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[Club Jetstar] 12 Hour Sale, Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Sydney $20, Sydney to Perth $20 and More @ Jetstar.com


Fares include carry on luggage only.

*Club Jetstar has an ongoing annual membership fee of AUD $55. See the Club Jetstar terms and conditions for more details. The annual membership fee is non-refundable. Price based on payment by POLi, Jetstar voucher, Jetstar Gift Card or Jetstar credit cards.

Sale is only on for 12 hours.

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  • +4

    Already a member. Did a random booking to test. and wow, $40 return Sydney - Perth (should work on all destinations anyway). Crazy prices.

    • What dates have you chosen?

  • +2

    Do the prices show before booking? I don't want to sign up to find i can't get a decent priced flight and everything shows standard $100+ price

    • +3

      I'm not a member and tried, initally when you do a search for dates it will just show normal prices, but one you select a date you can then see 7 days either side which then shows the $20 fares for some reason

    • +2

      I find they dont have many $20 deals - 1-2 per week and they are limited to 1-3 seats only….I need to get 5 tix so this is a bit of a let down
      good deal for singles and couples

      • Yes same needed 4, did not exist!

  • +2

    Mostly only available Tuesdays to Thursdays. Very few weekend availability.

    • Always the way with any of their sales. Weekends are only ever on special late on a Saturday night.

  • +1

    Can’t see any more $20 from Sydney

  • +4

    Based on my previous experiences, don't forget to factor in the risk of jetstar canceling your flight and forcing you to purchase return flights with another airline.

  • Not a member but some fares that are on sale are only $1 more than the member's price.

  • +1

    Sold out when made i to the payment page. That's on 15 mins I'm not gonna get back lol

    • +1

      Same here. Pissed cause it feels like the 50 additional options pages made me miss out. Had finally found dates that worked around work, family and study too

      • yep i was under the impression once we select the flights it would be reserved for us until the payment or the expiry of no-activity time. Alas it is not. Excitement withered away just like that.

  • all gone, sad

  • Booked Sydney Cairns return trip in Nov. $20 upward and $129 return. Bought a fare credit option for the return journey by paying $22 extra per ticket just in case. Thanks OP.

    • Good prices but remember November is stinger season

      • cannot get the fare credit for the 20$ deal or the other discounted fare deals..

      • +1

        Didnt know this. Thanks for the info

  • Just a reminder, the extended Amex travel credits (I have $200 platinum edge credit) expires in a few days (30/3) is the last day to book.

    • Can Amex credits book Jetstar? I didn't think so.

      • Used to. Haven't looked since Covid.

      • I just checked on the Amex Travel site and it appeared that they did show Jetstar results (this was Brisbane to Hobart).

        The fares won't be Club Jetstar deals though and I haven't checked if they're priced slightly higher than what you would pay if were buying their regular fares from Jetstar direct.

  • Cheers… I booked for Hobart (never been!) for the October long weekend… Looks like it will be a bit cold there! Does anyone know any ultra cheap but nice places to stay? ;)

    • Use airbnb and whole house or separate structure (unit in backyard etc).

  • all gone before perth could wake up :)

  • Bit of a bummer, flights from Perth are gone now
    I made a good few attempts over the last 2hrs trying to book on both PC and mobile and couldn't login.
    "Sorry, we can't log you into your account at the moment. Please try again later".
    Hope everyone else fared better!

    • +2

      Probably because we always miss out on these sales. I'd personally be reluctant to book any holiday from WA with Mcgowan in charge to be honest.

  • Can't find any since this morning on any Melbourne departing route.

  • Is there any point in starting to look for flights in or out of Melbourne now?

    • I started looking at 9am and availability wasn't great to begin with. I think better to wait for the half price sale next Friday.

      • Capslock did you get an email about a sale next week or found out another way? I checked my email preferences today, all updated but weird I don't get emails at all from jetstar, missed the main part of this sale lol, got some Cairns-GC flights late.

        • I got an email yesterday about today's sale. Next week's sale is the sale all airlines should be having for the half price government flights.

  • Nothing left that i can see.

  • Geez, I have to change my email preferences, missed the start of this, a flight mid Dec to Melbs would have been good chrap, alas, just booked Cairns to Gold Coast Oct 21/24, total $40 ez clap.

  • Want to play the roulette? $20 to all the states that have snap lockdowns.
    No bloddy way.