Fire TV Stick 4K $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon is finally releasing the Oz version of the 4K Fire TV Stick

Powerful, cinematic entertainment - Instantly access 4K Ultra HD content at up to 60fps. You’ll also enjoy the brilliant colour of HDR with support for Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HDR10+, and the immersive audio of Dolby Atmos.
Thousands of apps - Stream for free with SBS On Demand, 10 play, 7plus, YouTube and more. Enjoy your favourites with subscriptions to Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and Prime Video. Plus watch live TV, news and sport.

This item will be released on April 21, 2021.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Finally….

  • Any info/thoughts on how this compares to the built in app on Samsung 4k TV?

    • Any of these 3rd party are way better IMO. Personally the new Google Chromecast TV is the top performer.

    • Had mine for years and love it. Got no complaints and never even bothered with the ones Samsung has built in. This one is just more user friendly.

    • These are way less clunky to use than TV apps, I think it's because they only have one job so they're simple to use, navigation is so easy.

  • Kodi compatible?

  • They'll need Kayo on it to be really competitive against GTV w/CC

  • This or spend extra on Nvidia Shield Pro?

    • Pro for sure

      • Are the apps like Netflix, prime.. on Nvidia Shield Pro 4k and DOLBY?

        • If you need HD codecs like dolby atmos, truehd or any equivalents, then you will need to go nvidia shield.

          If you use large 4k bd remuxes then you would want shield tv pro as the shield tv tube version stutters.

          If you dont care about large 4k bd remux or hd codecs then the firetv will do.

          Also i believe if you also into subtitles in plex then image type like idx or sub will cause transcode on all devices other than shield tv. I know 4k + image type subtitles definitely cause transcode which make them not watchable on any devices unless you have a beast of a plex server to transcode.

          • @lplau:

            If you use large 4k bd remuxes then you would want shield tv pro as the shield tv tube version stutters.

            Amazing, my $50 Android box from gearbest handles them like a charm. Is there no h265 hardware decoding on the shield tv tube version?

      • at 3.5x price, I'm not sure any of the benefits are worthwhile

        • It all depends. For most people it wont matter. But if you have a great speaker system which has all the speakers for Atmos. Then i wouldnt gimp the system with a box which doesnt support the features.

          All comes down to each individuals setup which determines if a box is worth it. From all the people i know who bought a Shield TV, never had a complaint from them, and the lack of second hand resell for them proves that its a keeper.

    • Nvida. Not even worth thinking about it.

    • Why not the Chromecast with Google tv? It's in the same price range and pretty powerful, and the home is way better. I've pretty much stopped using my shield since I got it.
      All the Firesticks that I've used were horribly slow, on the other hand. Am I the only one to experience this?

      • I've heard the Chromecast TV has horrible wifi connection though?

        • It's an incompatibility with certain router channel ranges IIRC, so may be an issue in dense residential areas

        • I've heard the same thing, but not had any issues myself. I'm running a Asus AX58U though, and my chromcast TV is at best 10m away.

          I bought the Firestick lite for my girlfriend, and that constantly has disconnection problems- though that could also be her router (some shitty Origin one) or the areas internet.

      • Why would you stop using the Shield in favour of Chromecast?

      • Audio passthrough is the issue with that hardware for me. I was ready to get one to try and replace my aging FireTV box with, but having no passthrough support in Kodi is a deal breaker.

        Shame, because the unified home page UI with all the streaming services is pretty cool.

    • Nvidia Shield Pro is way overpriced as a media player! I got rid of mine and bought a used Xbox One X, much better value at similar price! 4K, HDR, ATMOS etc work fine too

      • Totally agree. I might have just been unlucky, but I also had a bunch of issues with my Shield TV. Ended up replacing it with a GTV Chromecast, but also recently picked up a used One X (primarily for gaming, but also good for streaming). Both together have still cost me less than a new Shield TV Pro.

      • Xbox One X would be perfect. BUT stupid Microsoft put in 1 flaw which for years and years (even now) they refuse to rectify it. Atmos only works in Netflix, bluray and games.

        They have locked out all the other apps like Plex from accessing Atmos.

        I have a Xbox One X and had to buy a Nvidia Shield TV Pro because of this very reason.

    • Depends what you want to do with it.

      If you don't want to host a plex server on it or use emulators for consoles up to the PS2 then no, probably not worth it.

    • I can appreciate the Nvidia Shield Pro is the best for streaming if you're not going to do iOs/iTunes via an Apple TV, however I noticed a while ago that Apple had far more 4k HDR/ Dolby Vision content than other platforms such as Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, Amazon, Netflix, Telstra or any other streaming service that you could think of. Isn't that enough justification to ditch the rest and just own an Apple TV? Perhaps things have changed since or can you run iTunes movies now on third party devices like the Shield Pro? I know a lot of TVs now have the Apple TV app pre-installed, so I wonder if additional streaming devices might be regarded as surplus in the near future.

      • …….and how much does an Apple TV cost? As a device are a tad more expensive and restricted to their Eco System which is fine for many. It comes down to ones budget and preferences I suppose.

        • And no Kodi on Apple tv…. which may be important for some people.

        • I think a lot of people on Android have a misconception that all of Apple's products are sold at a premium price. The Apple TV 4K ($228) is actually cheaper than the Nvidia Shield Pro ($249.95) at Harvey Norman right now. It has also sold at $159 at JB Hifi late last year per this deal. Both products are largely sold upon their abilities to stream the highest quality content (e.g. Dolby Vision/Atmos), however as far as I know, the Apple TV provides far better access to the streaming of this content through the Apple movie store than Nvidia Shield and other streaming devices. This might not mean a lot if you don't have a newish tv, decent speakers or a good internet connection, however spending money on this hardware has to be a drop in the ocean if you own say an OLED TV and Atmos capable speakers. Even if you own Android for everything else, this might be the one reason to own just this one Apple product. I tried to go agnostic and dabbled with the Google Play store to save $1 on rentals for a while but I quickly came to regret it. I also find the Apple store is the best curated. I have no idea, but there is a possibility that things like Optus and Kayo Sport, Foxtel Now or MKV files on the home network might turn out better on the Shield if these are important. Seen the comments about Kodi but is there anything else that I am missing here?

          • @Thor Bargain God: Hi, when I look at HN it is selling for $276
            Was there a code or something to get it down to $249.95?

            • @noddypiper: Hi, you're totally right and it shows my ignorance. I was stating the price for the Shield yesterday, which is coincidentally down to $199 today, not the Shield Pro. I do agree it is a superior device to the Apple TV per this comparison and other reviews I've seen and I would definitely own one if it provided seamless access to the iTunes Store. The price differential is actually bigger than I thought, as Nvidia states that the RRP is actually $350 on their website. I was reading that some people overseas can use the Movies Anywhere service to access iTunes content on Android, however some movie studios don't allow it and it does not work in Australia.

              It just baffles me why so many people are putting up with lower resolution content when we all have 4K or even 8K tv sets these days. Surely that has to be the overriding factor doesn't it? I know the Shield Pro can upscale lower quality content on Google Play to 4K but I doubt whether that would still compare to the real deal. It feels like Google doesn't really want to compete in this space with Apple and that it can continue to sling an average product to Android users just because they're a captive audience who are unaware that the grass is greener on the other side.

        • Apple TV's are cheaper than the Shield Pro….

          They're also not restricted to the apple ecosystem, they have all the streaming apps.

          Also you're citing nvidias comparison as proof the shield is better than the apple tv lol. Of course they're going to say their product is better.

          • @MrFunSocks: Apple TV doesn't support HD audio passthrough. Pretty much the only media player which supports audio passthrough properly is Nvidia Shield.

      • Apple is evil. Enough for me.

  • Seems like a pretty good deal. One thing I do not like about the Firestick is how many limitations they put on what you can do with it. Would be even better value if they had the full android TV app store available. Had to do a workaround of using Kodi to get Kayo working on it.

    • Fairly certain they can't have the Google store because they forked Android for Fire OS.

      • That would explain it. Either way it would be much better with Android TV OS.

      • They cant have it out of the box. But it is possible to side load and install it onto FireOS

    • Yeah. I have a TV with Android TV, and another TV I've stuck a firestick in.

      Interesting the differences.

      One plus with the Firestick though is that it has Apple TV+ whereas Android TV does not (yet).

      Not that there's much to watch on that… but there are a few things on it that aren't on standard Android TV

  • Do these have usb playback?
    Still mourning the loss of it on my Vodafone tv 😢

  • Looks good, but is it worth replacing the famous Vodafone TV box?

  • Double the price of the Lite version though… not sure if it's worth it.
    Isn't like 10 bucks difference in the US price.

    • If your happy to wait till later in the year it’ll probably have a good sale on Amazon Prime day, purely speaking in comparison to last years awesome discounts.

    • The lite version is pretty good. I think it does HDR10 at 1080p so still a good viewing experience without hammering your internet connection.

      Also one nicer thing i've noticed with the Fire TV devices is they seem to not have the same troubles with waking up after TV poweron. My mibox (and I heard Chromecast with android TV does this as well) doesnt wake via HDMI CEC after being off for a while. You have to wake it up with its specific bluetooth remote, then it works. Its annoying.

      • Yeah my chromecast tv has to be woken up with the TV remote first if I haven't used it in 3-4 days. Slight annoyance. Haven't had that issue with the Firestick. The big thing i like over the firestick that chromecase TV has, is the volume buttons, and the ability to customise your buttons. Youtube button now opens spotify for me, and Netflix opens Plex. Works well.

    • The Lite version 'does the job', but it's not the snappiest of devices in menus and sometimes has slowdown that is only resolved by restarting it.

      I would imagine this one is better in that regard?

      Of course, at this price, I'd just get the Google TV Chromecast instead of having an Amazon device

      • Technically the Lite has a faster newer processor than the 2018 launched 4K device.

        • Ahh… I think mine is actually the version before the version branded 'Lite'. Just the older non 4K one.

          I think. I bought it around a year ago I think.

          • @spoco2: Yeah I've had all three - Ver 2 1080p, the 4K and the 1080p Lite.

            The 4K was definitely better than the Ver 2 for connectivity and speed. But when I bought and customised for my daughter last week the new Lite version currently available at, I were impressed at how smooth it worked and then read the processor was new and had the edge even over the 4K which is a few years old and prob not far off a hardware upgrade.

  • +10 votes

    Can pre-order using the Little Birdie coupon for new users currently to get it for $79 :)

  • This is similar to what google tv device does?

  • Just wondering how good is it compare to Google Chromecast with Google TV?

  • how does this compare to the new google dongle? i heard that dongle does not support dolby on netflix or it has trouble?

    • They are very similar. It will come down to if you have a Alexa setup at home or prefer google ecosystem.

      • my question was a bit more technical than simply which eco system to go with, ive heard that the new google dongle does not support hdr10 or dolby accurately with netflix or it has some sort of issues that have not been fixed to this day

        • The specs state hdr10 and 10+. I’ve not read of issues with Netflix, considering this is one of the major streaming services it would surprise me if that was the case and if it was that it wasn’t fixed quickly.

        • It definitely supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, I've got one and it does Dolby Vision on my TV.