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DJI Osmo Action 4K Cam $284.05 (Expired) I Nokia 7.2 Dual SIM Charcoal 128GB/6GB $284.05 + Shipping (Free Pickup) @ JB Hi-Fi


Original Coupon Deal

Can get extra 5% off with gift cards from a few places

Nokia 7.2 DS with Android One 128GB (Charcoal)

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  • -3

    Same price like last year, I personally like gopro hero9 better option

    • Going by price
      It’s like saying, I like Ferrari on a Toyota car deal.

      • +4

        agree, hero 9 is the toyota.

        • I am drunk and found this comment is hilarious 😂 you got my upvote m8.

        • That’s a slander to Toyota
          Hero 9 is just rubbish. Random freezes that can’t be fixed when diving.
          Touch screen operation is like a Nokia touch screen 20 years ago.

        • I have used hero 9, video and mic is far better than dji action camera

      • Checkout the price now, If extra $150 gets you a Ferrari, buy it because its better.

    • +2

      How is a laggy/freezing $500 action camera a better option than this?

      • Zoom capabilities, wider FOV and stabilisation angle, can be used as a web cam, better video compression, deeper submersible depth, mic works great for vlogging, better app for phone.

        • +1

          Really? My POS gopro died from water ingestion after first surf. They offered 25% voucher. Never again

          • @Dogsbreakfast: Funny enough, I've seen similar comments with the Osmo Action as well.

            I wonder if it's related to the instructiom they shown in the quick guide, asking us to retighten everything before using it for the first time.

            The cameras (gopro and Osmo Action alike) may have shipped out not as tight as we imagined?

  • Price is $499? comes down to $474?

    • Price gone up unfortunately

    • Amazon $286.40 - I assume this is the same thing? https://www.amazon.com.au/DJI-Action-Camera-Black-DJIOsmoAct...

    • I just realised it now. Would have ordered it yesterday, and return the one I got last week, if I knew JB would pull a fast one.

      I just got one from them last week, so though of going instore to pricematch that today.

      Oh well, there goes my plans of getting some accessories with the discounts.

  • I managed to jag one of these yesterday, but I'm a little lost with the million accessories you can get. Are there any you all think are essentials? My main use for this will just be for taking on holidays (e.g going to Nth Qld in a couple weeks)… eventually would like to take it snowboarding but that'll be a few years off till my kids are big enough to go to ski-wee classes. TIA!

    • Might have already purchased but for me I bought these two accessories:

      1. Waterproof case: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07T5KS7MF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_g... - Decided in the end, the expensive case from DJI wasn't worth it, several others actually complained that it broke and killed their camera so for now I'm staying away.

      2. Case to carry camera, cables and mounts: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07S635LPY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_g...

      I already have other accessories from an old GoPro:

      1. Sturdy (metal) selfie stick - I ski a fair bit and use this a lot. Have also used it in the ocean snorkelling without any issues.

      2. Chest mount - Used a lot while skiing and trail hiking, but less seeing how shaky it got with movement. With RockySteady on this new camera, might have to revisit it a bit more.

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