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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB $1,099, 256GB $1,199 + $500 Trade in Bonus @ Samsung


New price updated

S21: 128GB $1,099 | 256GB $1,199

S21+: 128GB $1,299 | 256GB $1,399

S21 Ultra: 128GB $1,599 | 256GB $1,699 | 512GB $1,899

All before $500 trade in bonus

Phone price - $500 trade bonus - phone trade in value - $50 promo voucher

Previous deal

$50 voucher link - https://shop.samsung.com/au/sign-up but it may take some time to arrive or may not arrive.

How to trade in https://www.samsung.com/au/tradeup/

If you received this error with the trade code "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

As mentioned in the last deal, you have to enter your credit card details first before the code will work online.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

************ Samsung updated the promo end date to 8 April 2021 *******************

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    • +1

      Point 6.2 (b) of the T&C's states:

      an In-eligible Device Fee if You return a device which is an In-eligible Device. Upon
      payment of Your In-eligible Device Fee, Your In-eligible Device will be returned to You.


      • Looks like Asurion is mean and nasty. Asurion picked on one OZBer's S10e and basically offering only $5 for the phone…..

  • +1

    Just an update on customised phones.
    Change in order status this morning from "processing" to "preparing dispatch" for my phantom navy s21 ultra 128GB. Hope it will be shipped soon. I ordered it on 28th March.

    • Mine still processing, S21 ultra Navy 256gb. Ordered @ 29/3. Have chatted with Samsung, she said, the status usually change in week 3. Well. Hopefully it is true.

    • I ordered mine on 28th March and received mine on 12th April. I ordered a phantom navy s21 ultra 512GB. Today, I received an email from Samsung that the phone has been dispatched and will be delivered soon… Ha ha :) I also received the email from Asurion to return the trade-up device.

    • I just got an email from Samsung saying that they're customising my S21 Ultra Phantom Navy. Order status on the Samsung website is still processing. Ordered 6th April.

      • Just got mine update as well. 256gb Navy. Ordered 29th March

      • +1

        Same here. Ordered Ultra 256gb in titanium. Order status on the samsung website is still processing. Ordered on 30th of March.

        • No email for me yet. Ordered S21 U 256GB Titanium just after midnight on 6th Apr.


    • Have you received a tracking number, email confirming shipping or the phone itself since the web site order status change to 'preparing to dispatch' a few days ago?
      Mine also changed to preparing to dispatch, but nothing since.

  • +1

    Just got email that they are customising samsung galaxy fold!!!!???

    • Yes..me too

  • +15

    Hi all

    Just wanted to confirm to everyone that I have been charged back by Asurion. Here are the details:

    Here was the deal:
    $1099 for s21
    Less $500 samsung bonus
    Less $200 online chat code
    Less $315 trade in of s20
    Total $84 change over to new phone.

    I can confirm I got charged $270 ONLY by asurion due to my s20 trade in condition isn't what was stated. There is a tiny crack on the screen which I honestly only saw on the day when I packing the phone up to send back.

    Therefore, the total change over now sits at $354. Which, in my opinion still a decent deal considering the previous phone had a cracked.

    Good luck to everyone else.

    • But will they be sending it back?

      • +2

        Of course not!

      • There is no reason for them to send it back. They didn't charge back the full trade amount which means they accepted the trade but at a lower grade due to crack on the screen.

        • +1

          They didn't charge back the full trade amount which means they accepted the trade but at a lower grade

          My S7 trade in value is $15 and they charge back full, so they should send it back XD

          • @superforever: They should in your case but not katsudon's case as it is different.
            You could ask them to send it back as per the t&c.

    • Really good news, thanks for doing this

  • Has anyone got Asurion return parcel yet? I got a reminder email from them to return within 48 hrs but still no label to return. I did email them last week but no reply from them. This is not the first time I did trade-in with Samsung, I remembered they sent me a tracing label to my house and the guy collected on the spot but this time is a bit weird

    • Its a pdf attachment in the email.
      You have to take it to the PO to get the package for shipping.

      • thank you, didn't realise it was there a whole time, they really cut cost of collection, cheap bastards

  • Anyone else having horrible issues with their order/customer service. Ordered on the 26th March. Recieved email that my order has been dispatched on the 29th March. Wasn't provided tracking number so called support who provided me tracking number. No updates on tracking for a week. Called back and was told my order was "being held at the warehouse". I questioned why and the support could not tell me why. Said they will log with warehouse to ship the phone. No updates still so called back again and asked to be escalated to supervisor. Supervisor apologised and provided me with new tracking number (no email updates though) - saying my order has shipped (7th April). No updates on tracking AGAIN. Call back "still being held at warehouse". Support are fu*ken hopeless. Managed to be escalated to higher up management to contact warehouse to ship my order. Its now the 15th. No updates, No ETA, No hope. How does this shit happen with such a big company like Samsung. any ideas what i can do?

    • And breathe…

    • lol reminds me of when i ordered shoes with adidas.

      Made two orders to the exact same address… one arrived and one got sent back saying incorrect address lol. made no sense - then it sat in their warehouse for a month or two

      In the end they just said it would be easier to refund me than to resend them lol

  • Sounds like Asurion is really picky about the condition of the phones. My S8 has a tiny scratch in the corner that is barely noticeable, but would be worth $0 if Asurion considers it damaged etc.

    Might be safer and less hassle to just keep my phone and cop the non-return fee ($70).

    • +1

      I am in the same boat. If they try to take anything more than the trade value. I will go after them. I have my standard pitchfork ready.

    • Lol same concerns, i have a small scratch near the charging port of my phone which sounds like it will be enough for them to say it's worth $0 now.

  • +1

    Had our phones for both me and my wife for over 2 weeks now still no email to return the phone. Email Arksit, he replied and ask for the trade ID provide that and heard nothing since.

    Should I be worried lol

    • Have emailed 3 times and no response from anyone. Waiting game continues

    • My guess is the status of both orders on Samsung's Web site are likely to still be in Dispatched / 3 - On the way status (even though StarTrack has reported the item has been delivered (and signed for) ages ago). Due to the system thinking the new phones are still 'on the way', it won't send the return labels yet (because it thinks you still haven't received the new phones yet).

      I contacted Samsung CSR a week ago regarding this for my order and was hoping she could update the status so the return label will be issued. She doesn't have the ability to change that. She did indicate there was a system migration and that was the cause of order status not up to date.

      I doubt Akshit will be able to do anything. Akshit generally just states the obvious and not being helpful. If the system ended up charging our credit cards, do you really think he cares?

      • "My guess is the status of both orders on Samsung's Web site are likely to still be in Dispatched"

        Yes this is correct both my order statues still saying Dispatched. Well nothing more I can do at this stage. I have emails to proved I tried and nothing happen. Even told Arkshit about the flaw in their system not updating the order statues.

        • Need to check whether the actual status is 3 - On the way or 4 - Delivered. An OZBer indicated his status is Dispatched / 4 - Delivered. He did receive the return postage label.

      • Here is a thought, because we have notified Asurion that we have received device and have not got the email set out in 8.2 of the contract, they have not provided it. They have broken the contract with us, therefore no need to send back the trade in phone.

  • Just received my 'custom' colour S21+ Gold

    3-weeks since ordering instead of the 4-5 weeks that was estimated.

    • Did you get an email saying it had been sent or a tracking number, or did it just turn up?

      • I got the 'your phone being prepared' a while back

        I didn't get a shipping notification though

        • How long is your processing time? It has been two weeks for me

  • Received my S21 Ultra Phantom Titanium (128gb) yesterday 15/04 in Melbourne. Ordered on 26th March.

    Was shipped from NSW 14/04 night. Preparing to dispatched was issued 14/04 morning from the Samsung Website with tracking number sent via SMS.

  • +9

    ok so 8 days after receiving a final 48hr warning, Asurion still hasn't charged me anything :)

    • Following, just received mine today so your almost 2 weeks ahead on the process

      • +2

        And now cancelled the credit card that I used with Asurion lol

        • That's extreme, lol

          • +1

            @U30004: I didn't cancel it because of Asurion, I cancelled it because it was just an OzB card to get points :) so it was planned beforehand

            • @FeZZa21: I have been so caught up with this thread that I havent even got the phone out of the parcel it came in 3 weeks ago

        • What was the amount that they were going to charge you? (just out of curiosity)

    • +2

      For what it's worth, I think this will fire back a great amount at Asurion/Samsung for turning away perfectly conditioned phones just due to a small non recognisable scratch from normal wear and tear. I mean c'mon, you expect a 4 years old S8, iphone 7 etc. to have no small very very tiny not so recognisable scratches from day to day using even after phone was protected all the time using cases and screen protectors?
      And on top of that Asurian is not sending the phone back, I bet people wouldn't mind keeping their well conditioned phone as a spare if they have to submit their new phone for warranty claims as Samsung hardly offers a same phone rather offers s3 or s4 as a temp phone.
      I can see no visible scratches on my S8 and reading these horrible stories of people where Asurian took their phone and then charged an amount too, I think I'll keep my phone and let them happily charge my card.

      Also, don't you think cancelling credit card could cause you any troubles? Like affect your credit or anything?

      • -3

        for your last question, not really. if they send the debt collectors, I'll pay. like I said above, it was just an OzB card for points so it was already scheduled to be cancelled when it got cancelled.

        I see it as fair compo for buying before Samsung decided to give most others $200 voucher for no reason to stack with.

        • They're handing out $200 vouchers as Samsung can't afford to have another series failure like S20. S20 sales were horrible compared to Samsung's earlier series. With such vouchers they've sold millions just in half a month. I won't be surprised to see more such vouchers offered from Samsung in upcoming months.

  • +4

    I decided to send mine back today.
    Got my 7 day warning letter yesterday. Its only an s7, so we’re talking $15, but figured it was the right thing to do.
    Will be watching to see how it all goes for everyone.

    • I got the 7 day warning letter today as well and it says "If we don't receive your device within 7 days of this email, you may be charged a non-return fee of up to $55" Replace the $55 with your own trade in value as that was my full trade in value.

      • Was your old phone trade-up value $55?

  • +1

    i got another email yesterday saying my phone has been dispacthed but i already received it a week ago. maybe they will send me 2 for the price on 1 lol? anyone get such a email too? i think something is wrong with their systems.

    • Yeah same story here. I don't think they're sending two xD

    • +4

      Bro that's my one

  • Looking for s21 ultra case with spen compartment and kickstand. Anyone come across any?

  • Anyone having issues with fingerprint scanner (s21)? it's not very smooth for me, not sure it's because I applied screen protector. And also the battery is draining so quick. after charging 100% full, within 1 or 2 minutes, draining 2%, just browsing website.

    • because I applied screen protector

      If you use your own protector did you remove the one came with the phone?

      • Yes, I removed the plastic screen protector that comes with the phone.

        • Two layers right?

          • @Meovel: Yes, 2 layers. I mean it's working but sometimes need to press few times to get it work.

            • @Kenciah: Same here, I got a $10 eBay glass screen protector. My finger print success rate must be 0% now.
              Had the phone for over 2 weeks, and hardly use fingerprint scanner.

              Its definitely the glass protector messing with the scanner. I have re-registered my fingerprints a few times, but nothing improved.

              Have been advised to get rid of the glass and get a "gel" based protectors.

              • @bym007: I purchased tempered glass from Amazon and applied it on top of inbuilt screen protector. Then my fingerprint success rate was 2%…now I removed the original screen protector and reapplied tempered glass. Now it recognises almost every time.

    • LOL don't know why people remove the factory screen protector and replace with some thing else is beyond me.

      • +1

        The factory screen protector is pretty crappy, tbh. I still have mine on after about 3 weeks and it's starting to get pretty scratched up. And if like to think I take pretty good care of my phone.

        There's no way you could leave it on there long term.

        • +1

          I still have my S10 factory screen protector and its been over 2 years now. Yes, its got some scratches but still works fine without any issues.

          • @Balajisraj: That's amazing, mine peel off from corner after some time

          • @Balajisraj: Same here, sad to send my S10+ back..

          • @Balajisraj: I'm not a fan of putting up with a scratched screen protector. Once they get scratched up it's time to replace, IMO.

      • Had mine for about 2 weeks+ now and still using it with the protector over the screen protector. Really holding up well

      • On my last phone s10e, the screen protector that came with the phone lasted me over a year before I replaced it. I expect the same with the new S21 I just got also

      • +1

        Samsung Note 10 plus here.
        Factory fitted screen protector has been on nearly 20 months and held up really well!

      • Actually I didn't realise that it comes with plastic screen protector. But i already bought glass screen protector othewise i might just use that. So wondering whether the glass screen protector is causing the problem itself or the phone fingerprint is not as as smooth as traditional fingerprint button.

        • +1

          I find adding 2x of the same thumb or finger helps to improve the success rate.

  • +2

    20 days since I received my phone but nothing from Samsung or Asurion about returning my s10. No emails at all

    • Check spam or junk

    • +1

      Your order is probably still in 3 - On the way on Samsung order status page. It is unclear (1) when Samsung's system will correct that and (2) assuming that implies Samsung has not yet informed Asurion that the order is delivered, does that mean Samsung has not yet requested the old phone trade in rebate amount from Asurion?

      My guess is Samsung accounting department will eventually notice this problem and get the orders fixed (or if they simply asked Asurion for the trade in credit amount in full, Asurion will swipe our cards).

    • i had the same issue. It was because Samsung's order status had not progressed further than Dispatched. I assume everything is automated from the time you accept delivery so if the Samsung system is bugging out, they wont inform Asurion that you have received it.

  • +3

    Posting my experience:
    S21 ultra phantom black
    Delivered 7th April
    Received email with return instructions 9th April
    Posted 12th April
    Auspost showed delivered 14th April
    Received "Dont forget your device needs to be returned" email 16th April - didn't take any action as first line of email stated "if you've recently returned your device please ignore this email"
    Today 19th April received "Order Completed" email from Samsung "Customer Services Team", the contents of which looks pretty much the same as the original order confirmation email, except it has a line saying "T-ASURION-TRADEIN" with the phone I traded in.

    Not sure if this means I'm all set - will update if anything else happens.

    • i came here to comment the exact same thing! haha i got an email yesterday mid-morning saying "a (partial) return has been initiated for the order:…" then blah blah about steps to return. i was going to call them this evening but at 1:03 this afternoon i just got an email saying my order has completed. Also not sure if thats done and dusted. I had a few minor scratches on the metal frame but after a chat to the fellas at the Samsung Kiosk, marked my trade-in as 'no scratches or dents' so i've been sweating on that $200 decision lol.

    • My S21+ arrived on March 22nd, got the Trade-Up confirmation email the same day.
      Posted my device back on March 23rd.
      Got a Trade in Device not Returned email reminder on March 29th.
      Auspost confirmed the return was delivered on March 30th.
      I've heard nothing since. No confirmation email or anything. I can only assume it's all good?

      • Same, I sent my phone back on 30/03, I received the reminder email on 06/04. The return phone was delivered on 07/04.

    • Yep - just got the same email.
      “Your order has been completed. We hope to see you again soon”

      I only sent my phone back friday afternoon, so i doubt asurion would have even received it yet??

      • Another mysterious piece of the puzzle lol

      • -1

        Received same mail, but I haven’t send my phone back.

        • -1

          I sold my iPhone for $200 in gumtree, asurion trade was $90 with High chances of rejecting it.

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