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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G 256GB $2499 Delivered (from $1374 with Trade-in & Bonus $750 off Trade Discount) @ Samsung


Saw this the other day and couldn't resist buying this. With $50 promo code, it comes down to above price.

Traded in my Note 10+. Your price may differ depending on the phone you trading in.

Free Express Delivery.

Mod Note:

Get up to $375 off your new Galaxy when you trade-in (based on trading in a iPhone 11 128GB in full working condition) plus get an extra $750 off when you trade in now!
Additional $750 applied to cart. Offer ends 01/04/2021

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  • Saw it now, $750 show up after click Buy now

  • Is there a way to see trade in value without doing all that 'trade-up' app BS?
    S21 Ultra 512GB

    • -1

      Download the Samsung Trade app. It give you the Trade in Value.

      • Yeah my old phone was factory reset. I didn't want to activate my G account on it just to download an app to see to see a $ number.

    • well thats how do work out a trade up value lol…or download the trade up app

  • So can I trade in a S6 and still get the additional $750?

    • yep

    • Up to $10 for an S6.

      • Plus $750 bonus.

        Yes s6 is the minimum galaxy that can be traded.

      • In the previous thread (bonus $500 for S21 series), people were mentioning that in the T&C, you could simply not send back your old phone (especially if they only value it at ~$10), and a few weeks later Samsung will just charge you for that ~$10 (initially deducted from your "trade-in" purchase price)?

        Seems like the smart thing to do for these old phones: get the bonus flat $500/$750, and keep your old phone or sell it for ~$100-$200 on gumtree.

        • Wondering whether they will charge you back the trade in bonus.

          • @superforever: yeah that's the risky part, hasn't been long enough for anyone to confirm yet :(

      • Just FYI for others. Up to $15 for an S7

  • Still $2k in the edu portal

    • This deal is not applicable in the EDU portal. I just tried it. Its $2k instead of $2.5k but no bonus $750 trade in credit.

  • +15

    I’m having a hard time understanding the title. What is the actual price ?

    • +1

      I agree, is the price 1374 after $750 trade in? It has me confused.

      • Yeah me too. I just logged in and saw the trade in value for my s9+ is $120.

        Could someone do a sample breakdown please.

        • +1

          I think you get $375+$750 off the normal price ($2499) just to trade in. Then whatever your phone is worth as the additional discount

      • +12


        Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G RRP: $2499
        Your phone base tradein value: UP TO $375
        Bonus tradein value: $750
        Newsletter signup voucher: $50

        Lowest possible price for phone: $1324

        • +2

          Thanks, so really the deal should read “from $1,324 with trade in and voucher”

          Your worst case scenario is $1,699 with voucher if your phone is worth $0.

        • Where do you find the $50 signup voucher?

          • @Ori0n: It's a little popup down the bottom of the page. You may have to switch browsers/settings to see it.

            • @4892: Thanks - had to switch to Edge for it to come up :)

      • I just looked at it, when you click "no thanks" on the offer, the price reverts back to $2,499 so the title listed $1374 was after trading in a Note 10+ which trade in value is around $385 + $750 extra trade in.

  • +7

    Wow $5 trade in for my S10e. Cool…

    • Same here, cool

    • +1

      I think you still get the 750 extra trade in for your s10e $5 on top

      Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G RRP: $2499
      Your phone base tradein value: s10e $5 ( UP TO $375 )
      Bonus tradein value: $750
      Newsletter signup voucher: $50

      price for phone: $1694

      • Yes, thats correct.
        I traded in my Note 10+ which got $315 and then used $50 coupon.
        Depending on the your trade in phone, your price may vary.

    • I bought a P30 from JB-HiFi two years ago and it cost the same as the S10e. Samsung are offering me $190 for the P30… Don't think I want to buy one of these folds though… I am tempted by the S21 deal though.

      • All phones are to offs.

        S21 have lost their 'flagship' quality.

        Only $5 trade in for s10e? C'mon samsung. They are just ripping people off.

    • Surprising. I actually traded a S10e for S21 ultra and got 175 for it. (before additional trade in discount)

      • Yea that's what you get if it's faultless. My XS which is the same age is worth nearly $500 haha

        • Ohh haha yeah that makes sense. Time to trade in the XS then ;)

    • My S7 $15 trade in

      Exchange it with my S7 XD

  • It says a note 9 is not eligible 😕

    Ah… No space after the 'note' for a note9, but note 20 has a space 👍

    • Just checked mine and after testing, it shows trade in value $245. I am not going to trade in. Just checked. The phone is Note 9 512 gb.

    • Just searched - Note 9 is definitely eligible for up to $195 bucks.

  • +1

    Just for information, I just checked the trade in value for note 9 512 gb and the value is 245 dollors.

    • +1

      how much is that in Australian dollar?

      • Don' ask

  • +1

    Get the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G from only $1,374 with trade-in.¹⁸

    Get up to $375 off your new Galaxy when you trade-in.² plus get an extra $750 off when you trade in now!²

    Price = $2499 - Trade in with bonus = $1,374

  • -2

    Its listed as $2124 on the Australian Government site. I wonder if you could trade in from that price? Admittedly I havent read the T&C's

  • +1

    Okay so
    The price is $2499
    If you trade in any accepted phone it reduces the price by $750, so $1749
    The biggest trade-in value you can receive is $375, which brings the price down to $1374

  • +4

    So not 1375 - 750 - trade in, confused title.

  • MUCH more importantly, what is the Fold phone like?

    • +1

      it's like a phone that like folds and stuff… loll

      • +2

        or it's like a tablet that folds into a phone lol

        • +2

          hate you… your description actually made sense.. hahaha

    • +15

      I’ve had one since day one, and honestly? Pretty great. You have to be a bit more careful with it than any other flagship, but as long as you don’t bash it around it’s good to use. It’s about as thick as two regular flagship smartphones stacked on top of one another, but also quite narrow while closed. In fact, I pulled out my S10+ to wipe it ready to pass it on just the other day, and it honestly felt weird to hold in my hand, really wide compared to the Fold 2.

      Open, the crease is… mildly frustrating for the first couple of minutes when you first start to use it, but as long as you’re looking at it straight on it disappears, it’s not like it’s a crease in paper that actually mars the surface, more like a gentle valley that you don’t really notice unless you’re running your finger all the way from one side of the screen to the other, or holding it in a way that angles the screen so the light being reflected is distorted. The display doesn’t really get affected, unless you’re looking at it, there’s a very slight darkening of the area on fully white screens, but anything darker than white and it disappears completely.

      Cameras are decent, but not world-shattering. I would say they’re right on par with the S10+ I replaced it with, or the S20 standard array. Not terrible, but not super-duper-mega-ultra; They’ll take a lovely photo, but what phone doesn’t these days?

      I very recently peeled off the stock screen protectors and replaced them with a third party one, and the difference is night and day, you do have to be careful though, as the inner screen is still pretty fragile. If you’ve ever used a mid-2000s touchscreen phone, it’s kinda like that. You know, avoid using sharp objects, don’t press too hard on it, make sure it’s clean before you close it, and I don’t think you’re gonna have any issues, keep in mind samsung does offer one discounted screen replacement should anything happen within the first year. The outer screen is basically just a regular glass smartphone screen, so bash away.

      As for durability in general? I’ve been rocking my phone naked for about three months, before that I had a very heavy-duty case on it. Haven’t had much trouble thus far, but if you’re prone to dropping it or work in a place where your phone is at risk of damage I say get a good case, but keep in mind it adds a LOT of bulk, so it sits quite heavily in a pocket. How durable it actually depends on how well you treat it, but keep in mind there’s no official IP rating, although anecdotal evidence and youtube torture tests suggest it’s quite able to survive some trips under rain or into water; I’d still err on the side of caution, and I’d very much recommend getting some kind of insurance on it, either Samsung’s or your Home and Contents.

      Bad parts? No Headphone Jack (boo), no MicroSD Slot (BOOOOO), The outer screen is quite tall and skinny, so it’s not so good for typing or general use, although I get along just fine for banging out a text message now and then; If you use the samsung stock keyboard it switches automatically from full-width board to split thumb board when you have the phone closed or open respectively, but if you use a non-stock keyboard like I do, having to deal with either tiny microscopic keys on the front screen or manually switching layouts every time gets mildly annoying. The thickness of the phone when it’s closed is definitely not for everyone, and the one-handed capability when it’s open, likewise. I’m a big dude (I can hold an iPad mini in my palm and grip it with thumb and ring finger, to give you an idea of the size of my hands) so neither bothers me that much, but for more petite hands I can see it easily being a fatigue magnet, or tipping out of a one-handed grip. If you’re inclined, I’d recommend a pop socket or other one-handed phone grip.

      After all that, what do I really think? Well, it’s pretty much ruined smartphones for me. The massive screen combined with the relative pocketability has really ruined the concept of having a single-screen phone, I used my old S10+ for a couple of hours while I prepared it for passing it on, and it felt quite wrong to me, having such a large amount of screen real-estate combined with the 5:4 screen makes it much more usable than any other smartphone I’ve ever owned. I don’t regret my decision at all, even paying pre-order prices; I got mine at a discount when I pre-ordered, through my work’s employee portal, so I only paid about 2400 for it, but I definitely wouldn’t pay 3k. If you can get it for less than 2 grand, I would say it’s definitely worth it at that price.

      • Which screen protectors did you get?

        • Most of the people in various forums swear by the Orzero brand ones, which are available on Amazon US. But really any hydrogel protector from Ebay will work pretty well, this is the one I bought: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/For-Samsung-Galaxy-Z-Fold2-5G-Sc...

          • @TheRealCJ: Oh thanks for that. I have hydrogel one on the exterior at the moment but it's garbage! Might try yours out. Thanks

            • @lachhelix: I tend to buy the cheap ones in (relative) bulk, and change them out every few months once they get damaged or start to peel. When each protector costs a couple of dollars each, it’s not a big deal except for the time it takes to apply them.

              • @TheRealCJ: Yeah - the one I have has a bit of a strange surface, not entirely smooth (but no bubbles)
                Perhaps that's normal - I havent used a plastic screen protector in a long time….

                • @lachhelix: Might just be because of the extruded vinyl, maybe it’s just not a great example of. Quality can vary quite wildly unfortunately, particularly in the cheaper examples.

      • -2

        Who will pay 2.4K for a phone? Man you can get a backbook pro for that.

        Which I will gladly purchase when they release the m1 chips for 14" screens.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G 256GB from $1374 (after Trade in + $750 Additional Trade in Discount) Delivered @ Samsung

    • +19

      Hardly. A folding apple phone would be $5k.

      Frankly at $1699 (worst case scenario) it's the same price as many iPhones. That don't fold.

      You must be an Apple fanboy.

  • I wonder what my s20 ultra will fetch in trade in. Almost want to do it if I can get the fold 2 just above 1k

  • +3

    Total price : 2499

    Example :

    Trade in device : Samsung note9 512GB
    Trade in Value : 215$

    Offer if you trade in now : 750$

    So the price of the Fold 2 comes to : 2499$ - 215$ - 750$ = 1534$

    So if the trade in device was : Apple iphone 7plus 32GB
    Trade in value : 115$

    So price : 2499$ - 115$ - 750$ = 1634$

    Note: I don't know why samsung doesn't value their own customers, the value of note 20 ultra 5g 512GB when i bought 4 months back was approx 1900$ with discount and they are now offering it a trade in value of 535$. I wonder if samsung doesn't even value their own products, why will they have value in the long term.

    • +1

      Because they are going to onsell these trade in phones and make margin on both side.

      Apple don't mind restricting supply to increase secondhand price to maintain their reputation "iphones don't lose their value much. I should buy apple stuff". Just Like the 💎 industry.

    • +2

      What stings more is that iPhones command better trade-in values than Samsung's own flagships, yet at launch, they're priced similarly.

    • Man I'd rather just keep the Note 9. No way it's worth just $215.

      • *$965 (incl. trade bonus)

        I'd say thats more than twice you'd get selling privately being it started ~$1500 back when it was released

  • How does one find the $50 newsletter promo code?

    • This seems to be a secret.

      • It's a pop-up at the bottom the page - I had to switch to Edge browser for it to come up….

  • +1

    It's better to get a $5 broken Samsung phone online, trade in at $0 and get the $750. Then sell the working phone at market price.

    • +4

      I don't believe the trade in bonus of $750 will work for a $0 valued phone because a $0 valued phone will not be accepted as a trade in.

      • Then just don't return the phone and let them charge trade in fee.

        For example my s8 worth $70 and I don't return it and let them charge back the $70 later.

        • +1

          Can anyone confirm if this is the case? My bet is Samsung will charge for the bonus trade in credit.

          • @huey: Yeah feels like that would be against the terms of the offer.

            Edit: a quick read of the T&C suggests they are topping up the trade-in value, thus if you don’t return the device you say you will, they may cancel the trade-in including the bonus.

          • +4

            @huey: I'm testing this loophole with a S21. Just got confirmation email that says:

            Once you receive your new Samsung device, you will have 7 days to return your device at an Australian Post Office or you may be charged a non-return fee of $85.

            I won't return it to see what they charge 🙂 my bet is they won't charge me the bonus discount

            • @FeZZa21: Keep me updated please

            • @FeZZa21: Keen to know the outcome of this too. I have a hairline crack on my S8+ so am ineligible for the trade.

            • @FeZZa21: I think may need to take awhile before we can tell.

  • shows $1559 for me if I trade in my Huawei P30 ($190), just emailed [email protected] to get a new $50 voucher

    • I'd just sell it on gumtree

      • You would probably have difficulty selling it on gumtree for $940 as you could buy it new for under $700 now

        Ig you could buy a S6 for cheap to trade in and sell the P30 yourself but a S6 is somehow 150-200 on ebay

        • I'm sure you could buy s6 for $100ish or even less on Gumtree. I had trouble selling my pristine Galaxy S7 Edge, took a couple of weeks, ended up selling it for just $180.

        • Exactly

  • I won't mind buying this if I earn 1 mil after tax.

  • +3

    The trade in price is ridiculously low. For my original galaxy fold it's showing $385. That's a depreciation of $2600 over 15 months.

    • Yeah, just got a used OG fold for $800. Hoping to get a cheap upgrade but guess not

  • Just before anyone deletes their biometrics to do the test. Provided everything else is working, if you have any screen cracks or dents then you will not be eligible :(

    • what about scratches on back side of my S7 (No Dents, No Cracks, No scratches on Camera lenses)

      • No idea, I've got two phones and both were otherwise working but rejected for ticking yes to cracks or dents

        • does you phone have cracks or dents on the screen?

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