etc added on. If you take that off we still lose money but not much

            • @dickiee: You don't get to see true cost price. Some pos systems let you see true cost price when you write something off.

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                @King Steuart: Managers at HN can see the actual cost price.

                It’s written backwards on a separate section of the screen eg if the cost price is 2345 there is a random section of the screen that says 5432.

                Not kidding.

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          JB's the same. The staff sees a 'cost price' but it isn't the 'real' cost price.

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    PS5 vs Xbox Series X?

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        ~ I've just been in this place before ~
        ~ Higher on the street, and I know it's my time to go ~

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      *grabs popcorn…*

    • PC

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    • Which one is breaking down the most?

    • Series S

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      Moms spaghetti

    • Sega Master System.

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    • Neither, buy EFT shares instead.

      • Buy weed and you won't care.

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    Was just at the Chapel Street EB Games and they received 4 about 30 mins ago. I got one.

    Talking to the guy at the counter, they get their orders on a Monday around lunch to late afternoon and are getting about 2-4 a week.

    • i literally just called up chapel st, congrats on getting one!

    • Out the front of the Chapel St store now, waiting for it to open. Hopefully because it wasn't widely known that stock was being delivered there is at least one left.
      My son gave up on PS5 he has been trying to get since November - he has lots of PS3 games and we are both big Bethesda game fans, so I've changed to trying to find Xbox stock (though I think he'll be happy with whichever one he can get hands on first).

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        Got the last one at the Chapel St store. Thank you TrueSuperMario, you are a legend

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          Yeah! Glad someone on here got the benefit from the post!

  • Don't want to be negative but with the lack of next gen games…this console feels no different to my Xbox One. If you have a Xbox One X…I wouldn't be rushing to upgrade.

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      I had a One S so it was a big upgrade. But yea if you have a One X wait until next gen games start to hit.

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      this console feels no different to my Xbox One

      Press X to doubt

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      Look, honestly you're flat out incorrect and here's why:

      Load times are heavily reduced. A game that takes you 2 minutes takes 10-20 seconds on Xbox SS/SX. That's loading the game up or loading new levels. Your "feels no different" comment is incorrect.

      FPS Boost Microsoft are implementing is available for more and more previous generation titles where you can play previous gen games at 60fps with either Xbox SS / SX.

      Benefit of 4K and 60 fps can't be overstated. If you have a 4K TV then the Series X is fantastic.

      If you don't play it often or don't have the spare cash to splurge then sure, it's not a necessary purchase currently.

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        Agree. I upgraded from a One X, and whilst sure, visually, majority of the games look the same; they certainly feel much better due to both load times and FPS updates/stability. Not to mention this thing is damn silent…

        • Same. I think of it as a One X but better; rather than a whole new experience… not that I'm complaining about the small steps of improvement.

    • not sure why negged so hard though… it’s exactly how i feel about my ps5. With shortages of new consoles old gen consoles will have longer run time + games availability

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    4 months later and not a single game…..

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      damn really?

    • The Medium…but let's just try to forget that game ever existed…It does look nice though but gameplay is very dull.

      • I actually enjoyed Medium. Would be keen for a sequel with additional features to it.

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        Im not for either? I think having 3 games for PS5 is also terrible. I'm not bragging about anything. I have a PS4 and X1?

        • It makes sense if you took EB trade in deals. My Series X costed me $100 out of pocket and PS5 costed me $50. Yes, I had to give EB my PS4 Pro and XB1X, old controllers and some games. However, the quality of life improvement alone (on both camps) is worth $150 for sure: Quick Resume, SSD, DualSense, Quieter (esp. compared to PS4 Pro), USB 3.1 gen 2 (yes, the USB ports are technically 2X faster - making USB 3.1 gen 2 NVMe enclosure setup worthwhile).

          Yes, you can wait till sufficient true first party exclusives are out. However, even unoptimised games load faster (due to faster CPU) and still has more stable fps. Optimised games, well, they are technically 2X better in fps (with some of them have ray tracing support). Quick Resume on Series X is really good, making switching games much more pleasant.

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        Talk about a knee jerk reaction, he didn't even mention the Playstation.

        Personally to me both consoles aren't "good" right now since theres no new games for either.

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      I play mine an awful lot considering it has no games.

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      That's not true… There are games:

      Assassin's Creed Valhalla
      The Medium *(in Game Pass)
      Watch Dogs: Legion
      Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition
      Hitman 3
      NBA 2K21
      Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

      Just because most OZBers are not buying them (probably due to lack of good deals) doesn't mean there isn't any game. Not counting Cyberpunk 2077 due to next gen edition / patch not yet available.

      First party exclusives… well, on the Microsoft camp, 343 Industries really screwed up. It's been many years since Halo 5 so what exactly had 343 been doing all these years. The Series X packaging box has a heavy Halo Infinite theme so we know Microsoft's original plan. Right now, the quality of life changes on Series X|S, PS5 are enough to get people to commit. Let's face it, RX580 type graphics (XBox One X) isn't really going to satisfy people anymore. Yes, 30fps is acceptable, but 60fps is certainly better.

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    Will this run Among Us?

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      It can't. It doesn't have legs.

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    Bloke at JB told me they may have a shipment late March, but mid year everywhere will be fully stocked.

    He had some in stock, but because people put money down they can't sell them even tho they can't get in touch with the people.

  • Are there actually any next gen titles on these next gen consoles?

    All I ever see are last gen titles running on them. It all seems a bit underwhelming at the moment.

    • Good question, best answer: No.

      I'll explain:

      Currently there's no new titles that are Xbox Exclusive besides Medium that have been released.

      However Microsoft have upgraded recent previously released titles from last generation to ensure you get 1440p to 4K and 60 fps upgrade.

      Some of that is the developers but a lot of it is also Microsoft exclusive with games that they can boost with certain software technology. Eg: Skyrim, Prey, Dishonoured, Fallout 4, Sniper Elite 4, Far Cry 4 and others all run at 60fps with either XSS and XSS console.

      The general load times from 2 minutes to now 20-30 seconds is worth it by itself if you're not strapped for cash. Hope that helps :)
      Hope that helps :)

      In addition you have the multiplatform games that are on both PS5 and XSX eg: Assassin's Creed Valhalla, COD etc that play and look great.

      • Absolutely. lag and load times upgrade worth it for me. And Series s is the better bargain in advance of a sub 500 x upgrade.

      • +2

        Thinking back to previous consoles over the years, you always had a few titles on release that said "Wow!" You knew there was that big step up from previous generations and it impressed the hell out of you. I have not seen that from this gen.

        What I'm getting with this is no different to my 2010 Hyundai i30 car. Sure it runs better, has had a few tweaks to boost performance and runs quieter than it used to . But at the end of the day, it's still a 2010 i30.

        • It's hard to impress since we have had games like Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us II (graphics, animation). The new consoles do have at least 2X better graphics, much better CPU (a lower clocked Ryzen 3700X) and SSD.

          The SSD difference is significant. When we look at Control for example:

          PS5 load time (SSD): 7.44 seconds (* Ultimate Edition with 60fps)
          PS4 Pro load time (HDD): 54.37 seconds
          PS4 load time (HDD): 61.44 seconds

          Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P1vx-6Dx98. It would be similar for Series X vs XB1X vs XB1.

          You can feel the difference between 8 seconds and 54 seconds. I personally tested Control Ultimate edition (coz. I do recall playing it on XB1X and the load time wasn't pleasant). I don't know how many people replace their PS4/PS4 Pro internal HDD with SSD. Also, 60fps vs 30fps is something you definitely can notice.

          However, if you already have a PC gaming setup using SSD, then you obviously won't be impressed with the SSD difference (since you are already used to it).

      • I do like the fact last gen games have been upgraded with higher frame rates and resolution and have that backwards compatibility.

        I guess this is buying them some time.

    • Not really. I got one but due to this reason have been hardly playing it besides a couple of games. Hopefully some big titles come out soon which will warrant the purchase. I’d personally recommend just waiting and perhaps by the time more next gen solid titles come out you may even be able to get a discount on a console. Let’s be honest games like gta 6, new elder scrolls, doom etc etc won’t be out for a good year or two

      • Yeah just depends. If you're using your current console a lot now then yes it's worth it based on loading improvements alone.

        If its not being used much then there's no games that would bring someone back to next-gen just yet.

    • +1

      I think it'll be a bit longer before games are actively designed/planned for next gen consoles and the improvements in performance/architecture/etc… in terms of actual game design and concepts.

    • If your definition of next gen titles are: Starfield, Gears of War 6, Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport 8, God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Then, no, they are not out.

      Getting the new consoles now basically makes you an early adopter. If you still have backlog of games from previous gen consoles and they received upgrades, then you will probably be slightly happier. Otherwise, you are looking at quality of life improvement for now.

      However, for people have XB1X, PS4, they can sell them to fund the cost of the new console(s). A high percentage of people on EB pre-orders took advantage of the trade-in deals. Quite a lot of those people would end up just paying the deposit ($100 or $50 per console) and the rest would be covered by trading in consoles, games, controllers.

      If you want to wait for next gen first party titles for Series X, you are looking at end of this year, assuming Starfield and Halo Infinite are released as planned.

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    Where the hell is my Microsoft Flight Simulator! Wish it was Aussie Summer that it was being released!

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    If one has a gaming pc, is it worth getting the new xbox?

    • -1

      If you have a GTX-1060 6GB or above with a 1080p monitor, then it is not worth it compared to a PS5 or Switch.

      • +1

        Crazy how GTX 1060 still holds up, I had one 3 years ago and mined Bitcoin for a few hours. Wish I hadn't stopped, was paying $0.05/kWh so easily profitable even back then

        • My 1660 Super is getting 32mh at 80W underclocked, thats more that 50% of the 3070 so it is currently worth it still.

      • +1

        I think my setup is pretty decent: gtx1080ti etc, capable of playing cyberpunk with every setting at its highest on 1920x1080 resolution with no slowdowns. If all of the xbox games are now coming to pc, especially with gamepass, i guess ill just stick with the pc. I recently bought the new xbox controller for the pc as well, its pretty nice.

        Is there a new version of the switch coming out soon? I know its a few years old now, i would hate to buy one, only for an updated model to come out the next month!

        • The next Switch hasn't been announced yet but the possibility of it having both an OLED & DLSS is very exciting.

          I have my PS5 & PC with 1660 Super 6GB for now, I wanted a better GPU but my RX570 had to be RMA's for 2 months last year, at the time I was annoyed at the timing but now it worked out very well.

    • -2

      If you have AMD RX 3080 or better GPU, Ryzen 3700X CPU or better, then Series X technically doesn't make sense. Also, the Series X memory expansion card is too expensive and somewhat limited (I think there is only the 1TB model so far).

    • Microsoft is releasing most if not all of their exclusives on PC as well. If, you already have a decent PC, I wouldn't go for a Xbox. Either a PS5 or a Switch instead. Although in this market with the equivalent gpu of a XSX having a msrp of $688 and being sold out even on $900+ variants, it might not be a terrible idea.

    • Sort of? I got it because of quick resume. Being able to just turn the game off at any time is super nice. The series s and the switch is usually outputting weaker graphics than my pc but I spend most of my time gaming on those.

      Got my dream fancy Dell monitor for 2 months and never used it to play a high fidelity game even once lol.

  • +2

    For those playing the waiting game, I get that there aren't many games. But the way I see it, if I can sell my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for a good price (sold them both late last year for a good price, before they depreciate to nothing) to upgrade my consoles to the latest gen, then I'm already ahead. I just don't see these new consoles going down in price any time soon and may as well take advantage of the higher prices or trade in values of the old consoles rather than waiting, hoping for a discount.

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