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Apple iPad 2020 10.2" 32GB 8th Generation $489 Delivered/Pickup @ BPC Tech ($465 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Apple 10.2-Inch IPad (8th Gen) Wi-Fi 32GB - Gold - 2020 Edition - Total Capacity: 32GB - Liquid Retina Display: 10.2-inch (diagonal) LED‑backlit Multi‑Touch display with IPS technology - Resolution: 2160 * 1620 (at 264 ppi) - Fully Laminated Display - A12 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture Neural Engine - Camera: 8-megapixel camera, Five-Element Lens - Network: Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) + Bluetooth 4.2 technology

Also available in Silver: https://www.bpctech.com.au/myla2x-a-apple-10-2-inch-ipad-8th...

Officeworks price match (Price beat 5%) $465


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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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    Just a word of warning, someone had a forum thread about these guys


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      just go to officeworks

  • Just wish there was stock of these with cellular atm, seems to be nothing around atm except for minis

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      I've been meaning to ask for ages - why are cellular ones so popular? I just tether my WiFi iPad to my mobile if I need to, and it means I don't need to pay for two SIMs.

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        I used to wonder that too until I got a cellular unit.

        Second SIM’s pretty cheap these days.

        • Cool thanks - I suppose if it's cheap enough then it becomes quite convenient to be able to just use the iPad whenever you want without having to get your phone, enable hotspot, etc.

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            @SydShopCat: It’s hard to quantify and to be honest it’s rare that I use it but in spite of that I don’t think I can ever go back.

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    • 2-3 week wait though but it's a good find still

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      Even better for getting Officeworks to price beat :)

    • It's on preorder, Officeworks won't price match if they don't have it in stock

  • isnt this always $470 at apple education store?

    Edit: officeworks pricebeat beats that

    • I tried this at the Officeworks Vermont South in Vic the other day and they said they don’t do it. Sucks.

      • i meant this price match not the apple one but damn

  • ANyone have any views on this vs eb games refurbs? Seems might as well buy new at these prices?


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    Any deal for at least 64GB ones? 32GB is really too limited.

    • I agree, and I believe in typical Apple fashion they released these with 32GB or 128GB, no 64GB in between, so if you need more than 32GB, you pay a lot more for 4 times the storage even if you only need twice as much.

  • Never used an iPad but just wondering if you have a device with 32GB storage, does that mean you'll have to heavily rely on iCloud??

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      Depends what you use your storage for but with 32GB you may well be managing space like a miser.

      If you’re 65 say and don’t care for apps outside of Safari and email you’ll probably never notice it.

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      I guess it depends on what you want to just it for…. I have an older 32gb model that my daughter uses for video streaming mainly (YouTube, Netflix etc) and it's perfectly fine for that

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      I think it can be plenty for many uses. Like if the iPad is just being used for streaming media, playing some lighter games, social media, and web browsing then the lower storage model can be fine. However you also need to factor in future updates, newer updates generally take more space, apps generally get bigger, if you want to play games you might find managing the lower tier storage an issue. So what is useable today may not be the case a few years from now. Like 16gb I wouldn’t want to use today but 5 years ago it was manageable. I’ve always spent the extra for the 64gb model and even that one I’ve ran out of space at times. Your mileage will vary based on what you want to do with the device.

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    I missed out on the 128gb 500ish deal from Wireless 1. That was the best probably.

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      I got the 128gb in space grey from Wireless1 over the weekend during the afterpay sale for $520. They don’t have stock and told me they won’t be shipping till April so another 1-2 weeks wait for me. Shame cause I needed it today as a birthday gift.

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        Just say the word and I’ll get my guy with dark glasses to “hurry things along”

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    Gold colour is cheaper here. $469.00

    10.2-inch iPad 8th Gen Wi-Fi 32GB - Gold

    Anyone hear of this mob before?

    • officeworks made it out of stock because they do not want to pricematch even tho its physically in stock at the stores, they play dirty :D

      • 365x has stock again now. Just did a price match over the phone with OW. $445.55 all good.

        • but OW doesnt have stock anywhere so how can i get it

          just called out of stock everywhere, cant price match, thats why i said

          they have it in stock but because of price beat they pretend they dont have it in stock

          so pricematch is not possible

          • @alwayspoor: But I just did it over the phone yesterday without any issue. I am in Melbourne so maybe OW really has no stock near where you are located.

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    Literally standing in line and saw this last post.kiwithegreat.

    Can confirm just had it price matched 445.45 for the gold colour.


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      Great. Am glad that it saved you some more money.

      • I am too
        Thanks mate!

  • deal dead, still no luck getting pricebeat to any of the stores

  • They have some stock in Vermont south, if you still need it. But they will only price match the original post, to be $465. As other cheaper places are on preorder.

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      That’s where I got mine

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